The situation, concerning the increase in obesity, is becoming more, and more critical, especially with the younger generation. It was recently announced that the heaviest man, weighing in at around 60 stone, lives in the United Kingdom.

Until just recently, this accolade was held by a resident of the United States. As stated previously, morbid obesity is now more common in youngger people, and this leads to the certainty of premature death in many cases.

Over the past thirty years, fast food outlets, such as McDonald's, Wimpy, KFC, Chinese takeaways, and such-like have resisted in a big influence as to the eating habits of the global public, Great Britain in particular.

Some are very good, however, this kind of food should not dominate ones weekly diet, but taken, and consumed, on a periodic basis say once a month.

As a youngster in the late fifties, and early sixties, our diet consist of what I consider good nourishing food, but not always considered healthy. Bread, and Jam (jelly) Stews, with dumplings etc etc.

However, it must be said, that we played outside quite a bit, and used up a great deal of energy, burning off the calories. In turn this maintained a healthy weight for many youngsters in those days, shortly after the second world war.

With the staggering advancement of video games, internet, mobile phones, over the past twenty-thirty years, I am convinced this has played a part, in restricting healthy activity in the younger generation.

Add to this the ever increasing consumption of fast food Nationally, and Globally, then the obesity epidemic

In turn, these places a very severe pressure on the World-wide health authorities, secondly ever increasing premature deaths.

It s our personal duty to protect those near, and dear to us, and educate as many people as possible, the need for healthy living, and appropriate exercise.

It could well mean Life, or premature death.