Three Secret Calorie Offenders

So you have been watching what you eat. You tell me you are even counting calories but you are still putting on a few pounds. I know it does not seem fair but fair it is. And you walk regularly too; well this just might solve your problem. I have three calorie laden products to tell you about and I bet you have not even given them a thought or count them them as part of your calorie intake. Read on and take heed.

Do you drink coffee? Yes, most of you do, I actually consume no coffee and have replaced it with tea. But you coffee drinkers are not to be denied. Here is the first secret, most coffee creamers, be they powdered or liquid, describe one serving as one teaspoon. But alas, most of you use a tablespoon instead. Do you realize that one tablespoon equals three teaspoons? So now multiply that by the three or four cups of coffee you drink every day and you now end up consuming nine to twelve servings of whatever you use for your creamer. Stop here and go look at the label of your creamer and read the number of calories in it, kind of alarming is it not? A lot of those calories you have not even accounted for!

We all love breakfast and know that is the most important meal of your day. You are a person who eats healthy so you have some oatmeal or granola. And while you are at it you add some raisins and nuts, now you sit down to your healthy meal, right? Wrong! Yes your morning meal has some redeeming qualities but I hope you know that is also contains a lot of sugar. Read the label on your package, I bet it describes a serving as two hundred calories, which is good. But for many of them that is merely a half cup. But who among you eats only a half cup of your healthy breakfast, probably none of you. When you are Merely double that and add in milk, your breakfast is now easily five hundred calories, not so good is it? And while we are at it, most of you, if you are honest, have more than one cup, wow! You probably are at eight hundred to one thousand calories just for your cereal, no wonder you are not losing weight!

And lastly, let us not forget your salad dressing. The greens and other veggies in your salad are probably nutritious and low-cal but your dressing may not be. A lot of your dressings are more than one hundred calories for two tablespoons, and who among you only have two tablespoons? I thought so, none of you! So once again I advise you to read your labels and be aware.

Now I hope I have not ruined your day, but I believe that if I point out a problem you will adjust. I have called your attention to your coffee creamer, your cereal, and your salad dressing. When you add up all the extra calories you will be shocked, who could lose weight consuming an unaccounted for fifteen hundred to two thousand calories. My advice is for you to be aware. And as always you must eat to live well.

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How To Tell If You Are Overweight: 4 Tips You Should Know

In this day and age, more and more people from different parts of the globe continue to suffer from obesity and weight problems. Newly purchased clothes suddenly become too tight. Jeans that used to be so loose can not even fit! Really, to find out if you are overweight is not an easy job for most people. But then what can really be the top secret on how to tell if you are overweight?

Read this article and you might be able to pick up some helpful tips and tricks on how to tell if you are overweight. Here are just a few of them to help you finally get started on your mission to know whether you are overweight or not; and therefore, finally lose weight:

1. Check Yourself At The Mirror

The minute you feel like all clothes can not fit anymore or sometimes, you get easily tired and sweaty after having accomplished very easy household chores or office work, you have all the reason to suspect that you may really be overweight. What you can do is look at yourself in the mirror at once. Check out your belly and waist to see if there are bulges developing. Or better yet, check if you can still see your neck. If not, then you can right away deduce that you are indeed overweight. But then again, it would be best to confirm this by measuring your weight in a very objective manner.

2. Measure Your Weight Objectively

A simple weighing scale will actually do the trick! If you are still wondering about your weight, all you need to do is hop on to your weighing scale and see the figures! But then keep in mind that the measurements you may get will not always be that correct. For one, the weight you may obtain can be that of your total weight which includes the weight of your fats, muscles as well as your bones.

3. Compute For Your BMI

Another option for you would be to get your BMI or your Body Mass Index which is not at all difficult. As a matter of fact, all you will need to do is measure your weight in kilograms and divide by the square of your stature using meters. As much as possible, your BMI should be on the average. Otherwise if you have a very high BMI, your chances of getting cardio vascular diseases will likewise increase.

4. Submerge Yourself In Water While Weighing

A lot of people have tried this technique. But the only downside to it is that the actual body density is not measured. To measure your weight more accurately, you should first obtain your weight while under water. After which, you may then subtract that weight in water from your regular weight. This will help you get your actual body density. It is very important to obtain your body density because it is the only way to know your exact weight sans all the fats. Follow all four tips on how to tell if you are overweight and you will surely find yourself slimmer in no time!

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What Is Productive Activity?

When we think of activity usually as a sporting activity, where people participate in more physically energetic sports as fun and to test our competitive ability; such as in playing tennis, ice and field hockey and football.

However, the term 'activity' can also mean anything that uses physical movement of our limbs to create muscular action, plus using coordination and strength to move our muscles and skeletal joints around with an element of skill.

This can be for other sporting activities such as curling, recreational activities such as bowls, hobby activities such as needlecraft, work activities such as woodwork and so on. They are all under the umbrella of productive activities, because there is a purpose of creating something for the goal during the activity.

Playing any type of games is productive, because the aim is to win the game, which also provides competitiveness, socialization and brain stimulation for testing our mental acuity, through concentration and skill, more than muscular strength and fitness.

Sporting activities need practice for obtaining greater strength and skill, with the aim to become better than the opponent for winning the ultimate prize that brings prestige and honor.

The focus on daily productive activities is different in because they are a repetitious activity performed daily so that little physical or cognitive effort is put into them as repeat them each day.

It means our physical and cognitive actions have little concentrated effort, because we do them without even thinking about how we perform them.

We call these tasks daily living activities, or functional performance activities; which are completed for enabling personal autonomy and independence in daily living.

Maintaining our functional independence in daily living is the most important aspect of personal control that we have, because if we are not able to be independent; then we lose the ability to control of our own personal life. If we ever become very sick, we may end up in hospital, because we are unable to take care of ourselves.

Hospitals remove our personal control, in order to take care of our medical problems. Hospitals, like all institutions are organized on tight schedules; with meals at a specific times, visitors at other times and doctor's visits always in the morning.

They provide very little personal control to the 'consumer, or the patient; until you are able to return home and only then is control reinstated. It means you can return to living a full and active life as you choose, through independence and autonomy.

If you are not able to achieve this ability, it means that your health will be poor and you are unable to take care of yourself. It may mean that you need to be looked after by other people and which means institutional care in either a hospital or nursing home.

All types of productive activity are used to help you live an independent and autonomous life. This is your ultimate goal in daily living, because without this ability; you will not be in control of the choices you make in living your own life.

Enabling productively, safe activity can not be over-emphasized, because if we ever become so seriously physically impaired with functional limitations; which can happen if we gain too much weight. Our physical health will suffer and we lose our ability to maintain our personal independence in our daily functional activities. Losing any of these tasks is the first step to losing control of our daily life.

Our goal as human beings is to remain productively active in everything we do, so that we remain independent, participatory and functional, in order to be a holistically, self-fulfilled person.

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How Too Much Abdominal Fat Affects Day-To-Day Activities

Did you use to get up in the morning and go jogging? Were you always full of energy and felt you could do just about anything? Those were the good days then something happened that thread you in a downward spiral and you packed on the weight.

If you have ever tried jogging while overweight then you know you become winded rather quickly and start gasing for air. The energy you use to always have is now gone and it takes everything you have just to do the simplest things in life. Do not get discouraged instead make a goal and lose stomach weight so you can jog again.

A simple thing like tying your shoes becomes a difficult task when there is too much fat on the abdominal area. Even bending over from making the bed will leave you tired and you will have to sit down for a while. If you take a stand and lose stomach weight you will be able to do these things again with ease.

Do you remember the days where your blood pressure was where it was supposed to be? How about the days where you were not required to give yourself insulin shots because you did not have diabetes? These are different health issues you now have to deal with everyday because there is too much abdominal fat. You could reverse some health issues completely if you lose stomach weight.

Even if your kids are grown you still want to be able to interact with the grandchildren just like you did with your kids. The kids will want you to chase them, ride bikes, play catch, and even crawl around on the ground with them. If you have too much abdominal fat you will only be able to watch the kids have fun doing all these activities.

A few changes in your lifestyle will help you lose stomach weight and enjoy your life again. Eating properly with the correct portions is a start in the right direction. You will need to get on the proper diet where you are not consuming more calories then you can burn in a day. You will also need to add an exercise program to your weekly routine. Do not think you will have to exercise everyday for 3 hours at a time. If you are out of shape it is important to start slow and work your way up as the weight starts melting away. This could be as simple as 30 minutes a day working out for 3 days a week.

Always set realistic goals that can be achieved in order to lose stomach weight. Otherwise you will get discouraged and find life passing you by again.

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How Do You Measure Up?

One of the first questions you should ask your doctor during the check up is – tell me if my weight is on the lower or higher end of the scale for my age and height and if it is on the higher end, tell me how much I should lose.

You see, most of us would rather not confront our weight head on. And yet, obesity, even mild obesity, can cause irreparable damage to your organs.Imagine carrying 50 pound block on your head all the time? You will begin to stoop and eventually develop spinal imbalance.

There is no magic to obesity. It is partly genetic but mostly lifestyle driven. Here are lifestyle factors that lead to obesity.

1. Not asking the question I posed at the beginning – AM I OBESE, AM I FAT, SHOULD I LOSE WEIGHT., But being in denial.

2. Not exercising regularly and vigorously.

3. Binging, snacking

4. Developing a taste for restaurant prepared food, as opposed to your own cooking.

5. Poor sleep pattern

6. Anxiety.

7. Excessive drinking

8. Change in life event, particularly a traumatic change

9. Depression

10 Physical condition – eg diabetes or thyroid condition or certain glandular diseases will lead to you gaining weight

As you can see from the above list, most of the factors that cause obesity are within your control. Others, which are not, can be treated. Eg diabetes and thyroid condition, although not curable, can be managed down effectively. Bear in mind that we live in an age of miracle when it comes to medicines. Many diseases which did not have a cure as recently as 20 years ago now do and most of them have safe cures.

Let us then begin to study our lifestyle and some of the factors I have mentioned above that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. For most of us, it comes down to commitment and will power. Are you willing to live a life in which you carry extra weight like a sack of potatoes on your back? And more importantly, are you willing to lead an unhealthy life that will cause problems as you age. Obesity, even measured in being slightly overweight, leads to complications that can weak your immune system, ruin your digestive system, make you insecure and sometimes earn ridicule from your collections and strangers. So the price you pay for not being a bit self reliant and willing to face up to your own weakness in fighting obesity is huge.

So go through every one of the items I have mentioned. If need be, get a friend, your physician or a relative involved because there is no need for you to fight obesity alone. Take exercise for example. It should be as natural and intuitive as brushing teeth when you get up. Make it a habit to exercise 30-40 minutes at lease 4 times a week. You will find that it will become a part of you, just like dressing up and locking the door when you leave your house. Same with binging. Stop it. Will yourself to not snack between meals.

Good luck to a thinner you!

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The Effects of Excess Abdominal Fat on the Heart

It seems like more people are walking around with some sort of extra tummy fat on their body. There are not too many people that will feel comfortable walking around with a half shirt on showing their abs off when there is an extra bulge. Not only do people become self conscious about the fat but it can take a toll on their heart as well.

Everyone is born with fat in the abdominal area. There is the fat that actually covers a person's abs. This fat is better known as subcutaneous fat. The subcutaneous fat is resting under your skin and on your abdominal muscles.

Even deeper in the abdominal area is a second fat named visceral fat. The visceral fat is all around the body organs that are located under the muscles. When people have what is known as a beer belly it is caused from the visceral fat.

When either of these fats get out of control in the abdomen area there is going to be health problems for a person. The risks are very high for diabetes to start, blood pressure can become high, heart problems will develop, strokes, lack of sleep, and different types of cancer to name a few.

When people notice a bulge starting in the gut area they need to take control of the problem before it is out of control. Losing tummy fat is never easy and will take some work before the difference will be noticeable. There are two things that go hand in hand when trying to get a killer abdominal area again. Healthy eating and exercise will help the fat go away so a person will not be in the high risk factor of health problems.

People are going to need to stop eating the fast food that is dripping with grease and start eating more vegetables, fruits, and smaller portions of food. The belly might growl in between meals but instead of reaching for a bag of chips grab an apple. Eating healthy is hard but over time it will become natural and people will start feeling better health wise.

For losing tummy fat there should be a good exercise program in place. The exercise could have been done in the comfort of the home or at the gym. Do not think a million tummy crunches is all the work that will need to be done. Before a person can build the tummy and have those muchought after abs the fat will have to come off first.

Before starting any exercise program or diet always check with a doctor first. The doctor can guide a person about how much exercise can be done safely to start out.

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When Dieting Alone Is Not Enough

Nobody wants to be fat. There are only disadvantages present. Every chore is tough and every movement is tough. The circle becomes complete when you add the stigma attached to being obese. It has been reported that obese people face discrimination in several ways. They may not get attention at restaurants and they may be shunned at the workplace. All this discriminatory treatment produces stress and adds to the health problems already existing. There are basically two types of obesity- one which is inherited and the other which is acquired. When you inherit something you can not do much about it, unless it is money. Money can be frartered away. Unfortunately, inherited weight problems are very difficult to lose. But, one can definitely do something about the acquired obesity. Obesity is brought upon oneself through being sedentary and because of overeating.

There is a simple way to stop overestating. If you look at people who have become obese through non stop eating, most of them would be idle and suffering from boredom. They opt for the easiest way of spending time and that is through eating. It is very rare that one comes across someone who is busy and at the same time overweight. When people are bored, they tend to eat more. Thus, the easiest way to avoid obesity is to be occupied with something or other. It would be even better if you have difficulty in finding time to eat. However, one should not get into the habit of developing irregular eating habits. Regularity in eating is important for maintaining good health.

People try to tackle the problem of obesity in two ways. One group of people opt for dietary manipulation. This usually involves going on low-fat and low-calorie diets. There are also people who try to lose weight by sweating it out at the gym. But, experience as well as scientific studies, suggest that better results are obtained when both are combined. One should always remember that it is very difficult for obese people to return to normal weight. It takes a long time to achieve this. However, one should not lose hope and give up, to return to the old ways. Medical science tells us that even a marginal drop in the body weight significantly lowers the risk for coronary heart disease and diabetes. With the elderly people, things can go wrong when they diet without exercising. When they diet, they may lose fat. But, they may also lose muscle mass. Here, even for the elderly obese individuals, dieting must be accompanied by some form of physical activity.

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It’s Everyone’s Job To Prevent Childhood Obesity: Are You Doing Your Job With Your Child?

If you will think about it, why are there so many obese children all over the world? Is it a by-product of our love for our children? Or maybe it is negligence on our part towards their health? As the parents and grown-ups, we have the sole responsibility to take care of our children. Yes, there can be no denying that it's everyone's job to prevent childhood obesity. But the most important question becomes that of how we will do it and where to begin.

In case you are looking for the answers to such questions, find below the answers that you might just be looking for. Here are some of them to help you start preventing childhood obesity in your child:

1. Eating The Right Kinds Of Food
Since parents choose the foods that the children will eat; or better yet, pay for all the groceries and the restaurant bills, the authority on what to buy or what to order should be the parents themselves. Simply put, we as adults should have the last say as to what will go through our credit cards.

What's more, since it's everyone's job to prevent childhood obesity, we must know the kinds of foods that we should include in their daily diet. These combine of the protein-rich foods such as the dairy products cheese, butter, milk, nuts, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, cereals and so many others. Instead of buying chips, buy your kids their favorite cereals. Instead of buying processed goods, buy the fresh ones. Get rid of canned goods and sodas and concentrate on making fresh fruit juices. Stop bringing your children to fast food restaurants to help them stay away from their most loved fries, nuggets, burgers, floats and sundaes.

2. Getting The Appropriate Exercise
Do not allow them to just sit the whole day playing with their DS or PS3 gadgets; or sometimes get glued on the couch to watch their most favorite shows. Because believe me, when they get glued there, every show becomes their favorite show!

Involve them in cleaning up their room especially during school breaks. That will give them a little sense of self-discipline. Ask them to walk your dogs on the park or the playground near your house. Or simply ask him to join you as you bike or run during weekends. There are in fact, a lot of activities that you can encourage your children to take if only you will do so. Swimming, basketball, badminton and so many other sports are just a few of the activities that will help them become more active; and that, help them avoid getting obese.

3. Self-Discipline
Last but not least, teach your children about self-discipline because with it follows self-control. You do not have to be physically present all the time to tell your child what he needs to eat and not; or what he needs to do and not. Indeed, the responsibility is on our shoulders and there is no doubt that it's everyone's job to prevent childhood obesity. Are you doing a good job with your child? If not, now is the right time to start!

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Obesity Not Only Damages Your Health – It Kills!

Obesity and overweight are determined by calculating a person's body mass index (BMI). BMI is used because it correlates with the percentage of fat in a person's body. The two factors of BMI are height and weight: (weight in pounds) / (height in inches) sq. A person's BMI can be calculated both using the English system or the metric system. Web sites are available online, providing information on BMI as well as a free BMI calculator.

What Is A Healthy Body Weight?

A healthy body weight equals a BMI less than 24.9. If a person's BMI is between 25 and 29.9 they are overweight. On the other hand if a person's BMI is 30 or greater they are considered obese. In America obesity is a growing epidemic. In 2007-2008, obesity affected more than 1/3 of adults, and 17% of children and teens in the United States. The good news is that within the last two years the obsesity epidemic growth rate is slightly decreasing.

Obesity is associated with so many medical conditions. People who are obese are at risk for developing arthritis, certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stroke. Heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers are primarily responsible for the deaths associated with obesity. Obesity is linked to breast, colon, gallbladder, throat, kidney, and stomach cancer.

Obesity is more prevalent while some races than others. As of 2007, African-American women have the highest obesity rate, affecting them 1.4 times more than Non-Hispanic Whites.

Fighting obesity in the US

Fighting back to stop obesity is an ongoing challenge. Choosing the right foods to eat may be easier said than done because of the way society is set up. We live in a rapid moving environment, maintaining work, parenting, and making ends meet. Who has time to exercise when parenting and family comes first, right? It's not as convenient to eat a balanced meal as it is to grab foods on the run. Some houses can not afford to eat a balanced meal three times a day.

Then we have various ethnic groups who desire certain foods that are not prepared in healthy ways. So just what exactly can we do when culture and biology collide? I do not know exactly how we are going to win this battle of obesity. But I do know we've got to win! Low fat foods are essential for healthy weights, ensuring good health.

Just because it is in someone gene's to become obese does not mean that it has to happen. People can keep their culture alive without sacrificing all of their desired foods. There are low-fat cookbooks available that focus on how to prepare healthy foods, addressing various cultures. If you do not have time to exercise at a gym or sports club, exercising at home is an alternative. Walk to your neighborhood store instead of driving.

Children and teens suffer with obesity more now than ever because of technology (the internet, computers, video games, etc.). This advancement in technology increases a sedentary lifestyle. Keep your children as active as possible, limit TV watching, and the playing of video / computer games. Encourage your children and teens to participate in outdoor sports and enroll them in school athletics as much as possible.

We have the power to make this obesity epidemic disappear, but we can not afford to waste any more time. Obesity kills more people annually than HIV. We've got to get busy and fight back even harder! A little change makes a big difference!

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Blueberries – A Powerful Antioxidant and The Latest Soldier To Join The Fight Against Obesity!

Blueberry-flavored syrup, blueberry muffins, blueberry pies! We've all seen these little berries in our favorite pastries and snacks but did you know that these same little berries have big health benefits ?!

Blueberries are low in calories and high in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. As a matter of fact blueberries are well-known for their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are phytochemicals, vitamins and other nutrients that protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that increase the risk of cancer and heart problems and could accelerate aging. Blueberries, with their antioxidant properties have been shown to shrink cancer tumors and prevent the development and growth of many types of cancer.

Research has shown that blueberries help improve brain function thereby, improving motor skills and reversing memory loss. Blueberries also reduce cholesterol levels and help prevent urinary tract infections.

Now most people would be sold on these point alone, right? Well recent research has indicated that blueberries can also help fight obesity !!! Yes, we can slim down by filling up on blueberries !! Although we do not advocate eating a whole blueberry pie for dinner, there are great benefits to including them into your diet.

Blueberries contain high levels of polyphenols, which prevent the development of fat cells, according to research done by Shiwani Moghe, a graduate student at Texas Woman's University. (Moghe presented her research at the Experimental Biology 2011 meeting for the American Society for Nutrition.)

The research was performed in a lab on mice cells, so it is uncertain how that will translate into humans eating blueberries. However, the results were promising. The highest dose of polyphenols tested reduced the number of fat cells by 73 percent. The lowest dose reduced them by 27 percent. Human studies still need to be done to test their effectiveness and to make sure there are no adverse effects.

Despite the lack of human trials, it would be safe to conclude that blueberries are far more beneficial than detrimental to our health. And with summer (and bikini season!) Approaching, what could be better than a tasty way to shed those extra winter pounds!

Or, a better way to bring in the Spring / Summer with a wonderful fit body while still enjoying great tasty Blueberries.

I would not go overboard with the berries but understand they are very healthy.

So run to your local fruit vendor and grab a bag of blueberries! Do not forget to pay for them!

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6 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

If you're trying to figure out how to start making little unhealthy changes to your lifestyle, a good place to start is the choices you make regarding what you ingest on a daily basis: try these foods that burn belly fat to help you slim down with minimal extra effort and give you limitless healthy repercussions.

Lean Meats and Fish

Protein takes more calories to burn than carbohydrates or fat but you have to steer clear of cured meats and sausages. Choose turkey for the leanest meat. Try tuna and salmon, if you're more hardcore. They have Omega 3's which lessen your abdominal fat by preventing the release of stress chemicals.

Peanut Butter

The dreaded peanut butter, with which dieters have a love-hate relationship, has a surprise in store for you. Although peanut butter has a lot of fat, limiting the ideal daily portion to two tablespoons, it actually helps stop belly bloat! It has plenty of Niacin which keeps your digestive system in shape. Watch out for all natural peanut butter for all benefits without the sugar.


If you usually find yourself mindlessly binging on sweets and such, remember that this is caused by a decrease in your blood sugar levels. Oatmeal can help you stave off the cravings, being rich in fiber and making you feel fuller longer. Take note not to choose the sugar covered ones. Pick plain ones instead and top them off with berries if you need to enliven them.


In a study conducted by Louisiana State University, it was found that people who ate eggs for breakfast everyday lost more weight compared to those who opted for bagels. Eggs have B12 which your body uses to metabolize fat. Just watch out if you have high cholesterol levels. Be sure to check with your doctor first.

Protein Powder

If you're like most people, you probably think this is just for gym rats. Well, this unexpected contender for the foods that burn belly fat contains amino acids that not only build muscle but also burn fat! You can make a smoothie and pitch in some fruits, yogurt or low-fat milk for a yummy drink that'll help you trim down.

Beans and Legumes

With plenty of fiber and protein but few calories, these are an ideal substitute for a meal with meat. Try them once a week to avoid a lot of saturated fat and replace them instead with good old healthy fiber to help you lose weight.

So, these are 6 foods that burn belly fat which you can conveniently incorporate into your daily lifestyle. Start making these little changes and before you know it, you'll have trimmed down and shaped up and still have stayed happy in the process.

John Richly

Weight Loss Author, Health & Fitness Enthusiast

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6 Simple Tips For A Flatter Stomach

Most people breeze through their daily routines without much thought, they've much keep keep their minds on their deadlines, make their little dreams flourish in their minds, and, all the while, try to ease through conflicts in their personal lives, and after everything, get enough alone time at the very least to keep them sane. It's no wonder people sometimes put themselves at the bottom of their lists and neglects themselves. However, they can make healthier lifestyle changes by starting out simple and easy. Remember that looking good, feeling good and living well goes hand in hand. Here are a few tips for a flatter stomach.


For a flatter stomach, you have to consciously keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water and you can keep off up to four excess pounds around your belly area. Dehydration will push your body to hoard water, you see. So, better not give it any reason to and keep yourself fresh and hydrated with lots of fluids.


Unwinding could give you more than just the obvious benefits of rest and enjoyment. When you're stressed, you body produces stress hormones and steroids that adversely affect your digestive system. (Read: constipation!) Even worse is the fact that your body also releases Cortisol in what it suspects are “fight or flight” situations. This hormone tries to protect your vital organs by packing your excess fat around your midsection! Cortisolis a steroid hormone and it is produced by the adrenal gland which released it in response to stress.Be sure to devote at least twenty minutes a day to calm down. Do something to release the tension.


Guess what the easiest form of exercise is? (Not to mention the most enjoyable.) Laughing tones your Transverse Abdominus – a muscle that the most of the usual exercises neglect to isolate. What's more is that this has a major effect on how your midsection looks. Aim to snatch about ten minutes worth of laughs everyday. It'll boost your mood and get your tummy into shape without you even trying.


By straightening up, you are actually engaging and toning the muscles in your abdomen. For people who live a sedentary lifestyle, bound to their desk day after day, just sit up straight like your teacher always used to tell you to. You can get fit even without notice it!

No More Gum

Another surprising little piece of advice to develop a flatter stomach is to exchange your gums for mints. Researchers at the American College of Gastroenterology say that chewing forces you to swallow more air. Do not let an extra cushion of air get between you and your favorite jeans.

Taking a Dump

Well, setting aside the fact that you might not want to talk about it, realize that constipation can in fact bloating, and since a flatter stomach is what you want, you should consider setting aside time each day to regularize your body's dispositional system activities.

John Richly

Weight Loss Author, Health & Fitness Enthusiast

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Weight Loss – Will Losing Weight Correct The Medical Problems That You Are Suffering From?

There are several men and women out there that are suffering from many medical conditions. Most people you talk to will tell you that their knees hurt; they are having stomach problems, and there are many other conditions you will hear mentioned. The reason people do not refer to their medical condition to their overweight condition is because their condition has become a part of life for them. You can say it has become normal and part of their everyday life.

Let me start by saying the human body, or your body, is designed to have a specific structure. Whenever you add more pounds than your body can carry your body starts to suffer from side effects. Your body will not function properly. Sometimes it will throw everything out of balance. Losing weight will resolve most, if not all of the medical side effects that you are suffering from. For example, as the pounds come off it will take pressure off of your knees and it will stop the constant grinding of the knee joints. Another side effect that will be eliminated is constant sore feet or bad support from your ankles.

A lot of people are concerned with high cholesterol levels and high sugar levels. Now as you start to lose weight, what will happen is the body and the systems that run the body will start to stabilize themselves. The reason is because your systems will now be able to run at normal levels. Your body's levels will not have to compensate for the extra pounds that you once had. Another issue people are concerned with is high blood pressure. This can be caused by bad eating habits or a poor diet. Like the rest of your systems your blood pressure will also start to level out.

I'm sure in the past you have heard people refer to their body as a fine-tuned machine. That analogy is very accurate; your body is a fine-tuned machine. You have several different systems in the human body that have a specific responsibility but all work together as one fine-tuned unit. When you gain weight the body's systems go out of control and start functioning incorrectly.

In conclusion, when you start to lose weight your body's systems will stabilize and go back to normal. Most of the medical condition will resolve them back to normal in time. For example, when you overload a truck it starts to lose power, it will run hot, and it will have poor transaction. The truck will not run properly as it is overloaded just like the human body when you have too many pounds on. Your body was not designed for the overload and does not run correctly. So yes, when you lose weight your medical problems will start to correct themselves, and the body will start to regulate its systems and go back to normal.

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Slim Supple and Strong

As a fitness professional I have become increasingly astounded as to the number of publications that are continuously hitting the market professing to have the answer to weight loss, well-being and general fitness. Low carbohydrates diets are sweeping the world, while the great percentage of people who require help will only become sicker and more disillusioned as their body's primary source of fuel (carbohydrates) is withheld. Our kids are coming through with massive obesity problems and growing up with this rubbish. What hope have they got as they are fed with fad after fad, which are after all, usually only private money making episodes. Carbohydrate in itself is not fattening and supplies 16 kilojoules per gram of energy, where as fat supplies kilojoules at a rate of 37 per gram. It is the overall calorie (kilojoule) energy input that we are interested in.

A lack of carbohydrates can cause a multitude of problems such as kidney damage, bone weakness, bad breath, diarrhea and dizzy spells just to name a few. Without the vitamins, minerals and fiber that carbohydrates supply to our bodies serious problems are going to set at some point, particularly as the majority of health professionals are aware, most of our problems stem from one deficiency or another or a combination of them. Worse still the body driven of it's primary source of energy can begin to look for energy by breaking down your lean muscle mass for fuel. Now because the low-Carb diet is not sustainable you absolutely give it up and your lean muscle mass is not recovered and the consequent weight gain will be all fat. That's how you end up fatter than you were before you started the fad diet.

The takeaway food industry has had a lot to answer for, as it has the dairy industry over the years, although much has improved in recent times. Fat has flavor, so what happens when they are forced to regulate the amount of saturated fat? In goes the sugar, and what happens when we get bombarded with processed sugar? Bring on the Diabetes, the poor old pancreas must be the busiest organ of all as it continuously secretes insulin to lower blood sugar levels. Governments are going to have to be forced by their appropriate electorates to address these huge problems of which weigh heavily on contemporary society as we know it. As a great percentage of our kids are getting sick at such a vulnerable age, society in future is not going to be able to handle such a massive sickness industry. Health problems backed up by our latest science must be heavily promoted by Governments at all levels to combat this tirade of misinformation.

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Obesity and the Ways It Is Changing Society

The times are changing and people's waistlines are growing. Obesity is on the rise and continues to be an epidemic. So what is society supposed to do? According to a recent article from ABC News by Liz Neporent, everything from buses, clothes, and portions are suddenly getting larger to accommodate larger people. Here are just seven things which have recently expanded in response to the more than 68% of Americans considered overweight or obese.


Just a couple of weeks ago, the Federal Transit Authority proposed raising the estimated average weight per bus passenger from 150 pounds to 175 pounds, which could mean that across the country, fewer people will be allowed on city transit buses. The transit authority also proposed adding an additional few inches of floor space per passenger.


Clothing has made dramatic changes to accommodate people getting larger. In 2008, a woman's size 14 at the Gap fit someone with a 37-inch bust, 29-inch waist and 39-inch hips. Today that size now fits a woman with a 37.5-inch bust, a 29.5-inch waist, and 40-inch hips. Retail clothing stores are clever because they realize the psychological boost women feel when fitting into smaller numbers, even if they're not the same as they used to be. Today's size 4 was a size 8 two decades ago.

Santa Claus

This may seem like an odd item to make the list, but Santa Claus costumes have also expanded to accommodate larger people. In 1996, the largest Santa outfit was a 2X (at, and sales of oversized suits accounted for just 12 percent of business. Today, that same company offers a 4X, and plus-sized outfits are one-third of the business.


Large people equals larger numbers on the scales, so this item has also recently expanded to accommodate the obese. “Finding a scale that went over 300 pounds was almost impossible a few years ago,” said Gary Shane, the sales manager for The Precision Weighing Company. “Now they routinely go up to 400 or 500 pounds.” Some scales sold by the company even go up to an astounding 1,000 pounds of body weight. These scales also have larger platforms and support bars or arm seats to accommodate the largest of people.


It should not shock too many people that portion sizes have been growing steadily over the years and are a huge contributor to the overweight and obesity crisis. Everything is “super-sized” now. In a 1960s version of “The Joy of Cooking,” a brownie recipe was considered to serve 30; that exact same recipe today tells you to cut it into 16 brownies- almost double the serving size! Today's cookies, on average, are 700% larger than the USDA standards. Restaurant pasta servings exceeded government standards by 480%, according to New York University nutrition researcher, Lisa Young.

The Bathroom

This topic may gross some people out, but the real shock is the reality that being large can complicate even the simplest things, such as going to the bathroom. Big John manufactures oversized toilet seats to accommodate obese customers. They cater to over 72 million Americans by offering generously padded seats that are 19 inches wide and 2 inches taller than the standard seat. They have a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds.


This is a sad one, but even caskets now have to accommodate the overweight and obese. One funeral director in Texas has begun selling caskets up to 54 inches wide, more than double the size of a standard casket. When Goliath Casket began producing triple-wide caskets in the late 1980s that hold up to 700 pounds, they sold an average of one per year. Now they ship half a dozen models a month.

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