Obesity is characterized by excess body fat that accumulates in your body. It can lead to medical problems and reduce your life expectancy. Obesity leads to many diseases, particularly heart diseases and diabetes. One third of Americans are suffering from obesity. This shows that this condition is really becoming epidemic. The problem is particularly bothersome because of the increase in childhood obesity, as overweight children typically grow up to become obese adults. There are many well-defined genetic and environmental factors that are the real culprit behind the problem of obesity.

There are many different reasons that can cause obesity, but the process of becoming obese is usually the same. The person ends up increasing their body weight by overeating and eating the wrong kinds of foods and thus finding it more difficult to be physically active which in turn leads to increased weight. It becomes a vicious circle.

The main thing that leads to obesity is a diet switch to energy rich foods with high concentration of sugar and fats. This problem should be deal with as soon as possible, otherwise it can lead to many serious health complications. Obese people may end up suffering from arthritis, cancer, stroke and sleep apnea.

Just look around and you will certainly find people of different ages suffering from obesity. Most of them have it because of having an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle, but there are also other causes of this condition. All of them should be looked into in detail.

Genetic factors:

Obesity seems to run in families and this certainly suggests a genetic cause. If you have a first-degree relative (mother, father, sister, brother) who is obese, you are more likely to become obese as well. Families who have a history of obesity typically develop innumerable health problems as well. People who have a genetic link to specific health problems are at higher risk of developing them, if they become obese.

The metabolic rate, blood sugar levels and hormones of the mother play an important part in the life of the newborn baby. For this reason, the babies of obese mothers gain weight within the first few months. This suggests possible inborn obesity problems.

Another factor leading to weight gain that is related to families is that they share lifestyle habits, such as the lack physical exercise and the adoption of a high-calorie diet. These are contributing factors for obesity as well.