Many experts will tell you that you are obese because you eat too much and exercise too little. They seem to make sense with the overly simplistic formula of “Calories In, Calories Out”.

To reduce the “calories in” side of the equation, these experts then suggest to us to cut our calories take, go on a fruit diet, all-veggies diet, count calories and eating low-fat food. This lead to us feeling always hungry, crave and dream about food and we can not focus with our work.

Another group of experts deals with the “calories-out” side of the equation. They ask us obese people to exercise more, run more, like exercise for one hour everyday for 5 days a week.

I tried all that the experts taught and recommended, I tried an all-veggies diet, I tried calories counting, and I also exercise, very hard and intensely.

I really pushed myself very hard, I exercise 1 to 2 hour every day for 6 days a week and I did it for continuous 3 months.

I run 5 kilometers every day, coupled with weight training in the gym, interval training and up-hill sprints. But I did not lose any weight, instead I gained weight due to growth in muscle mass, there is no drop in fat mass.

Coupled with an all veggies diet, I feel totally weak and I am unable to focus with my everyday life and my family time and work treated.

I was frustrated because despite all that I did, I was still fat and my blood pressure was still high, my cholesterol were high, my blood glucose was high and my triglycerides (fats) level were very high.

I was only 30 years old then and on my way to all the obesity-related illnesses like diabetes.

It was until a dear friend point me in the right direction; I was skeptical at first at what she shared with me about the main cause of our obesity.

You will be skeptical as well but if you are like me and have tried all means you know through dieting, exercising, medication or even surgery and still you are unable to lose weight or maintain your weight loss, then I hope that you open your mind as I reveal to you what is the main cause of our obesity.

Carbohydrate is the main cause of our obesity.

This is contrary to what many experts believe and advice obese people.

Experts preach that the healthy and balanced way to eat is a “low-fat, high-carb” diet, this is what the food pyramid is about. Following the food pyramid, you will eat 7 to 11 serving of carbohydrates, 2-3 serving of fruits, vegetables and meat, a low fat but high carbohydrate diet.

Eating fats will not make you fat, carbohydrates does.

It is an overly simplistic way to think that dietary fats (fats we eat) get stored in our body as body fats. Let me as you a question, now a farmer wants to grow sweet apple and he waters his apple tree with sugar water every day.

Do you think the farmer will get sweet apples from watering his apple tree with sugar water?

Of course not because nature does not work so simply as “Sugar In, Sugar Out”, it just does not mean that you “Eat Fats, Grow Fats”.

The real main cause of our obesity is our excess intake of carbohydrates. By cutting out carbohydrates from my every day food, I lost weight fast and effortlessly, over 20 kilograms in 7 months. Thousand online can also lost weight by cutting out carbohydrates helped them lose a lot of weight.

I hope this article helped you to realize the main cause of your obesity. You may have skepticism about what I said in this article, I admit that this is completely off from what the mainstream health experts preach.

Do not believe what I said, open your mind and give it a try. In my next article, we will explore more about what are carbohydrates and how Hollywood celebrities maintain their lean, slim and sexy body?

You are correct; the truth is in the carbohydrates we eat.