Five Ways America Can Deal With Its Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and currently over 65% of the population is overweight. The combination of processed foods which are essentially empty carbohydrates calories, along with technology that has decreased the physical activity of Americans has led to our nation being one of the fattest in the world.

Here are 5 ways that Americans can lose some weight and hopefully make our nation drop in the category of which are the fattest nations in the world.

1. Drink alcohol after you order dinner. If you drink at a restaurant well before you order dinner, you may start to get a little buzz and it may take away your inhibitions when it comes to making choices off the menu that are healthy. Waiting until after you order with a clear head and then having a cocktail over dinner will be better for you in the long run.

2. Buy healthier food. The United States is a nation of fast food restaurants and processed food that is put on the shelf in a box, carton, or container. If a person can stop buying junk food and buy food that is high quality fresh and full of nutrients and actually may cost them less considerably in the long run.

If you buy produce that is fresh and in season, usually it is plentiful and will be priced to sell. You can save consideration money by joining a food co-op. Purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables can be a terrific alternative as they still have significant nutrients in them and often times flavor is preserved. Also purchasing dried foods like chick peas and beans can give a person high quality protein and also be a good buy at the same time

3. The typical American consumes 35 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is typically part and parcel of eating a huge amount of processed foods and you also get a lot that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. If you start reading the labels of the food that you purchase you'll find a sugar in the name of ingredients such as glucose, honey, dextrose, fructose, maltose, sucrose, just to name a few.

4. Get more sleep. Failing to get enough sleep can lead to numerous health problems. Also some research has shown that getting more sleep can decrease tenders for making poor food choices.

5. Exercise more. When you look at the physical activity of the United States, we're pretty much at an all-time low. If you work on the 3rd floor in a building, try walking up the stairs each day going to and from work. Getting out for a walk once a day with your dog or your partner can be an excellent form of exercise for about 30 min. a few days a week. Exercise even helps if a person eats fast food regularly. It does not completely double the combat the fast food meal but it does help with a person's blood vessels and potentially reduce cardiovascular disease.

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Move To It: A Simple Way to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Obesity only became a major problem in the 1960s when the world and his wife began to exchange horse power for muscle power. By this time most households could afford a washing machine, which meant that energy was no longer expended washing clothes by hand. Gardens came to be tended, not with hand tools, but with hedge cutters and motor mowers. Factory workers no longer carried out repetitive manual tasks on long production lines, but sat down twiddling the screws on increasing complex automated machinery. Instead of walking to work, thousands switched to commuting by car. In London, a survey revealed that the average white collar worker was now traveling less than a mile a day on foot. With fully half the bus journeys in the city being less than one mile in length, a journey that can generally be covered more quickly on foot, Londoners will probably wait for a bus, in rain and howling gales, than exercise their legs. This hypokinetic shift is a major cause of the current obesity plague. We get fat, not necessarily because we eat too much, but more specifically because we exercise too little. Labourers in Victorian times ate plenty of junk food, and drunk lashings of beer, yet if you look at the old photos of farm labourers, coal miners and deep sea fisherman you'll notice that none of them had a weight problem.

At one time it was believed that middle aged spreads arise because muscles have an inherent tender to turn to fat. That's total twaddle. If we eat too much, and exercise too little, it's inevitable that we'll grow fat. At the same time we're bound to lose muscle bulk, but these two metabolic changes are contemporaneous, rather than causally linked. All too often our problem is, not that we eat too much, but that we exercise too little. And that has a knock on effect. People say they're sick and tired of being overweight, when what they really mean is that they're sick and tired through being overweight. Anyone who's overweight is likely to be prone to breathlessness, ready fatigue and rheumatic aches and pains. Fat folk fade fast. This means they're more likely to take it easy, and maybe give themselves a boost by taking some sugary foodstuffs when their spirits droop. Motion pictures of a group of girls playing volley ball during a summer camp showed that those who were overweight were standing still for nearly ninety percent of the game compared with just over half for those who were not carrying a load of excess fat. The truth is, you can not be fit and fat.

One way of turning this vicious circle into a virtuous circle is to start building up your muscle mass. Shun the escalators, do some form of daily exercise and walk whenever you can. The more muscle you build the trimmer you'll look, for muscle is far more compact than fat. It will also dispose of some of your surplus calories, for a kilogram of muscle burns up approximately three calories a day, compared with the one calorie required to maintain a similar weight of fat. If in the next few weeks you can increase your muscle mass by just three pounds you'll burn up about an extra 200 calories a day, which is equivalent to a loss of roughly a pound of fat every 18 days. What's more, you'll burn up extra calories every time you boost your activity levels, and this can continue even when you're watching TV, or sleeping asleep in bed, for the level of body metabolism remaining raised for four to six hours after exercise is taken. All these benefits, and their just a muscle twitch away.

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Getting a Handle on Overweight and Obesity

This morning I got up early (very early) to get the facts on overweight and obesity. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about what's going on with this worldwide phenomenon and share what I learned with you.

I discovered that there is a debate about whether the US is the fattest country in the world. Some Pacific Islands and countries in the Middle East exceed us. Still, the US is the fattest country in the developed world, if we are to believe a 2010 report.

The real issue is that virtually everywhere across the globe, the number of persons with excess body weight has increased since 1980. And according to a related Huff Post article, the study shows that other countries are gaining weight faster than the US.

Why should we care? Health risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke associated with overweight and obesity give us reasons enough for concern. Associated skyrocketing health care costs is another reason to become alarmed. Did you know that health care spending is 25 percent higher for someone who is obese than for someone who is of normal weight? (Okay, call me a geek for statistics).

How about France where we'll live for the next three months? France is far better than most developed countries in terms of overweight and obesity. It ranks among the lowest of the world's 33 wealthiest nations. Still obesity rates have increased in France and are expected to continue to get worse. About 40 percent of people in France are overweight or obese (in contrast to 68 percent in the US). In a article from 2007 , the US ranked high for the percentage of adults who are overweight (ninth place) while France ranked quite low (128 of 194 countries).

What's the cause of the overweight and obesity epidemic? According to a report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, “Changes in the food supply and eating habits, combined with a dramatic fall in physical activity have made obesity a global epidemic.” A rapid transformation in eating habits may be afoot. For example, the much-lauded Mediterranean Diet, had all but disappeared in Greece as of 2008. Along with the diet's extinction came more calories and greater girth.

What can we learn from these fast facts? What should we be doing collectively and individually about this epidemic? I challenge you to take this epidemic seriously.

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Morbid Obesity – Getting Help

Obesity in America has become a very dangerous epidemic. It is estimated that over 15 million Americans suffer from obesity. Just being over weight can cause health issues, but being morbidly obese can cause very deadly health issues such as; heart disease, diabetes, severe breathing problems and high blood pressure just to name a few. If you have been struggling with your weight and have become morbidly obese, you need to get help. There is no reason to battle this disease alone. The first step is admitting you need help and then you have to seek it.

Start with your family physician. If you have been seeing a physician over the years, he most likely has been monitoring your weight increase. Let him know that you have decided to take control of your weight problem and begin a conversation about what your options are.

Surgery is one of the options available to you to battle obesity. There are two types of surgery. Restrictive surgery is where the stomach is made smaller by either a band or by stapling. Combination surgery is where the stomach is made smaller and the new pouch is connected to the small intestine. Gastric Bypass is one of the most common combination surgeries. The surgeries make the stomach smaller which limits the amount of food you can intake. Your diet will drastically change after having surgery so you should thoroughly discuss with your doctor if this option is viable and if so, which surgery is best for you. As with any surgery, there are many risks to consider from infection to death. These risks should be understood completely before deciding on surgery. Be sure to do your research and ask to speak to patients who have had the particular surgery you are considering.

Diet and exercise is one of the oldest methods of dealing with weight issues. There are countless diets on the market today as well as exercise programs. Your physician can assist you in finding the appropriate diet for you and help monitor your progress. If you are morbidly obese, then the chances are great that you are battling other physical ailments that can be affected by diet or exercise. You should have a complete physical before beginning any diet or exercise programs.

Psychological help is something to strict consider. Many suffering from obesity also suffer from psychological issues that helped to create the obesity. Therefore, seeking mental help is imperative in treating obesity in these cases. This can be done in conjunction with diet and exercise as well as surgery.

If you are one of the many Americans fighting obesity, as stated above, the first step is to admit you need help and find that help. There are countless professionals available to help you as you begin your battle with morbid obesity. You just have to make the decision that it is time to begin this battle, and then arm yourself with the knowledge and professional help needed to wage your war against obesity.

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Making Lifestyle Changes Is the Need of the Hour

A couple of decades ago when I was a kid and in school I remember there were very few people who had diabetes, hyper tension, obesity, high or low blood pressure, back aches and similar kinds of health issues. There were seriously any cases of chronic neck pain and a heart attack case was seldom heard of in a country like India, where I live. The picture has completely changed today because now the issues that I have mentioned above are common. Today every third or fourth person is over weight, has got diabetes or suffering from arthritis, stiff neck, cervical pain or slip disc, back pain, etc. I can say with full confidence that now there are a very small percentage of people who are completely fit and free from diseases.

The only reason that I find is responsible for the present unhealthy state is our lifestyle. We have become lethargic and self-indulgent. We eat wrong foods, drink heavily, and smoke repeatedly. We do all these things just to welcome our anxiety or to get relief from our tension filled life. Our life has certainly become complex and our unhealthy lifestyle has added fuel to the fire, and has led to serious body ailments, deformities, obesity and in turn untimely deaths, premature aging, etc. That has finally made us sad, unhappy, and unhealthy.

In my opinion attaining a healthy body is not at all a very difficult task. By making some minor lifestyle changes we can keep ourselves fit and trim. We can overcome all such issues by following a simple diet and exercise routine. By making a few configurations in our diet and combining that with a little exercise all our problems can automatically get solved.

I have a few tips that I will like to share with people who have become obese or are suffering from some kind of stress, have problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, cervical pain, back pain, joint pain, etc. I am not going to suggest any medicine or a pill to you. My formula of getting fit and keeping fit is simple and easy to implement. If you are really serious about your health then just follow what I am going to tell you and I guarantee you will never have any health problem the whole of your life.

What you need to do is to eat a healthy and a low-fat diet. For example, you can have boiled eggs, fruits, milk or cereals like oats, porridge, corn flakes, etc. for breakfast. Eat a heavy breakfast, have moderate lunch consistency salads, yoghurt, pulses, rice or a vegetable, and a light as well as early dinner. In dinner your menu can be two pieces of roasted chicken, ham or any other meat, other than red meat, one or two helpings of your favorite vegetable dish, three or four slices of bread or buns and a glass or two of your favorite wine .

Along with dietary changes if you can do some aerobic exercises like brisk walking or jogging for half an hour, thrice or four times in a week, all the above mentioned health issues will itself get resolved. The tips I have given can help in making you disease free and I am of a firm belief that a healthy lifestyle is definitely your ticket to good health and happiness.

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Some Startling Facts About Obesity

What is obesity?

There is a difference between being overweight and being obese. People who are overweight may be heavier than the average person for their height due to an overabundance of muscle, particularly weak bone structure, water weight, and also fat. People who are obese, on the other hand, are simply carrying an extra amount of fatty tissue. About a third of US citizens are overweight, and about a third are obese.

The body structure of an obese man consist of twenty-five percent fatty tissue. That of an obese woman consists of thirty percent fatty tissue. The percentage of fatty tissue per body weight is determined by a formula known as the Body Mass Index or BMI. This formula determines the ratio of fatty tissue to muscular, bone and other tissue in the total makeup of the body but other factors such as gender must also be considered.

Why is obesity a problem?

Obesity is far more than simply an aesthetic problem. Severe and morbid obesity presents serious health problems that have become epidemic in proportions in many parts of the world. In fact, complications arising from obesity cause more deaths annually in the US than any other single factor other than the use of tobacco products. People who suffer from severe and morbid obesity can expect:

* A higher tendency to develop osteoarthritis in the hips, knees, ankles and feet,
* A higher risk of developing non-insulin dependent diabetes,
* Depression and a variety of other psychological disorders,
* A higher risk of developing some kinds of cancers,
* Sterility and reproductive disorders,
* Sleep disorders and sleep apnea,
* High blood pressure,
* Heart disease,
* Gall Stones,
* And more.

Obesity causes significant stress to the individuals who experience it, their families, and the society in which we live. Treating the constellation of health problems that usually develop from being obese is cost and challenging. The National Institute of Health reports that 300,000 people die annually due to obesity related illness. For these reasons, effective methods of treatment and prevention must be found.

What causes obesity?

Obesity is caused by a combination of factors. Heredity comes into play, as well as other conditions such as thyroid disorders. Some kinds of medications can cause a person to gain weight significantly. However, more than anything else, obesity is caused by the combination of an inactive lifestyle and a poor, high calorie, highly processed diet.

What can be done about obesity?

Although there are medical procedures that can be used to treat obesity (eg Roux-en-Y gastric by-pass and Lap Band surgery) it is highly advisable that all natural courses of treatment be pursued before surgical intervention is explored. People who are obese should be encouraged by their doctors and family to seek gradual exercise and gradual changes in nutritional habits. Psychological, behavioral and / or pharmaceutical intervention may be advised.

Weight loss for people who are severely or morbidly obese may take a very long time since the person did not gain the weight overnight; however, by committing to making consistent changes in lifestyle and diet, a lasting transformation may be obtained.

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The Banting Cure: How to Lose Three Pounds a Week by Eating Less Sugar

Everyone agrees that something must be done to tackle the obesity plague. High on the list of planned government interventions is the imposition of a hefty tax on sweetened foods and drinks. In America, a powerful medical lobby is pressing for a 40 per cent tax on all shop-sold cola drinks. It's believed that this single act would reduce the average per capita energy consumption by 1,200 calories a day, which is equivalent to a loss of just over three pounds of surplus body fat a week. This is a temptation to move for politicians to make, for the tax would raise tax revenues by an estimated $ 2.5 billion (£ 1.6 billion) a year. The development of refined sugar has been one of the most destructive revolutions in human culinary history. Today a sixth of our calorie consumption is provided by sugar, which when it was first imported from the West Indies was as expensive as caviar, and so was kept like tea in locked caddies. Now we eat as much sugar in a fortnight as our forebears ate in a year two hundred years ago. Today it's among the cheapest, and most appealing, forms of quickly absorbed energy. Most animals are temped to overindulge if they're given sugary foods. If rats are supplied with food which is bland but highly nutritious they'll eat just enough to balance their energy requirements; but they'll overeat and put on weight if they're given chocolates and biscuits. Horses, bears and ants show the same predilection, and likewise human babies, who from the moment they enter the world can be made to smile by giving them something sweet to eat.

Food manufacturers take advantage of this inherent passion and make sure that their junk foods are loaded with sugars and fat. One frequently recommended way of losing weight is to stop eating all foods that are advertised on television, since these are invariably heavily laden with sugar. Researchers claim that anyone who limited themselves to eating only foods which were advertised in the media would consume more than 25 times the recommended daily allowance of sugar. By doing so, today's jam donut becomes tomorrow's middle aged spread. Instead of eating hyper-palatable cookies, candies and cakes we should stick to eating natural foods. These provide a wide range of essential nutrients and are slower to digest, which makes it far easier for the body to decide when it's had enough.

This was the discovery of William Banting, the nineteenth century undertaker, who made a fortune selling elite coffins to the Duke of Wellington and other members of the London gentry. In 1862, at the age of 65, Banting weighed 202lb, which was clearly excessively for a man who was only 5ft. 5inches tall. Over the years he'd tried a wide variety of slimming regimes, ranging from fasting to spa treatments, dieting and strict exercise regimes. All failed. When his health finally plummeted, probably because he developed type 2 diabetes, he consulted Dr William Harvey who was then one of Europe's most eminent physicians. Harvey put him on a low sugar diet, and a year later he was 46 pounds lighter, and was losing at a rate of roughly a pound a month. He'd lost twelve inches around his waist, was sleeping better, and could go up and down stairs with ease. Such was his miraculous transformation that he wrote Letter on Corpulence (1863), which was the world's first diet book. In it he said: 'I can confidently state that the quantity of diet may be safely left to the natural appetite, it is quality only which is essential to abate corpulence.' Reduce your intake of sugar as much as possible, and you too can gain the same results.


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Eat Healthily and Banish Obesity

More and more people, all over the world, are gaining weight, getting obese and morbidly obese, and it's a health risk.

Many of use have battled with our weight, and the size of our waists or thighs, for a long time, and many of us have been on diets for the majority of their lives. Most of us want to lose weight fast, and do not have to give up those lovely calories which we pop into our mouths on a daily basis; which caused the increase in fatness in the first place.

Many diets have been discredited as faddy diets; tough routines and time which can help you lose weight, but do not do much to re-educate you about the foods which get you fat, and when you stop the strict diet, the weight just comes back on as you return to your unhealthy eating patterns

Dieting is not easy. We like food, and there is an abundance of high fat, high sugar, food, within easy reach of the majority of the wealthy west.

Firstly, you have to commit to changing the way you eat. These can be small changes, such as, changing from beef to Quorn for the Shepherds pie, or chili and rice. Quorn is a meat substitute and is extremely low in fat.

Change from full sugar to Half Spoon, or a sugar substitute. Remove butter or margarine from the shopping list, and get low fat alternatives instead. Low-fat milk instead of full-fat milk. Low-fat yogurt, instead of full-fat creamy yogurt. Grilled chicken without the skin, instead of deep-fried, skin and all.

These small changes can help make a difference in the long run. If you do not compensate with any new additions to your 'normal' diet, then you will lose weight slowly, and over a long period. But if you wanted to lose more, you can possibly go for a low-carbs, wholesome, sugar free diet. It depends on how much weight you want to lose, and how fat you are, how much you eat, and what kind of food you like.

There are so many diets available these days. Every magazine on the rack has a diet in it, often more than one. But the main thing is, to reduce the amount of calories going in, and increase the amount of calories used in exercise.

One aspect of dieting which must be stated is, that we need to feed our muscles, so exercise is really essential for weight loss. By moving about more the muscle uses more 'food' and will get it from the stored fat on our bodies, without, of course, you are over eating, in which case it will get it straight from your digestive system, which will then go store the rest as fat, on your bones.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Take a pound of butcher's raw beef suet, and a pound of lean beef steak and see the difference in the size. The beef steak is much denser, and will take up far less space than the flabby fat. Therefore, if you exercise, you might actually get smaller without losing much actual body weight.

Some tips for dieting success.

1. Always have a good breakfast – it helps get your metabolism going. Eat whole-grains, or protein food which are low in fat, eat low-fat yogurts and fruit.

2. Water, is the stuff of life. Drink plenty of water through the day, it helps trick your tummy into feeling full and less hungry. Try not to drink sugary sodas and drink less coffee. Alcohol is bad for the diet as it is full of calories and can ruin your resolve to the diet. Water helps the digestion and is good for the skin and brain – keeps your hydrated.

3. Keep track of the carbohydrates and keep them low. Eat good carbs like vegetables and fruit, and complex carbs like oats, and stay away from refined stuff like white bread, white flour, white rice, white sugar.

4. Slow weight loss is better than fast weight loss, because after the diet is over and the target weight is reached, people often do back to their old ways, and the weight comes back on, plus some more. This is the called “yo-yo” dieting. When we lose weight too quickly the metabolism can slow down, so your body is making better more efficient use of the small amount of food you are consuming, resulting in a slowing down of the rate of weight loss. This can get very frustrating.

5. Use food supplements to make sure you get all the recommended daily vitamin and nutrients.

Healthy weight loss is about 2lbs per week. Which is not a small amount. Think of it as a bag of sugar or 4 packs of butter, each week, gone. Great!

However, it is not good eating the wrong things in your 1200 calorie per day diet. A diet of buttered muffins would not be good for you. So chose healthy foods, and get some exercise.

Increasing your exercise is easily done. As with the little changes to the contents of the fridge, gradually bringing down the fat content of the foods you eat, exercise can be introduced slowly.

Go for a walk. Take the dog, walk to the post box instead of driving around there on the way to work. Polish the car yourself instead of having someone else do it. Gardening is a good exercise and you get a tidy garden at the end of it.

Some more ideas, about keeping moving. When taking the bus to work, get off early and walk the few stops at the end of the journey, or go further up the road and get on a couple of stops before your normal stop. By the end of four weeks, you may have walked an extra couple of miles. This is good. By the end of the year, well, just think about how good your legs will look from all that walking. And follow the weight loss tips for a healthy way to lose that excess fat for good.

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The Relationship Between Fast Food and Obesity – The Startling Facts

Obesity is becoming one of the most serious health problems all over the world. There are millions of people who are suffering from various health diseases due to fatness. Many doctors have declared obesity as the mother of all diseases. Excessive use of fast foods is a major reason of obesity. People adopt different important strategies to get rid of this major health issue but due to lack of knowledge about weight loss, they can not get success. It is necessary to understand the significance of your health if you really want to do something about removal of fatness. There is no dearth of health guides and weight loss tips. If you want to get success in getting a slim and stylish body then you will have to work a little harder on your body. Most of the people are not aware with the fact that obesity is directly associated with their unbalanced eating habits. It is important for the person, who wants to get rid of fatness, to make significant changes in its eating habits.

It is never easy to change your lifestyle for a specific purpose but if you want to stay healthy and wealthy then you will have to take this bitter pill. It must be little difficult for you to control your eating habits but with the passage of time, you will surely get success in controlling your diet. There is no shortage of various fantastically designed diet plans that you can follow to get a slim body. One of the major reasons that are responsible for obesity is the large tendency of people towards fast foods. Today, increasing fast food chain of various restaurants is offering delicious range of junk foods. Many people do not know that these types of foods are extremely hazardous for their health. I suggest you to avoid eating all types of junk foods because they can become a main hindrance in achieving your weight loss goal.

A fat person can never enjoy the real fun and entertainment. I have personally observed that many fat people can not take part in the healthy activities due to the obesity. Therefore, it is crucial for every person who is a victim of obesity to take proper measures to eradicate the overweight. To eradicate obesity, you just have to make important changes in your lifestyle by controlling your diet and taking regular exercises. Let me tell you that eliminating the obesity is not a big deal if you are fully determined.

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Tackling the Obesity Epidemic: Leading by Example

Human beings are group animals and very easily influenced by the example set by those around them, especially when they're movers and shakers and figures of authority. In the playground children join in games of follow-my-leader. In real life they follow the same behavioral pattern, unconsciously copying the example set by their parents and teachers. American surveys show that the largest obesity risk children face is to have an obese parent. Parents are exemplars, and if they take steps to lose their excess flab their children are highly likely to follow suit. This was clearly demonstrated by researchers at Stanford School of Medicine, California, who found that when overweight parents lose weight by undergoing gastric bypass operations, their children were twice as likely to try to achieve the same end result by eating more sensibly, taking additional exercise and watching less television. Even the books children read can have a beneficial effect. This was shown when a large group of obese girls aged 9-13 years was enrolled in a healthy lifestyle program. Half were given a novel about a roly-poly lass who took steps to improve her general health and physical fitness. The reminder received either an everyday novel or no book at all. The results shown that, compared with the control group, the girls who'd been given the good example showed a significantly greater reduction in their weight.

Today obesity is commonplace, which means it's becoming the 'norm' rather than an unusual aberration. Nowadays we more likely stand out from the crowd if we're fit than when we're fat. A recent Canadian study of well over three thousand children showed that those who see people in their environment who are overweight or obese tend to 'develop inaccurate perceptions of what constituents appropriate weight status.'
Surveys show that kids with an obese brother or sister have a 37 per cent increased risk of following their example and putting on excess weight. We can not choose our kith and kin, but we should take great care when selecting our friends, for they too have an important impact on our behavior. Researchers at the University of Canada have discovered that subjects have a 57 per cent increased risk of becoming obese if one of more of their close friends is corpulent. Media celebrities have a similar impact, and can benefit their loyal fans by demonstrating that it is infinitely better to maintain a healthy weight rather than pudgy or skeletally thin. Julie Wooldridge, a young Essex woman, was in many ways a mirror image of Princess Diana. People in the street would do a double-take when they saw her face, then realize that she was not their idol when they looked down at her 14 stone body. 'Every photo of HRH was like looking in a mirror at the figure I could become', she told reporters. Given this incentive she lost 63 pounds, stripped four dress sizes and won an international slimming competition.

The UK government has been using advertising and restrictive legislation to tackle the obesity plague, but it would have been far more effective if politicians led by example. We're influenced less by their messages, than by the behavior of the messengers. For instance, Nigel Lawson, when Chancellor of the Exchequer, set the British people a splendid example when he modified his life style, ate less meat and stepped up his intake of fruit and vegetables. On this time he lost five stone in twelve months, a loss he has maintained ever since. The same applies to Mick Cornett, the Mayor of Oklahoma City, who set his people a splendid example when he shed 40 pounds and set up a website – – to show them how it could be done. Since then, forty thousand Oklahomas have joined the campaign and shed a total of more than half a million pounds.

It's easy for politicians to put on weight, because they lead lives which are stressful but extremely sedentary. This is why there was for many years a custom in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire for mayors to be weighed before and after they took up office. This was to show they had not grown fat at the public expense. It's definitely that ministers and cabinet ministers today would submit themselves to such a test, but there must be some who would follow Mayor Cornett's example, and lead by example rather than exhortation. That would strengthen the nation's health, decrease the financial burden on the NHS, and boost the UK economy, for studies show that roly-poly employees have twelve times the levels of hardship absenteeism as their slimmer, fitter counterparts. Are there any volunteers among our elected leaders who will play this role?


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I Am Obese: Good News, You Don’t Always Have to Be

“I am obese”. Have you said that to yourself softly? You are not alone. Statistics show that the percentage of people “suffering” from obesity in America and around the world keep on increasing day by day, and year by year.

Obesity is not a disease. It (on the most part) is purely a result of poor lifestyle choice. Looking back, every moment you chose to eat that Big Mac, or Burger King's Triple Whopper with cheese, you became closer to this fateful result.

But the good news is that there is always a way out. No matter how deep in the web of unhealthiness you are, there is still a way out. Obesity, can be, BUT, does not have to be a permanent state. You can lose weight and become healthy. But for that to work, you have to realize that you are powerful. You are the only one who can change the situation you are in right now. You are the sole person who can decide your tomorrow.

Some people become overweight because they look at food as comfort. If you are one of those, I would like to tell you that food is purely a source through which your physical body gets its nutrients from. It DOES NOT have any emotional power to make you feel better. It DOES NOT have the power to make you feel small. Your mind is the one who has that power. Food will not cure your depression, anxiety, or loneliness. Do not look at food for support. They do not have the power to support you. In fact, they can not even support itself. It needs YOU to digest it.

Anyways, my point is that YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE POWER. Do not give food that authority over your life. If your happiness completely revolves around what you are going to have in your next meal, then you have some serious thinking to do. Because life is so much more than that. It is beautiful, it is colorful. It has some amazing people who are just waiting to be a part of your life. The moment you realize that your existence is important to this universe, the closer you will be to become liberated from this trap of unhealthiness or any other feelings of worthlessness and misery.

Now, for those people who are overweight because they chose to live an active life, and also chose to indulge in the most unhealthy food they could ever find. My answer is simple: You made two wrong choices. Unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle choice can only yield horrible health results. Life is too short anyways, and you are making it even shorter by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Laziness can cost you your life. I am sure you already know how much of life you are missing. If you have enough power to make that decision to eat a whole box of cheese pizza, believe it or not, you also have enough power to make that decision to go for a walk.

Life is happening right now, at this moment. Do not let ever moment go to waste. Decide to be healthy right now. And in fact act on it. I know you can do it. Do not wait till tomorrow. It wont come. It never does. It is just your laziness trying to take you over. Just give it a try. You would never ever regret it.

Next time when you look in the mirror, instead of saying “I am obese”, say, “I am a miracle just waiting to happen, and when it happens only I can decide”.

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The Increasing Case For Obesity Help

Do you find it hard to achieve weight loss? Have you ever felt the need to reach out for obesity help? As reported by a combined study by Imperial College London and Harvard University, global obesity has more or less risen twofold during the previous three decades. In The United States, 68 percent of individuals about the age of eighteen are thought to be overweight whereas 34 percent are thought to be medically obese.

Perhaps further disturbingly, obesity stats demonstrate that obesity in children has risen threefold in America during the last three decades. It is now believed that more than a third of US children are overweight or obese.

The increasing rate of obesity is a huge topic that must be addressed before it becomes too late. Not only is obesity a serious danger to the health of an individual, the rising matter gives rise to a large economic constitution for Governments in regions in which health treatment is run by the government itself, for example in many European countries, as more and more people require obesity help.

Obesity is often described to be a health ailment where an individual has amassed excess fat to the degree by which it has a negative impact on health and fitness. Generally speaking, adult men with in excess of 25 percent body fat and females with in excess of 32% body fat are usually thought to be obese.

Medical professionals and scientists commonly employ the Body Mass Index (BMI) to ascertain if people are overweight or obese. BMI does not calculate exact level of body fat – it is primarily based on your size and body weight. your BMI index 25 to 29 then you're considered overweight. over 30, you're considered clinically obese.

Primary reasons for obesity are:

  • Eating too much
  • Not enough exercise
  • Genetic causes
  • Mental factors
  • A slow metabolic rate

Medical professionals and academies appear to accept that the above are classified as the primary triggers for obesity. But studies suggest that, irrespective of the preliminary reason, obesity is often acquired by lowering the level of fat that you eat as part of your typical eating routine and through regular time spent exercising. However, as many know, things are not always so simple. Individuals who need to have obesity help the most are often individuals that have hereditary, mental and actual physical complications.

At the end of the day, the major cause for people needing obesity help is due to the large risks to one's health that are linked to obesity.

The worst risks related to obesity are as follows:

  • A premature death
  • Enhanced danger of developing coronary disease
  • Increased pressure on body joints and strain on muscles
  • Higher likelihood of weight loss surgery
  • Three times more probable to develop diabetes

As far as medical professionals and scientists are concerned, requirements for obesity help and the hazards linked to obesity are decreased via disciplined weight loss. Despite the fact that it often relies on your actual weight, medical professionals approximate that weight reduction of one-tenth of your body mass can lower the dangers posed by heart problems by more than twenty percent. Such statistics present the rewards of even a little bit of weight loss.

In order to properly achieve weight loss youought to maintain disciplined weight loss targets and keep a sustained degree of determination and persistence to make sure you stand a great chance. Despite the fact that it depends on your initial weight, an idea of ​​a reasonable objective could have reduced 1 or 2 lbs weekly as of today. Otherwise, you may want to establish longer term objectives, for example dropping 10% of your weight or how, about 25 lbs during the following half-year. Through establishing objectives and retaining a self-disciplined strategy to weight loss, it is possible to attain your required weight loss. In return, you gain through no longer needing obesity help and substantively minimizing the health and fitness dangers regarding obesity and carrying excess fat.

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Obesity Help – Diet Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Are you currently angry and bothered about a weight problem? Perhaps you have sampled all of the weight loss plans available yet continue to battle to shed calories? Should you have responded 'yes' to either question then continue reading as in this post I am about to present some useful diet recommendations which will make your weight loss experience just a little bit less demanding. But do not forget, when you learn the following diet suggestions it is necessary to take into account that there is nothing better than your individual internal strength and persistence when it comes to reducing your weight.

Many assume that successful weight loss will result only through strenuous physical exercise and suppressing hunger. Certainly, this is partly the case. If you need to realize weight loss with long-term health benefits, the most effective thing that can be done is to cut down your calories and work out more frequently.

However, today people through the world are pressed for time while many people do not have enough self-control to sustain a demanding exercising routine. If you're one of them, you might be pleased to see that certain medically screened weight loss supplements may enhance the success of your weight loss plan. Hunger suppressants like the Caralluma Fibriatia plant extract help reduce food cravings, allowing you to lose weight with reduced effort. However, be aware, such methods need to supplement routine exercise and a decline in your calorie intake – diet pills are not a comprehensive alternative!

Good diet strategies bought to at all times pause by looking at calorie consumption – incorporating consideration of the amount and quality of your diet – along with a self-disciplined exercise program. Not unexpectedly, for the majority of men and women body weight issues are bought on by consuming excess amounts of bad food and failing to get adequate physical exercise. Through cutting down your calorie consumption, eating healthily and consistently working out, you will be guaranteed that you will shed fat provided that you retain a self-disciplined way of going on a diet.

On your path to weight reduction you have to keep in mind that losing weight is not something that may be realized overnight. It usually will take a weeks, if not months, until weight reduction is noticeable. This can make it very hard for many to remain concentrated on their weight loss targets. Holding this in knowledge and retaining an optimistic outlook to weight loss will enable you to remain focused as you diet.

Speaking from past experiences, it is recommended that an eating plan rich in vitamins and fibers, having low carbohydrates and fat, is crucial to an effective diet plan. In addition, ensure that you have lots of water and avoid consuming drinks high in sugar with a high level of calories.

Yet how come it is so cruel to reduce weight anyway? Obesity is a growing concern right now with an increasing amount of individuals in need of obesity help. Obesity is connected to numerous health problems, such as coronary heart ailments and cardiovascular conditions.

Since an increasing number of people are struggling with weight issues and call out for obesity help, scientists and doctors have identified more successful ways of assisting individuals to realize weight loss.

Whilst almost every scientist and medical professional holds that the answer to weight reduction will always be through lowering calorie intake and frequent exercise, lots of people are now advising individuals searching for obesity help to consider clinically tested weight loss supplements. Weight loss supplements that suppress the appetite can increase your metabolic rate and avert body fat from amassing. If combined with the correct diet plan and frequent physical exercise, numerous doctors hold that men and women can realize incredible terms of losing weight.

However, be aware. It's crucial to bear in mind that diet pills are not for everyone. Weight loss supplements can have various side effects on individuals while many have gone through minimal medical screening. If used in large amounts, these weight loss pills may be damaging to the wellbeing of a person. As already stated, weight loss supplements bought to be used cautiously and must not completely replace normal food intake. Not unexpectedly, these kinds of supplements are not likely to possess all of the nutritional requirements that you need each day. Individuals with high blood pressure and diabetes, especially, advised to be cautious and seek advice from their doctor ahead of taking diet pills.

Frankly, there's no quick fix which will allow you to lose weight. Although weight loss supplements may clearly benefit certain people, they are not safe for everyone and may produce considered health problems. While diet pills sometimes supplement diet approaches effectively, essentially the most critical point to bear in mind concerns the key element to virtually any flourishing diet plan is a shift in the volume and quality of your diet – to lower your current calorie consumption – in addition to start exercising – to reduce fat.

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Weight Problems? Could Unresolved Emotions Be the Underlying Cause?

When our emotions are more than we can cope with, a natural defense mechanism may come in to shut down the intensity of the feelings so that we are able to cope. Whilst this makes it easier for us at the time, it does mean that there is unresolved grief which will emerge at some point in our lives when we are more resourced. The point at which these emotions come out will depend upon our individual journey. For some they may suddenly emerge at one point, sometimes when we are more supported emotionally than we were before, and for others the unresolved emotions may reveal themselves through our actions or words on a daily basis.

My personal journey with grief following my sister's death when I was 12 years old was like this. The grief and grieving that I was feeling was so intense and there was no one there to guide me through it that I could not cope with it all and I shut down a whole heap of feelings to enable me to survive that period of my life . The fact that I was not feeling the true intensity of what was going on for me left me with long-term unresolved grief. When I was around 22 years old I talked with a friend about my sister's death and after listening to all the facts he simply said 'Yes, but how did you feel ?' I could not grasp what he meant at first. I was unable to answer his question. No one had ever asked me how I felt about my sister's death before. I went home and this was when I began to realize that I was pretty numb about all that had happened at home from the time of my sister's death until I went to university.

Until this moment, until the beginning of the unpacking of the unresolved grief, my weight had been stable. I was a slim size 12 (UK size) and had only had one short bout of emotional eating at the age of 17 when a boyfriend dumped me and I earned 14lbs. But then I quickly lost that again through a food combining diet and exercise program I put myself on for a month. Looking back, I can see that my weight began to fluctuate more in my mid-late twenties so that by the time I was about 26 I was a size 16.

Is unresolved grief leading you to emotional eating?

So what is emotional eating? My spiritual journey has bought me a good understanding of the world around me and from this I have learned for myself about my own journey with emotional eating. In paying attention to my body at those times when I want to eat when I am not hungry, sometimes when I am feeling sad about something or struggling with a stressful situation, I have come to notice that there is a painful hurt in the area of my stomach. Unable or unwilling to look at the cause of the pain because it feels overwhelming, I eat because what happens when I eat is that the food dampens the feelings, suppresses the pain that I am feeling and I am then able to cope. This is also known as 'comfort eating'.

Once I understood this simple process that was going on, that eating was a way of controlling the pain of unresolved grief, I realized why the various diets I had been on quite did not work. Sure, I could lose weight, but then when the diet stopped, the weight would come back – and more! This roller coaster dieting and weight gain is a journey I have yet to master because I am still healing from my childhood journey.

So if you realize that you are succumbing to emotional eating, then see what unresolved grief there is from your life (and I'm m talking about unresolved grief not only from the loss of a loved one, but from other aspects of your life too) and begin working to resolve that.

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The Truth About Fast Food and Obesity

OK. So, you have heard rumors before about how the hamburgers in fast food restaurants are made, but have you ever taken the time to really research the subject? Well, I have done it for you and allow me to tell you, I have not had a fast food hamburger in eons, nor have I fed them to my family.

In today's “time crunch” society, one out of every four Americans eats at a fast food place. We reward our children by taking them to eat at a fast food place so they can get their “free” toy; but did you also know that almost in the past 30 years the percentage of obese people has doubled?

We forget for some reason, that our children's arteries can suffer the same damage as ours, we seem to think that because they are young they are immune to health issues. I have seen children who basically live off fried foods have an extremely high cholesterol lab result, always supported by their parents.

One of American's great staple, along the hot dog, is the hamburger! The fast food places advertise being cheap and with the serious economic condition of the great majority of the population, that is the place to go; but, studies have shown that low income families that frequent fast food places are more likely to turn obese, this is due to the high fat, high sodium, high sugar contents that those hamburgers are carrying.

Are you also aware that those hamburgers are made up of byproducts or do you think that the hooves, ears, heads and whatnot of the cattle are disposed of? Think again.

Now, regarding those patties, although they come from cattle, the meat from those cattle may originate in foreign countries in South American and travel their way up gathering a mixture of meats from different countries until it reaches the US. It's no wonder that sometimes those patties will be contaminated with e-coli or salmonella.

We know for a fact that people who become vegetarians have a lower mortality rate than those who are eating highly Saturated fats, animal protein, high sodium content and processed meats.

If we learn to eat properly, we can get the nutrients our bodies need from fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Studies keep showing us that it is not about “dieting” it is not about a fad; it is about changing our lifestyle so we can live longer, healthier and happier life's.

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