Obesity is on the increase at an alarming rate and it does not take much to see why. All around us in western society are fast food and unhealthy options. This is not just at restaurant but in schools, halls, vending machines and many, many different places. How are people suppose to choose healthy options when there are limited choices out there. Even the so called “healthy options” can be filled with sugary sides and creamy dressing. Apples slices for instance are a great alternative to lets say donuts but with a side of caramel sauce how healthy it does make the apples slices now! What is the message that we are sending to individuals?

Apples are healthy even with sugary caramel sauce. Even when people do choose what they think is the healthy option, for instance a salad, more often than not the salad contains a fatty creamy sauce. Which probably contains more fat and calories than a burger. What message is being sent to individuals that are not aware of the nutritional values ​​of food. People need educating about food values ​​so they have a basic understanding about food and they can make smarter food choices.

People who are suffering with obesity need a good support network around them to help them build a healthier lifestyle. Although it is up to the individual to make the initial changes family, friends and a health professional play a critical role in the healing of this condition. More often than not there is an emotional reason as to why someone is obese so seeking the right help is extremely important.

This is something that needs to be addressed in society and not passed down from generation to generation. Resources need to be made readily available for individuals so they can easily start their journey with the correct information and guidance.