I wanted to dedicate my post today to the practice of daily body detoxifying. As I have done more research I truly believe this is a key quick and efficient fat loss as well as overall well being.

Here is why:

Fat Cells are designed to hold toxins:

That is right, biologically our body fat cells are designed to hold and isolate our body from toxins that we consume while eating and breathing. By eliminating toxins in our body we actually get rid of the biological reason for our body to hold onto fat.

What are common body toxins?

Most of the toxins we consume come from preservatives in food, hormones in meat and dairy products and any artificial flavor additives. Most of these substances were not designed to be digested by the human body, therefore they turn into toxins. Our livers are naturally designed to cleanse our bodies but a majority of our diets are too tough for our liver to handle and any excess toxins are stored directly in fat cells.

Another common and aggressive toxin is alcohol. Alcohol is very tough on your liver and will become the main purification priority while drinking. This means any other toxins your consumed throughout the day are stored in fat cells while your liver is actively combing the alcohol.

Now, I along with most other people consume alcohol and food that has toxins. There are detoxifying foods you can eat on a daily basis to help your body detox.

Detoxifying Foods

Many foods have detoxifying qualities so I am going to stick to the ones that are most readily available. Fermented Teas such as Komboucha Tea, Raw fruits (blueberries, strawberries, wild berries, kiwi) just to name a few, Raw vegetables (greens, broccoli, asparagus, etc.). Leafy greens such as baby spinach is also a great addition. By consuming these foods on a daily basis you are significantly enhancing your body detoxification process and there before allowing your body to “do away” with the biological need to hold body fat.

In Summary

As we are actively in a war against our own body fat we should use our own biological processes to our advantage. If we eliminate the need for our body to hold fat, we will have a much easier time burning it off. Our body holds fat to insulate from the negative effects of body toxins. Therefore, when we detox we are giving our body the reason it needs to let go of our remaining body fat.

It is almost impossible to avoid ingesting toxins so our best strategy is to eat naturally detoxifying foods every day.