This is today's question that everyone is dying to know. The statistics of obese people are reaching ground breaking records and need to seriously be looked at as a society. Being obese is a disease but there are many people still overweight, are constantly suffering from allergies, have cellulite, and are always sick with something!

All of these issues have nothing to do with your environment, your genetics, or any other excuse you'd like to point your finger to; it is because your body is overly acidic! Acidic means the PH of your blood not having “heartburn.” Your bodily fluid is measured on a PH level of 1-14, with below 7 being acidic to above being alkaline. The healthy state is anywhere between 7.35-7.45 is optimal. This may be getting into too much detail so let me just keep it in plain simple terms and explain the reason people are overweight. The issue at hand is that you are consuming too many foods that are acidic to your body and making you overweight.

The SAD diet which is the Standard American Diet is very acidic to the body. Foods that the standard North American consumes are cereals, breads, fruit cups, sugary snacks, deli meats, and steaks. These are foods that will bring your body's PH to a more acidic level also causing weight gain, allergies, cellulite, and a weak immune system.

When looking on the flip side, whole foods like fruits, veggies, and legumes are much more alkalizing to the body. These foods purify and help the body stay energized and maintain in a healthy state. The importance of consuming foods that are alkaline will improve weight issues along with any other issues drastically.

Now to be in a healthy state, you do not want to just eat foods that are alkalizing but some that may be acidic to keep you in perfect balance. In my nutrition books and in school, they state to bring yourself to health by eating 80% alkaline foods like greens, fruits, and seeds should be consumed; and 20% acid forming foods like grains and legumes and meat for the meat eaters. When eating majority of the week this way it gives you time to consume your favorite foods later on in the weekend and able to bring your body back in to balance after you have consumed highly acidic foods. Once you can learn to control this everything else will start to fix itself and whenever you need guidance seek an expert holistic nutritionist to naturally guide you to the best state of health that you can be!