We can link alcohol, smoking, drugs, even some medication to bad health; this may only affect a small minority but nothing is effecting most people as much as certain foods – the wrong foods. There is nothing in nature's environment that causes the type of illness, cancers and diseases that are rampant spreading in our community.

Our generation today is facing one of the largest health epidemics and many of them are unaware or are totally oblivious where it's coming from. The first sign of that is not sickness immediately; it is the change in size and shape of our body, called obesity. Obesity is the beginning of many health issues. It does affect everyone in a different way; most likely suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and this are just some of the more common ones which develop and become the deadly side effects of obesity. One of the most alarming signs is childhood obesity. The number of children who are overweight or obese is increasing in a frightening rate. Children need food education and it is every parent's responsibility to do so if they want to protect the child's well-being and to continue a healthy life as an adult.

What you eat can hurt you!

We just assume any food we can buy is OK or good for us, as long as it tastes good and fulfills that craving. Eating the food that can hurt becomes an issue that's facing us every day, and avoiding it from our diet is a struggle. The first step is to overhaul the way you think about food, because your health will be all the better for it. Time has become precious for many people; having a busy lifestyle we are looking for easy options. Processed foods and ready-made meals have the advantage of saving time, and for those who do not particularly like to cook this is a bonus. On top of that, most processed and take away foods come with a low price tag which for most is hard to resist. We must look at the full picture and see the hidden cost that processed foods put on our health. It is fact that most of processed foods are not healthy. They are low in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and high in saturated fats, sugars and preservatives, while simultaneously high in calories. As well they also contain industrially engineered ingredients that are most harmful to our body. When shopping becomes confusing, when reading labels on a variety of juice bottles that say: Pure juice with antioxidants. What it does not say is that it's full of refined sugars, preservatives and who knows what else; so, therefore it's not a beneficial antioxidant. What most do not know is that many artificial sweeteners trick the body into gaining weight and store fat, the exact opposite of what you would expect.

What you do not eat can also hurt you!

Lots of time has gone in to research guiding people how to improve their health with natural remedies, to focus on nutrition, supplements and other none medical avenues to prevent illness. You will not find some of the most powerful obesity revelations in a pharmacy or getting it from a doctor; instead you will find it in the food you eat and the best place to find it at your local farmers market and the small grocery store. This is where the challenges are facing us every day. Be selective in your food choices, replace processed foods with natural ones as much and where possible. Combine a good diet with some form of exercise. Just simply walking has been found to have significant health benefits. Keep a straight post when walking, that way it strengthens muscles as you walk and your whole body will benefit. Walking daily will improve circulation and in general improve body function which will overall help to burn fat and lower calories when chosing the right diet plan. Keep in mind: The most important step to a healthy life is the change to a healthy diet.