I'm at an age where you finally have enough money to really enjoy life, good restaurants, quality wines and champagne, then of course the traveling, all the things you have worked hard for all your life. Does this sound like you! If you're young, then let this be a warning.

I'm very health conscious and have a full medical with my Physician every year and most of the time its ok, a couple of things are just on the limit and I have managed to get my cholesterol reasonable.

Well it was check up time, I had my blood tests and a chest x-ray first then went for my visit. It seemed to be going well then out of the blue the Doctor came out with, “You'd better lose belly fat and love handles or else” I was startled I felt good yes I had got a bit of a beer belly, but hey I was old enough, he continued “You look shocked” “Sure am!” I replied. The I enquired “Why did you say belly fat and love handles.” He looked inquisitively at me and continued “You're a fairly health conscious chap, I'm sure your aware of the relationship between waist size and health issues, correct!” “Yes I am.” “Well I realized that telling people to lose weight was not working well enough, because people can lose weight but still have a partial beer belly and their love handles.” I realized he was right, he was a very astute Doctor and a real gentlemen from the old school. He finished with “I know that you will make the lifestyle changes necessary to reduce your waistline.” Then I realized he had not given me all my results so I asked him “What caused this need for a change?” my friend

“Your cholesterol is out of control, even though your on cholesterol medication, I do not want to increase the dosage, I want you to make the necessary changes, I'll give you another blood test form for 6 weeks time, start today Ok! ” “I definitely will!” he finished with “Good luck old boy” for those of you that do not know that is actually quite an affectionate old English term.

Wow! When I got home my wife picked it straight away “Not so good?” “I looked her in the eyes and said” No darling, funnily “Doc” said “you'd better lose belly fat and love handles or else” which stuck me as weird “I went on to explain to her because he had made that comment , to which she replied “Well for someone of his era he has always been ahead of his time and very astute, so what have you decided to do?” I explained “Well I'm going to find out more facts about healthy living and then find a program to lose my beer belly and love handles, what do you think?” she replied as usual with a comfort comment, “Darling we're still young, sixty is not old nowdays, plus Baby Boomers are tough and we'll do whatever you decide together” “Thanks sweetheart” as I gave her a peck on the cheek. “Love you.”

I slept well that night and woke early with a whole list of things on my mind! My wife had gotten up before me and while I was making us a cuppa, she said “I jumped the gun and I'm sure I've found something you will like dear, I'll show you while we have our cuppa.” Gosh how I love this woman, she's always on the ball, “You'll love this website, especially the story he tells, and it looks like posts something new almost every day, so have a read.” I liked his style of writing and we checked out what he was offering. “Well love” I looked at her and continued “You've done it again, I agree with you let's get on with it, he sees to have covered all aspects of healthy living,

exactly what we need, thanks darling! ”

So we went ahead with great results, so I believe if we can make the necessary changes at our age anyone can.