Have you found yourself doing quite well at eating sensibly for a while before seeing all your progress unravel? Do you find that after having a 'bad day' it is difficult to get started again? This article is about creating healthy ways of thinking to help you sustain a weight reduction plan long-term.

One of the key requirements before setting out to achieve any weight reduction goal is to have the correct mindset. If you keep doing what you have always done you are going to get the same result, so a complete shift in the way you think will probably be necessary if what you have tried before has not gotten you the results you had wanted.

Generally speaking people have a tendency to live life in a kind of 'auto pilot' mode (although some would deny it) and when it comes to weight loss or any other goal this can cause someone to feel as if they are stuck in a rut . The key to breaking out of it and making progress is to become more aware of your thought processes. This is the first step to making a permanent change for the better.

One common barrier to healthy weight management which I have come across during hypnotherapy sessions over the years is perfectionism. On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is it for you to get things right? If being perfect or doing things perfectly is important in many areas of your life it is highly likely that you will adapt a similar attitude to weight loss.

A person with perfectionist tendencies is likely to become completely disillusioned when they have a day in which they did not follow their plan and ate a lot of junk food etc. The danger with this type of thinking is that it can be a real hindrance and it distorts reality. After all, one 'bad day' out of 10 is not all that bad!

Perfectionist thinking can lead to all sorts of other issues for the simple reason that perfection is actually impossible to achieve. Things can always be better in one way or another, so a perfectionist can never be satisfied or happy for very long. Many of my clients who have changed from being perfectionists to becoming more flexible in their thinking have reported not only greater ease at managing their weight, but also greater all round contentment with life.

Many clues about how we should live are to be found in nature. There is an order to nature, but part of its beauty is in its imperfection and our way of thinking about things should follow along similar lines if we are to be healthily balanced and successful in what we do long-term.