My Village on a Diet review will explain what this new television show is all about, and reveal why the producers of this show claim that the series was created to help fight Canada's obesity epidemic.

This TV show is set in a small little town called Taylor in the northern part of British Columbia, Canada . It has a very small population of 1,400 and most with some pretty serious health issues related to obesity and poor diet. Here, this entire town has decided that it is time to hit the scales. With sixty percent of the residents either overweight or obese, Taylor has made the goal to collectively lose one ton within 3 months. They have also agreed to have their successes and failures filmed and aired on British television's new show called Village on a Diet.

The show will focus on the 150 participants who have agreed to stick with this program to lose weight. Some of the participants include “characters” who we can all refer to:

  • a stay-at-home mom who struggles with being overweight and agoraphobia
  • a set of sisters determined to lose their baby weight
  • a man who is working in a pizza shop and is constantly tempted by the foods he cooks and a fourteen year old boy, who is being homeschooled because he was teased too much in school
  • and more challenging personal stories …

All of them have joined the ranks with hopes of finally losing their unwanted pounds but only a complete Village on a Diet Review will show if this will work for them.

The show has filled together an entire team to help these participants work through the program from all aspects. Dr. Ali Zenter, an obesity specialist, leads the team to help create a plan for weight loss success. A Village on a Diet review will show if this team has what it takes to make change. Most of the participants admit that their exercise program has been lacking or in some cases nonexistent. To help residents get up and exercise, a local gym was built in the town of Taylor. Professional personal trainers, Garfield Wilson and Mike Veinot, are the two members of the team that are responsible for setting up exercise programs for the participants to get help get them fit.

This small mining and forest town's most loved favorites are meat and potatoes and is the staple food that most of them live off of. Unfortunately for them, meat and potatoes are not on the list of healthy foods that they can eat regularly. So to help them learn how to make better food choices and show them better ways to prepare these foods, registered Dietician Maria Thomas and Chef Jonathan Chovancek were added to the team.

In addition to exercise and diet, this program also understands that some of the participants are dealing with emotional problems that often times act to manifest their weight loss problems. To help them overcome this problem register psychiatrist, Adele Fox was added to the team, to help the participants work through these problems.

This program seems to have all of the necessary parts of a good weight loss plan; an exercise program, a better nutrition plan and an emotional support system. This Village on a Diet review shows that the promise is good, and airing these people's personal struggles to lose weight might inspire those who choose to watch.

FYI: This program is only on for a total of 10 weeks, and after that they will leave them on their own. To complete this Village on a Diet review , it is essential to recognize that long-term weight loss needs to be looked at from a balanced perspective that includes diet, fitness, motivation, sustainability and personal and emotional support.