Health is wealth. All of us want to maintain a good body shape and be fit. Sometimes, we get to face many obstacles in the way to achieving a perfect figure. The most common and stubborn among them is undutely obesity.

Obesity is nothing but the state of your body when excess of fat is stored in places like abdomen, thighs, arms, etc. It is caused by a wide range of factors. Knowing the causes of obesity will help you in preventing it.

The causes of obesity can be broadly grouped as:

I. Genetic-although nothing much can be done about this, yet it is good to know how your genes play a part in making you susceptible to this condition. Like other health problems, you face higher risks of obesity if your parents are obese. Genes influence a number of weight-related processes in the body, like metabolic rate, blood glucose metabolism, fat-storage, hormones, etc.

II. Environmental-this is a major concern and factors like pollution, artificial substances used in agriculture to only add to our woes. Obesity has addressed the attention world over to such an amount that a new term “globesity” has been coined.

III. Psychological-this can be seen from your eating habits. Some people simply can not control their taste buds and keep on munching something because they like it. Apart from this, it is believed that emotional fits like depression or anger induce a person to indulge in over-eating.

IV. Socio-cultural-in some cultures, life is full of eating and drinking. They do not realize that they suffer from obesity in the long run. If your lifestyle is such that it involves socializing and partying, then naturally you will be collecting excess calories in your body which would eventually land you in obesity. Some races have a tendency to gain weight rather easily. For example, Afro-American women became obese quickly than Caucasians and Asian women.

V. Other factors

• Your weight in childhood and teenage also determines your adulthood weight.

• Hormonal disturbances, especially in women, in periods like pregnancy and menopause are known to be a major contributor for obesity. Intake of oral contraceptives may also result in this condition.

• Irregular and uncontrolled eating habits are a main cause for excess body weight. Overeating results in creation and collection of excess fat that the body is unable to eliminate. Dumping your body with pre-processed and junk foods contribute to fat collection and extremely obesity.

• A diet rich in sugar, fats, and carbohydrates only lands you in trouble.

• Sometimes, factors beyond your control cause obesity. For example, if you are attacked by serious ailments like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome and Cushing's syndrome, then you are likely to become obese.

• Taking medications for depression, convulsions, diabetes, high blood pressure, antihistamines, etc. also causes obesity.

• If your metabolic rate of your body is slow, then you are likely to become obese.

Obesity is known to be caused by physical inactivity. The amount of calorie you burn should be more than what you take in.