Weight loss myths have been around from many years, whether they are listed on the internet or any popular magazine, they have been a hot topic among both figure conscious and obese people. This article will detail top 6 weight loss myths that people think can help them in losing weight. These myths are really common and are often followed by the people planning to lose weight. Believing these myths may cause more harm than good to you. Find out the answers behind most common weight loss myths.

Myth 1

Drastically cutting down the calories will result in faster weight loss:

When you lower down your calorie intake drastically, you actually send your body into “The Starvation Mode”. In this mode your body starts saving calories and uses less energy to save them for the future use. Your metabolism is reduced and you tend to gain weight instead of losing it.

Myth 2

Following a diet strictly, leaving no room for cheating:

When you eliminate certain food groups completely or concentrate on just one of them, you are bound to get less effective results. You will soon feel tired of eating the allowed food group and may feel really reduced, this will increase your chances to quit the strict diet and binge onto fatty and baked food group so leading to weight gain.

Myth 3

Eating late night may increase my weight:

This is one of the most popular myths usually followed by body builders and figure conscious people. It does not matter if you are eating in the day or midnight, your body turns all the extra calories into fat within a period of time. In fact eating some light snack before getting into bed would probably help you get a better sleep.

Myth 4

Getting rid of your favorite food:

By treating yourself with your favorite food every now and then would help you control calorie intake and will prevent you from binging. Moderation is the right way to find success in your weight loss mission.

Myth 5

I should not eat between the meals:

Well many of us might be following this weight loss myth. On the contradiction, a light snack in between the meals would help in controlling your blood sugar level, enhance your metabolism, and help you burn more calories. This will also help you manage your calorie intake while taking big meals.

Myth 6

Fat is not good:

Most of the people struggling to lose weight often follow this weight loss myth. Fat is also an essential part of our diet. Fats help in enhancing the taste and aroma of the food. Some of the good fatty acids that will help you in achieving your weight loss plan are Omega3 Fatty acids that are prominently found in shellfish and fish.

So, if you are following any of the above mentioned weight loss myths, then I am sure the answers behind them would help you change the way it looks.