There is no effortless way to achieve firm abs, but a good start is diet and exercise. Also remember you're going to need patience, motivation, dedication, and endurance. There is no healthy way to get abs overnight, and the time it will take may vary depending on things like your metabolism. A healthy diet and exercise is a great start. You should consult with your routine doctor or physician because they should know your body as well, if not better. Tell them if you are changing your diet, to make sure it will not conflict with your body, or harm you. Gyms, fitness programs, and trainers are always very helpful but not required.

Healthy Fitness Program Routines

Once you start exercising you will get a stronger abdomen, and when the fat begins to burn off you can start to obtain abs. You should try to work your abdomen at least twice a week and at least twenty minutes when you do. Keep in mind quality is much more important that quantity. If you are doing a certain exercise say 30 times, but are doing it incorrectly then it will not benefit you. It is much better to do 15 of them correctly. Try not to rest too much between exercises. This will up the intensity of you workout and your abdominal muscles will adjust accordingly. Like all of your muscles, do not over work your abdominal muscles. Your muscles need to recoup and gain new tissues. Let it grow stronger before you expose it to more stress with your exercises.

Lying Bicycles

There are good abdominal exercises that will focus on helping you achieve the stomach you want. One good exercise that focuses on your abs is called lying bicycles. To do lying bicycles you need to lie on your back, with your legs raised at the hips, and place your hands behind your head. Bend your right leg at the knee while you pull your right thigh up at the hip – your left elbow should then meet your right knee. Then pull your left leg up while you extend your right leg. Keep doing this with each, left then right.

Plank on Elbows and Toes

Another effective exercise that helps you get abs is called “Plank on Elbows and Toes.” To successfully complete this exercise you need to lie face down on the floor placing forearms, and palms flat on the floor. Push yourself off of the floor, raising your body up using your toes, elbows, and forearms. Keep your back in a straight line, head to toes. You need to tilt your pelvis and contract your abdomen to keep your lower back from sticking up in the air or drooping in the middle. You should keep this position for twenty to sixty seconds, lower, and then do it again. This exercise calls for you to do it three to five times.


One more effective exercise you can do is called scissors. To complete this exercise you need to lie on your back, with your arms to your sides, and feet placed together flat on the floor. Contract one knee until it almost touches your chest, and then lowers your leg putting it back in position. Continue to repeat with the other leg. This can be done at your own pace. When done slowly it will concentrate the abdominal muscles for a more intestinal workout.

Stick With it

If your goal is to have abs without having to do the average sit ups and crunches, make sure you have the determination. Exercising and eating healthy will go a long way. The exercises explained will help you burn fat, and strengthen your abdomen, so creating that six pack your aiming for. Whatever you do, do not give up; they will appear before you know it.