After many years of searching for answers by trying diets, consulting psychologists, reading self-help books on losing weight, dieting, nutrition, mindsets – the list goes on – I finally found the truth about permanent weight loss. I finally found the answers I had been searching for on because dieting does not work for permanent results.

If you happen to find this article, you have been led here. Because I am going to tell you what not many people, or weight loss organizations, will tell you. I am handing you the answer on a platter, because I know the pain and sorrow I felt at not being able to lose weight and keep it off permanently. I know how it feels to search for so long and feel you will never know.

The diet business is big business. The longer you stay fat and desperate, the more money the diet business makes. Because then you will continue to buy slimming products. You will continue buying books. You will continue trying diets.

They will tell you that carbohydrates make you fat. They will tell you that your diet should not contain any fat. They will tell you that all you need to lose weight is self-control. They will tell you that you need to love yourself, that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

But if you want to know the truth so that you can be set free permanently from habitual overeating, then the answer you have been looking for is in this very article.

Firstly, let's start at the root cause of your weight gain. You probably began eating as a form of comfort. Or it simply became a habit over time.

But now, it rules you. You plan your day around food. Or you eat in secret. Nothing is quite as important to you as eating. It has become an idol in your life.

What you need to understand is that weight gain and weight loss is very much a spiritual thing. Given, many people have lost weight successfully without acknowledging any form of spirituality. But if you have been stuck for years and nothing works, I can tell you that it's because you feel a certain emptiness inside that you stuff with food which helps temporarily, but never really satisfies. What will satisfy is getting closer to God, your Creator. You need to “stuff” yourself on Him by reading His Word, by prayer and by worship of Him.

The reason for this is that whether we recognize this or not, each of us was created with a body, soul and spirit. The soul is the personality and the intellect, and the spirit was created to worship God. Overeating is simply a desire of the body, the flesh. But it's the spirit in you which craves the company of God, and when it is not satisfied by worship of God, you interpreted the craving to be for food.

This, my friend, is why you just can not seem to lose weight permanently. You crave more of God, even though you do not realize it! Your “get thin” kit should not consist of pills or diet magazines, or diet programs, but rather, a Bible!

Further to that, the 3 things that need to change in your life in order for you to lose weight permanently are:

  1. Your appetite for food must change to an appetite for God by prayer and reading His Word
  2. Your overeating must be replaced with self-discipline
  3. Laziness must be replaced with exercise

I am testimony to the fact that if you just do your part by coming to God, He will help you become self-disciplined, and help you to want to exercise. Therefore, the only thing you need to really do to lose weight permanently, is to come to God, and seek God.

What freedom after being a slave to food for so long!