Dr. Michael Mosely's number one best-selling book on intermittent fast took the world by storm. After all this time the subject of the 5: 2 Fast Diet is still a hot diet subject, keeping tongues wagging non stop. Simply speaking, the diet calls for reduced calorie consumption on two non-consecutive days, 500 calories for women and 600 for men. The other five days you can eat normally, using a Mediterranean type of diet.

In no time at all the 5: 2 diet has created a growing number of enthusiasts followers and a large and equally enthusiastic opposition. The debate between the two groups is hot and passionate, and it does not look as if it is going to end any time soon. The fact is that obesity and obesity-related problems are growing at an alarming rate, in spite of the many diets available on the market.

According to expert research the main causes for obesity are prepared foods, fast foods and the consumption of large portions. My common sense tells me it is high time we do something about this problem.

In my research I came across a very interesting study on the similarity between the cave man and modern man. It talks about how animals, including the human species, were not created to end longed fast. Now, stop here for a minute, and recall what we have learned of our ancestors and their way of life.

The cave men had to do more than work for his food – he had to hunt for it and had kill the food if he wanted to eat. After he filled his belly he could rest for a couple of days but sooner or later it was time to hunt again. We are not really that different from our ancestors. We may not like it, but we can go without food for a short time. We are not able to do with little or no food for longer periods. That is a fact and it is very nicely coincides with the 5: 2 Fast Diet.

The followers of the 5: 2 Fast Diet sees to agree with the above research and as I can see they are braving it out and happily reporting their weight loss. Group number two is still against fasting. They claim that the symptoms on the fasting diet include dizziness, hunger pain and loss of energy. They say dieters experience irritability and find it harder to exercise on fast days. Doubts and objections include eating binges on non-fasting days and loss of nutrients.

By this time some of my friends and I were on the 5: 2 diet. I talked to my friends who were on the 5 2 diet and asked them if they are experiencing any or all of the above symptoms. Unfortunately most of my friends had some or all of the symptoms, including me. I mentioned to my friends that I had found a supplement that makes it easier to stay on the diet and lose their desired weight. I told them that I would try it. Some of my friends were skeptical but wanted to learn more about this formula.

By this time some other people were also asking me about the 5: 2 diet and the supplement to take with it. I do not believe I am qualified, nor do I want to convince people to do or not to do something. I believe people have to make their decision and be responsible for it.