What Are The Main Causes Of Obesity – Extra Fat And Body Weight?

Obesity is the most common problem and most common causes of many other diseases. I would like to share some really important and helpful information on Obesity, weight loss, causes of obesity and the problem you may face with your body due to obesity.

Before we discuss about the problems and solutions, let us understand first what obesity is and what the causes of obesity and unnecessary body weight.

Definition of Obesity: It is the increased amount of fat in body. Although deposition of fat is necessary in all living beings at some extent but if the deposition crosses the limit, it may result in obesity and several other health risks and body problems due to this obesity. Over weighted persons are more vulnerable to diseases as compared to the normal person.

Why Fat is necessary for our body?

The main reasons behind the natural mechanism of disposition of fats in living body by natural are to give following benefits to human body.

  • Fat (externally stored energy) is burnt to produce body energy when ever human body requires it.
  • Fat does also work as shock absorber to protect your bones and joints from unexpected shocks during the movement of human body.
  • Fat gives a natural protection against the heat and cold to human body.

Where the fat is distributed in human body?

Usually women body stores more fat then the men does and stores around the hips while in men most of fat is stored around the belly.

The main causes of obesity in human bodies are:

When the human eats more food or consumes more calories than the average calories burnt per day, the extra calories are getting stored as fat for future source of energy. How ever there are few other causes that may lead to increase in obesity are …

  • Obesity is genetic: The nature of obesity is genetic, so if parents are fat then there are chances that the children get obesity easily even if they are leaving normal life.
  • Life style: Another main factor that affects most of people for increased fat is their eating habit and physical activities. If person eats more and work less, definitely the results will be obesity. And junk foods or foods having extra calories may also lead you to the obesity.
  • Psychological reasons: In psychological states like negative thinking and sadness, people generally tend to eat more and hence consumption of extra calories.
  • Medicines: Some types of medicines like steroids force your body to consume more calories that it typically do.

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The Obesity Tax

The so called “Fat Tax” has received more press coverage this week as a report has been published indicating that a tax on unhealthy foods would benefit both the UK taxpayer and those of us who are overweight.

One thing that is certain is that the UK has an obesity problem with nearly 70% of all men in the UK classified as overweight. This is certainly one statistic that the UK can not be proud of as it tops the European League for most overweight individuals.

The NHS spends vast sums of money treating the effects of obesity in our society each year. Whether it be from prescribing diet pills such as Orlistat or through GP's time treating the effects of obesity such as diabetes.

In these times of budget cuts and austerity measures, one thing is for sure that the UK Taxpayer can not continue to fund the results of our over indulgence.

Most studies agree that an increased tax on certain unhealthy foods would discourage people to buy them. Conversely, healthy foods such as fruit could be subsidized to encourage people to buy them.

Of course the major food manufacturers have too much at stake to let this proposed tax become law. Furthermore, they would argue that the tax generated by them in terms of corporation tax and employee contributions more than outweighs the tax burden on society.

As an aside, one scary thought is that the ingredients in many fast foods are formulated by scientists not nutritionists. The food is designed to keep you coming back for more so that guess what, you keep spending the pounds rather than lose them!

Of course there will also be those that will argue that individuals should be free to choose whether they take diet pills or eat fatty foods. The current government may be less inclined to interfere than the previous one but nonetheless will be keen to take some action.

The ban on smoking was a similar issue a few years ago and eventually became law, sometimes that is the strongest indicator that one day we will have to pay more for foods that make us put on weight.

The UK is not alone in facing this problem and considering how best to solve it, this is including our European counterparts and the USA. One novel idea developed in Germany was to have a weight in at school each morning aka Weight Watchers. You can imagine the arrogar that would cause in the UK and is it really the best idea to single out fat children in front of their classmates? I think not.

So, would a tax on unhealthy food or individuals actually make a difference? Probably, but the obsession issue in the UK is something that has become inherent in UK society. Bad eating habits are ingrained in the UK from a young age, how often do restaurants only provide chicken nuggets and chips for the kids rather than encourage them to eat more healthily.

Compare this with Mediterranean countries which have lower rates of obesity and where children are encouraged to eat at proper restaurants eating the same food as their parents, albeit in smaller portions. Maybe the UK could learn a great deal about the way our Mediterranean counterparts eat as part of solving our national obesity crisis.

Perhaps our culture of wanting it NOW has also led to health issues, the massive rise in popularity of diet pills illustrates that people want to lose weight fast and see diet pills as an effective way to achieve this.

Constructing an obsity tax will be a difficult ask but as problems related to obesity grow maybe not this government but surely the next one will need to take action.


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Why Diets Fail Almost Every Time

Obesity is the leading health concern in the world. Regrettably, people are trying in vain to lay their hands on a perfect diet plan that will work in helping them shed the extra body weight. Each day a new diet plan emerges on the market, but it does not end up working for all.

Let's take a look at Why Diets Fail in almost every attempt:

Each individual is different and has different requirements, so it is best that we follow a customized diet plan that is designed based on our age, gender and health problems. This is the only way in which we can adopt a perfect diet plan that matches our individual needs.

The real problem is that all diet plans do not work for all. Usually diet plans fail because when people follow a diet plan, they actually eat in way that is not natural for them in general. This creates physiological and psychological problems.

Research shows that when people diet, they end up gaining more weight. Diets usually fail because they make the obese person feel hungry and depressed. When your calorie count is cut, you are sure to feel hungry. This results in hunger pangs and cravings. You may be trying to avoid foods that are high in sugar and fat, but you feel like you can not resist these. The human mind reacts badly to restricted food intake and to forbidden foods and so you end up eating more and unhealthier foods. Your metabolism also gets damaged due to continuous dieting. The slowing of metabolism may result in weight gain and even in more serious health issues.

At times the diets do not work because obesity may be a result from the intake of certain medicines that you may be using for treatment pattern. Some people suffer from obesity due to a medical problem. That is why it's best for you to get a medical examination that can show what the actual cause of your obesity is. Finding the causes is the best way to deal with the problem. You will be able to follow a specifically designed healthy diet plan, only after understanding the root cause of your obesity.

Some people turn obese because they are emotional eaters. Once they feel depressed, they end up overeating and then gain weight. As diets do not address the emotional factors that lead to overeating, they fail to produce results. Another reason why diets often fail is because they are standardized. They do not meet the individual's nutritional needs that can help for the balancing of their emotional state.

In general, diets fail because they are not designed to suit the specific individual. This is in fact the issue that affects dieters all over the globe. Their diet plans do not work for reducing their body weight. Even though they think they are losing weight by eating less and following strenuous exercises, all is in vain.

All diets are standardized and they do not consider your individual physiology and metabolism. They actually adopt a cookie cutter approach, which may not be suitable for you. If this is the case, the diet plan fails to help you lose weight.

The dieters never stop dieting and this helps the dieting industry make huge profits. They try to make people believe that being thin is equal to success, but this is definitely not the case. At times, the average dieter is not overweight, but still needs to reduce a little weight, so he / she always keep dieting.

If you really want to lose weight, it is essential that you follow the experts' advice. These professionals are educated enough to guide you to a perfect diet plan that will work for your particular body physiology and will help you maintain your body weight all the time.

It is important for you to choose a specific diet plan that is right for you. Research all your options and compare them to one another. In this way, you can get the best diet plan that will work for reducing your obesity, as you get the chance to compare the different features of the different options. You can read look at the foods that you should eat and how often you should eat to make up your mind. In this way, you will end up with a perfect diet plan that suits your individual needs and works in your favor to help you lose weight.

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For the Obese – 4 Tips to Eating the Right Way and Losing Weight

Eating habits change the way you look, your behavior and your health. Eating the right way will have a great effect on your body. Eating the wrong way will increase toxins and fat content in the body. In turn, this increases weight and slows the metabolic process in your body. This results in obesity, which leads to greater health risks. It is there important that you lose excess weight and lead a healthy and happy life.

Losing weight can be done in many ways.

Exercises and a healthy diet plan give you the best way to reduce weight without any side effects. All you have to do is plan a weight loss program in such a way that your exercises and diet plan go hand in hand. This will help you burn calories and reduce weight. A good diet also cleanses your body, thereby keeping it clean from any toxins, which also contribute to obesity.

Here are 4 tips on eating the right way:

1. Water

Water is known to be the best natural supplement people can find on earth. With its immense capabilities, water provides the best way to keep your hunger at bay. Drinking around 6 – 8 glasses per day will help boost your immune system and the metabolism rate. When you feel hungry, drink a good amount of water. It will fill up your stomach and aid you in avoiding excessive eating.

2. Avoiding Sodas

Do not drink soda, as it has an adverse effect on the digestive system. These soft drinks can create problems in the intestines, leading to more serious colon problems. In turn, the colon problems can lead to increase in weight. Drink natural drinks, like water and coconut water. They have a great effect on the digestive system and also help for renovation.

3. Avoid Corn Syrup

A recent research has shown that processed foods which contain high in fructose corn syrup lead to excess accumulation of fat content in the body. The best way to eat is to avoid these foods and to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Juices are also a great option. Drinking them will get you feel full and avoid excess intake of food.

4. Include Raw Vegetables

Include raw vegetables and fruits in your meals. These contain beneficial natural nutrients, which are required by the human body. Apart from filling up your stomach, they also increase the metabolic rate. This makes your body burn calories faster, even when you are at rest.

Now that you have understood the importance of a safe diet, plan a detailed diet program. Follow it, so that you reach the set weight loss goal.

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An Obesity Surgery Might Be the Final Option for an Obese Person

Obesity is a very serious condition because it can lead to the development of several fatal conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Obesity itself can actually cause death also when it is not managed properly. The good news is obesity can be prevented. Unlike other diseases, there are many ways people can prevent obesity. A proper diet, regular exercise and an active lifestyle can actually do the trick. Unfortunately because many people live a busy or sedentary lifestyle, many neglect the important of a proper diet and exercise. It is very difficult for obese people to lose weight. Fortunately there are many methods people can use to lose weight. Proper diet and exercise can help but those who want a quick fix can undergo obesity surgeries. There are several kinds of obesity surgeries to choose from.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is one of the most common obesity surgeries. This surgery is also called gastric bypass roux-en-y. This surgery will reduce the capacity if the stomach. A small pouch will be created which will only hold an ounce of fluid. A tiny stomach outlet will also be created which will slow down the food from leaving the stomach. Staples are normally used in this procedure. The main purpose of this procedure is to decrease the food intake of a person. Because of the decreased capacity of the stomach, a person will feel full immediately because he or she will stop eating. Another kind of gastric bypass is the laparoscopic gastric bypass roux-en-y. This procedure is the same as that of gastric bypass except that the incisions which will be made are smaller than that of the traditional gastric bypass.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This surgery will decrease the stomach volume. Almost 85% of the stomach will be removed in sleeve gastrectomy. The fundus and the greater curvature of the stomach are the parts which will be removed. This surgery just like other obesity surgeries will also limit the food intake of an individual. However, unlike gastric bypass, the stomach can still function normally. This is very important because it allows the stomach to absorb all the necessary nutrients the body need.

Gastric Banding

Unlike other obesity surgeries, gastric banding does not require a very large incision. This procedure also poses fewer complications and the recovery period is faster. A small incision about 0.5 to 1 cm will be made on the stomach area. After which a gastric band is placed around the stomach. After the procedure the stomach will look like an hourglass. The upper part of the stomach will become a small pouch with a small outlet. This will also promote a feeling of satiety after eating a small amount of food. The gastric band is adjustable to suit all kinds of patients.


Liposuction is a cosmetic weight loss surgery wherein fats on different parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs and neck are removed through a cannula or a suction device. Liposuction is used for more aesthetic reasons. Liposuction is not the recommended surgery for obesity but it can help remove some fat.

Regardless of the kind of obesity surgeries a person undergoes, many doctors still recommend proper diet and exercise instead of surgery.

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Diet and Obesity – It All Comes Down to the Food for the Obese

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more. This condition is considered as an epidemic in first world countries such the US. Even poor countries where thousands are suffering from malnutrition have their share of obese people. According to recent studies, there are over 300 million people worldwide who are obese. Statistics also show that more than 300,000 people in the US die every year because of obesity. Unfortunately, it looks like the increasing rate of obesity in many countries will continue. This alarming situation is thought about by several factors despite unhealthy diet is the main cause. Diet and obesity go hand and hand because what we eat will definitely affect our weight.

Causes of Obesity

As mentioned above, there are several causes of obesity. These are metabolism, environment, medical or psychiatric condition, genes, culture and lifestyle. Genes can cause obesity based on recent studies done. People with two copies of the fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTO gene) are more at risk to obesity. In addition, some theories such as the thrift gene hypothesis assume that some ethnic groups are more at risk to obesity.

Culture, behavior, environment and lifestyle can also cause obesity. These four factors are usually interrelated. A sedentary lifestyle can be affected by the culture, environment and behavior of a person. This is the reason why most children who parents are obese will probably become obese in the future. Lack of exercise and physical activity greatly contributes to people becoming obese.

Diet and Obesity

Diet and obesity are interrelated because whatever we eat and drink will have an effect to our body. Normally a person just needs 3,500 calories per day to function properly. The problem is most people these days consume more than 3,500 because they eat foods which have high calories. Sweets, sodas and fast foods are a few examples of calorie-rich foods that people love to eat. Most people think that obesity is caused by too much fat consumption. Fat especially saturated fat can indeed add more pounds however; it is the intake of too much carbohydrates is the main culprit of obesity. Diet and obesity are definitely connected so people should watch out for what they eat. Even babies these days can become obese. The fact that people these days prefer eating fast foods, sweet foods and processed foods instead of fruits and vegetables definitely contribute to the dramatic increase of obesity rate.


Since the connection between improper diet and obesity has been established, it is therefore necessary for individuals to change their diet into a healthy one. Eating healthy such as eating more fruits and vegetables is recommended instead of processed foods. In addition, avoid sweetened drinks because they contribute greatly to the calorie pile up. Eating regularly is also better than eating in between meals. There are many possible options when it comes to regular eating. Some dietitians recommend small frequent meals (5 meals) everyday instead of three big ones. Some people also say that not eating after 6 pm is also very effective. Obese people can also ask their doctors for a weight loss plan. Aside from dieting, exercise as much as possible to burn your extra calories. A 30 minute exercise everyday is recommended.

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Pregnancy and Obesity – Know What the Potential Dangers Are

All pregnant women will gain weight as their pregnancy progresses. Gaining weight is normal and it is actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Too much gain weight however is not recommended because it can cause some complications. Here, obese women who become pregnant are at risk of giving birth to babies with birth defects. Pregnancy and obesity together is not good because of its possible negative effects both to the mother and to the baby. However, doctors can not stop obese women from becoming pregnant. Instead many obstetricians recommend obese mothers to read information about pregnancy and obesity.

Effects to the Mother

Pregnant women who are obese are at risk to develop several diseases and other health complications. One of the complications of obesity is the development of a condition known as preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is characterized by fluid retention, swelling and high blood pressure during pregnancy. This condition can limit placental flow which can endanger the baby. Obese women are also sentenced to infections after giving birth. Gestational diabetes is another condition which can be developed due to obesity during pregnancy. Most obese woman can not give birth naturally due to possible complications so many will give birth via Caesarean Section.

Effects to the Baby

Since the mom and the baby are connected, any health condition the mother may develop will probably affect the fetus or the baby. Some of the complication to the baby thought about by pregnancy are neural tube defects, macrosoma and childhood obesity. Neural tube defects such as anencephaly and spina bifida are common among infants who mothers were obese during pregnancy. Macrosoma is a condition wherein the baby gains too much weight during development. This can create some problems during delivery. Based on studies, 29% of babies born to obese mother are more likely to be obese by the time they are four years old.

Preconception Counseling

Obese women who are pregnant are not advised to lose weight because it can also pose some health risks both the mother and the baby. Instead preconception counseling is suggested for obese women to help them understand the link between pregnancy and obesity. During preconception counseling, the doctor will explain to the pregnant women the possible risks of maternal obesity. This is not to scare them but to help them prepare. Pregnant women will also learn what they should do to minimize the risks thought about by maternal obesity.

What can be done?

There are some resourceful materials women should get and read about pregnancy and obesity. You can ask your doctor about them. These materials will include the steps women can take to avoid complications during pregnancy. Obese women who are not yet pregnant and are planning to have a baby should lose weight before pregnancy. Women should also watch their weight gain during pregnancy. Obese women should gain less weight as compared to women with normal weight. A healthy and proper diet is necessary to make sure that pregnant women get the proper nutrition. In addition, there are pregnancy exercises which can limit weight gain and at the same time promote healthy pregnancy.

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Why Losing Fat Is Important? – Best Ways to Get Out of This Problem

Hi Everybody,

In today's fast moving world most of the people are suffering from obesity (a condition wherein body accumulates excess fat). Did you figure out the exact reason for your obesity, if not, I'll tell you. The main reason for obesity is that we do not take care of ourselves. Most people join gym and think that the gym is going to take care of their obesity but things are not that easy. Even if you join gym, you need to take care of yourself which maybe is not possible unless you have a systematic plan for everyday. You should have a plan as to proper workout timings, proper eating habits and proper schedule. All these things are possible only when you have a practiced hand backing you up.

“Starving Yourself Does not Make You Fit”

Mind you, do not starve yourself if you want to be fit. Starvation is and will never be the solution to the problem of obesity and obesity loss. In fact starvation gives you a inherent weakness and makes you sick. So never starve yourself but eat healthy and good if you want to be fit and slim. Eat regularly at intervals, this will help you accumulate more energy over time and also does not accumulate fat.

What you Eat is more important than how you work out and for this you need to have a schedule designed keeping your weight in mind. You actually need a step by step schedule of what to eat in breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. A properly designed eating chart along with proper work outs will help you more than anything will.

“Why losing Weight is Important”

Losing weight is important in today's world because everyone wants to look good. Your whole career and your future depends on how you look like. Imagine you going to an interview with an overweight body. I know it does not sound good, does it? You see that is the reason you will have to lose weight which is only possible when you have a system backing you up that determines what you eat and how you work out.

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Meal Planning for Obese Persons – Keep Meals Light, Short, and Healthy

Obesity results from either a hereditary gene or from a lifestyle that encourages weight gain and no burning of calories. Obese people will require a special meal plan to help increase their metabolism and reduce the rate of storage of glucose. Meal planning should have the goal of increasing the metabolic processes, but not reducing the appetite for food.

Therefore, before designing a meal plan one should remember that there are hours when an individual needs more energy. These would be morning hours for those who work during the day and early evening hours for those who work during the night. The amount of physical work involved should also be used when meal planning.

It is recommended that one eats fruits in the morning together with herbal remedies. This has the effect of cleansing the colon and preventing harmful bacteria from affecting the body. The morning meals should also include light carbohydrates such as oatmeal or cereal.

Short and light meals are good because they allow the body to effectively digest the food taken. Therefore a 10 o'clock snack is recommended. It could be composed of foods rich in proteins. Proteins are important for the body because they provide amino acids which are the building blocks of the cells and the organs.

Lunch should also be reliably light and composed of more fruits and vegetables. This will improve bowel function after lunch and prevent you from being too sleepy, especially on a warm afternoon.

Dinner should be served in the smallest portions, especially if the person is very obese. The conversion of glucose into fats happens during the hours when the body is at rest. For this reason, the habit of taking a glass of red wine has been misconceived as being healthy. While this may be the case for organs such as the heart, wine actually increases the chances of gain gain because of the high amounts of refined sugars that are present in it. These include fructose.

Finally, do not forget to drink lots of water. Taking at least eight glasses of clean drinking water a day is important and will help you in cutting down excess weight. This boosts the metabolic function reducing the amount of glucose in the blood. Water also cleans the blood and increases its capacity for carrying oxygen. It also reduces the toxins in the skin through increased sweating. This leaves the skin healthy.

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Foods for Obesity – Recommended Eats For the Excessively Overweight

Obesity is defined as excessive weight, which does not match the individual's age and height. Weight is the result of the difference between the consumed calories and the ones we actually burn. Therefore, how much we eat is often not the issue. The issue is how much our body actually needs. Therefore, people who have an energy demanding job, such as construction work or athletics may need foods with higher calorie counts than someone who spends most of the time working behind a desk.

The secret to the effective control of obesity lies in understanding your calorie intake requirement and ensuring that you burn whatever you consume. There are certain foods that help to increase calories, while there are those that help in reducing calories. Here are some insights into these foods that provide an excellent menu for families predisposed genetically to developing obesity.

Foods that should be consumed, when you are managing obesity and encouraging weight loss, include the ones that are high in fiber, but low in sugar. Notice that you actually do need energy providing foods and therefore can not completely avoid high-calorie foods.

The best way to understand this is by looking at the eating behavior of animals in the wild such as chimpanzees. You will notice that these animals eat most of the foods in a raw form. This does not mean that you need to stop cooking, however. It means that the closer we are to eating raw foods, the healthier we are.

Factory processed foods often have simple carbs in glucose and fructose. This immediately increases the blood sugar levels of the person who consumes them. When you eat corn from the farm, you have a better chance of controlling blood sugar levels compared to eating white bread. It is there recommended that if you want to increase your chances of controlling obesity, then you should eat as much natural foods as possible. Avoid buying dinner in supermarkets, but take a few minutes and cook your own foods instead.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables has the benefit of providing fiber. It is important for efficient bowel function and reduces the damage from refined glucose. Taking lots of water, at least the recommended eight glasses per day, is also important for weight loss. Water in the body has the effect of washing away waste and leaving the body organs with less stress. In turn, they become efficient in burning excess calories.

Eat the right foods for obesity and get healthy!

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Herbal Supplements for Obesity – The Healthy Way to Assist With Your Weight Loss Program

Since obesity is a common problem in all ages, many studies have been made to find the best cure, treatment and prevention obesity. These days there are many diet programs, weight loss exercises, weight loss programs, medications and surgeries which are all used to treat obesity. Losing weight especially for obese people can be difficult which is why there are many methods which can be combined to help them lose weight easily. Aside from what has been mentioned, the use of herbal supplements for obesity is also becoming popular. Herbal supplements are preferred by many because they do not have any side effects and people also prefer to lose weight naturally.

Natural Fat Burners

Natural fat burners or weight loss pills are available in many stores and shops these days. These natural weight loss pills are made from natural ingredients as compared to pharmaceutical products. These products can be a mixture of different herbs depending on the manufacturer of the weight loss pill. These pills usually function to burn unused fats and at the same time they also boost the body's metabolism. Obese people who want to buy fat loss pills should make sure that the ingredients of the product contain the necessary vitamins and nutrients such as fiber which can help in losing weight quickly. It is also very important to buy from reputable stores because there are many fake products these days. An example of a good company with trusted herbal supplements for obesity products is the herbalife company.

Herbal Dietary Supplements

Aside from fat burners, there are some herbal dietary supplements overweight or obese individuals can take some herbal dietary supplements. These dietary supplements will help individuals lose weight. Examples are lecithin, chromium picinate, Vitamin C and Yerba Mate. Lecithin can help in breaking down fat so that it can be eliminated from the body. Chromium picolinate is a dietary supplement which can stabilize the metabolism of simple carbohydrates and it can also decrease sugar cravings. Vitamin C along with other multivitamin and mineral supplement can increase the metabolism and promote the burning of more calories. Yerba mate is a natural energy booster which promotes an active lifestyle and it is also a natural appetite suppressant. All these herbal supplements for obesity are safe and they also have many health benefits as well as from losing weight.

Green Tea

Green tea has been one of the natural weight loss products which is scientifically proven to be effective. Green tea has many positive effects to the human body which promotes weight loss. First, green tea can increase the body's metabolism which results to the faster burning of calories. It can also regulate the blood sugar level which can decreases sugar cravings. Additionally, green tea also helps prevent the body from absorbing fat. It can also boost a person's endurance which will help individuals exercise for a longer period of time. People who are drinking green tea should be reminded that this is not a fast acting product but it is very effective in the long run.

There are more herbal supplements for obesity which can be taken. The important thing is people should not depend on one product only. Losing weight will require a lot of effort and a combination of different methods.

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Solutions to Obesity – Taking the Right Steps to Eliminate Your Weight Problem

Obesity is a fatal disease. When left untreated, this condition will inevitably lead to death. Even if it does not lead to death, obesity can cause the development of several fatal illnesses such as heart diseases. Losing a few pounds is not easy. Losing more than a hundred pounds which is the case for most obese people might seem impossible for some. Fortunately, there are many success stories of obese people. The stories of the contestants of the popular TV show 'The Biggest Loser' can be an inspiration to obese people. Luckily, these days there are many solutions to obesity.


Unhealthy habits are the main cause of obesity. Here, eating properly and healthily can help in losing weight. There are many weight loss diets and plans from different clinics and experts. Obese people can choose any of the diets they think will work for them. Obese people who want to lose weight fast will definitely have to make drastic changes to their diet. Most of the time, obese people eat unhealthy foods such as fast foods, unhealthy snacks and they probably eat irregularly. Those who are determined to lose weight should change their diet into a healthy one. Most weight loss diets will emphasize on eating raw fruits and vegetables. It may sound difficult but if a person is determined to lose weight it is possible.


Dieting and exercise are usually the recommended solutions to obesity. These two when done together will definitely help obese people bring back their weight to the normal level. There are many exercise programs which can be done to lose weight naturally and quickly. Obese people can know about them from weight loss programs. Aside from doing regular exercise, living an active lifestyle will also help individuals lose weight faster. Dieting and exercise are probably the most difficult solutions to obesity. Losing weight through diet and exercise takes time and a lot of discipline. But most people who lose weight through these methods can maintain a normal weight for a long time.


Diet pills or weight loss pills are also used by some people to help them lose weight. There are many diet pills in the market these days. It is important for obese people to make sure that the diet pills they will take are safe and reliable. People can also use appetite suppressants instead of diet pills. In addition, obese people can not depend on diet pills alone. Most of the time weight loss pills are used together with the proper diet and exercise.


Among the many solutions for obesity, surgery is probably the easiest in the sense that people do not need to suffer that much. Having that said, undergoing bariatric procedures is still not a piece of cake. There are many factors to consider such as surgery complications, recovery time and so on. There are many bariatric procedures such as endoscopic intragastric balloon, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, and laparoscopic gastric banding. Other procedures are laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass and traditional gastric bypass. All these procedures can help people lose weight quickly and effectively.

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Why Are People Obese? Top 2 Reasons of Obesity

Intro To Causes Of Obesity
Why are people obese? As a weight loss expert I come across this question quite often. People ask me different versions of this question all the time. This is a very wide open subject that could take me days to answer, because there are so many different aspects to it. I am going to go ahead and just dip my barely wet with the two main things that I think cause people to end up becoming obese. I would also strongly recommend checking out the Calorie Shifting Diet plan, an excellent diet plan guide for people trying to lose fat.

It has been a problem since ages and ages ago. People not wanting to live up to their potential because of not having enough motivation in themselves to do something. Laziness has killed the lives of many people with great potential. Every person that is born in this world that has an opportunity to make something out of themselves and does not waste of human life. There are millions of unprivileged people out there in the world who will never even know how to use a computer because they were born in to such a bad situation that it would take their generation eons to overcome. Take advantage of what has been given to you and do not fall in to this deadly trap of laziness. For obesity laziness comes in to play when people do not give a darn about what they are eating and how much they are eating. Put in some effort in to what foods you should and should not eat and you will not be face with the drama of being overweight all your life.

Not being Smart
In my opinion the second cause of people being obese, which is linked with laziness, is people not being smart. Einstein was not the only smart guy known to this planet. We all have the ability to be smart yet we choose not to. If all the obese people in America would have been smart enough to know what they are eating is not healthy for them and will later cause major health problems no one would touch a piece of fried chicken again. If you are someone who thinks that they are smart enough to know what you are eating is unhealthy and are still eating it, then you really are not that smart after all.

Take thought to the two points I have given today. Ponder over why you are letting yourself dive in to the deep end where there will be no return. Do not give yourself a hard time over why you are obese now, just try to change your ways from what they have been and strive to live a healthy life from now on.

If you are like me, who does not have time and patience to lose weight through exercise and dieting then the only other natural and healthy option to lose weight fast is through 100% natural weight loss remedies.

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What Causes Obesity? Top 3 Causes of Obesity Discovered

Obesity is the largest disease in America. We all think we know how bad it is but trust me really do not. Every disease is something that should be shown awareness to and there is no disease that should be left as an untouched topic. Although as big as obesity has gotten in America we do not really pay as much attention to it as far as awareness is concerned. The government sort of acts like they care if we keep getting fatter but they only really care how well franchises are doing financially by selling us whatever they want. In this article I will go over the top three causes of obesity that I have discovered. I also strongly suggest for you to check out the Calorie Shifting Diet plan which is the best fat loss diet plan manual you can find.

Not enough Sleep
These days people are so busy with their work and profession that they barely ever have time for themselves. In America we are so busy with the materialistic aspects of life that it is impossible to get out of constant inter-web trap we are surrounded by. The reason a lot of people are gaining weight is they are not getting enough sleep. When you do not give your body rest and overwork yourself gaining weight is going to be very easy for your body.

Bad Eating Habits
The number cause of people becoming obese in America is not eating the right foods. There are hundreds of food franchises that Americans eat every day and nine out of ten of those are all unhealthy. Americans are so lazy when it comes to taking care of themselves's pathetic. Not paying attention to what is going in to your body is probably the worst thing you can do for yourself.

There are some sad cases where you can not do much in preventing obesity because it is not your fault. Ancestral obesity happens when a few people in your family have been obese and you are bound to ever gain weight. This is a serious problem because by the poor eating decisions of your earlier family members you are having to pay for them through your overweight body. The best that you can do to prevent this happening to your kids is not eat unhealthily in the first place.

I have basically listed the three top causes of obesity in America. What I would advise to anyone who is overweight out there is to stay away from the bad foods at all costs and get a good amount of sleep every night.

If you are like me, who does not have time and patience to lose weight through exercise and dieting then the only other natural and healthy option to lose weight fast is through 100% natural weight loss remedies.

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Obesity – Can It Kill You?

Are you overweight? If so, then take heart, because you are not alone. Worldwide, millions of people are obese.

For instance, almost a third of the population of the United States is obese. And in Japan it is now common to see a lot of people who are overweight.

Children are not left out. A growing number of them are becoming heavier than normal. It is estimated that in America, about 4.7 million young people from 6 to 17 years old are critically overweight. In Singapore, childhood obesity is now increasing alarmingly.

Fat people are generally thought to be rich and in good health in several countries. Nonetheless, you should never forget that obesity is a deadly disease. Here are some health risks associated with obesity.

Heart Disease: Some 115,000 female nurses in America were closely monitored for 16 years. It was revealed that adults who added five to eight kilograms to their weight are more likely to suffer from heart disease.

Cancer: From the study above it was discovered that overweight was the main cause of a third of deaths resulting from cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Hypertension: A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that obesity is the cause of 78% of hypertension in men and 65% in women.

High Blood Pressure: Young people who are overweight develop high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. They are also afflicted with conditions that lead to diabetes. And they grow up into adults who are obese. A report in the New York Times indicates that of all people, children who are fat are quick to die. Moreover a lot of diseases afflict them.

Diabetes: The danger is not just to add more weight. It has to do with the delivery of fat to the different parts of the body. People who have an unusual amount of fat in their abdomen are at greater risk of being diabetic. It is even more risky when a person carries excess fat in the stomach. This can lead to diabetes, cancer of the uterus, breast cancer, and heart disease.

If you are obese, do not be dismayed. There is weight-loss programs that can help you burn excess fat and then live longer. Therefore, I urge you to take advantage of them.

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