Economic Crisis and Obesity

Italy is renamed for its food culture and has been voted as the world's most popular cuisine several times over. Pasta, pizza, risotto originates from Italy so it may be a surprise to hear that since the Economic Crisis, a change is happening in a country where food and health really come come hand-in-hand.

Economic Crisis
We all know that by following a Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of heart-disease, diabetes, obesity and even some cancers. Olive oil, fish, vegetables and fruit are the key ingredients of this but recently, these essential foods have become more expensive. With increased competition from neighboring countries like Greece coupled with high fuel prices, vegetable prices have increased by 15% in recent years. How does this impact the average consumer?

Home and Nutrition
As food prices have risen, families are turning to lower-cost foods to support their families. Pasta with homemade tomato, pizza and panzerottis are becoming the norm. A Panzerotti costs less than 1 euro in Puglia and yet a meal can cost 12 euros at a restaurant. The Italian diet has moved away from one rich fish, meat, vegetable, olive oil to one of pasta and other high-carbohydrate cheap meals resulting in 20% of Italians being overweight. One third of Italians under 30 are overweight. Nutritionist, Francesca Noli, confirms this growing “worrying” trend by saying, “People here in Italy are eating far fewer fresh vegetables and fresh fish and meat – and when they do buy discount food which is poor quality” With rising food costs, there is a feeling of no other option in Italy where unemployment runs at 12%.

North South Divide
The division between the north and south of Italy is well-known and their eating habits are no exception. Northern cities like Milan have supermarkets where cheap food is readily available. In the southern regions like Puglia, a lot of people grow vegetables in their gardens and even have their own vineyard. It is normal in Puglia to have a three-course meal for lunch and dinner with 70% of what's given coming from the garden. Nothing is wasted and everything is eaten from fried sunflower plants to pasta with home-grown vegetables. Going out to a restaurant is considered an expensive treat.

The Future
The impact of rising food costs is causing a change within Italian cuisine within the home. Italians are eating cheaper, less nutritious food to save on cost which has condemned an increase risk of obesity. With that being said, Italian cuisine will forever be popular and will always be known as a diet for long life.

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Do’s And Don’ts of Obesity Alleviation

Are you tired of being nagged by words like fat, obese, loose skin, and so on? Well, do not lose heart. Agreed that your obesity problems have become a headache for you, but instead of just brooding over the condition, it is wise to think of probable solutions to shed those extra inches.

Talking of losing these extra inches, there are many ways to achieve it. Most people aim at achieving fast loss of the undesirable body mass content. What does it actually mean? It is nothing but an attempt to lose a major bulk of their weightiness in a very short time.

But, is this really possible? You need to think about this and act wisely. Some manufacturers exploit you by claiming that their diet pills and heaviness loss patches are magical products which will manage your body mass index in a week or a month. Beware not to fall a prey to these malicious-minded people and waste your money on such dubious products. This is very important, especially when your goal is fast and accurate management of the BMI.

Do not act in haste. Consult your doctor and let them decide whether you really are overweight and suggest steps to reduce the same.

Do not get carried away by false promises. Remember that obesity is a quite stubborn body condition and there is no shortcut to alleviating it. On the contrary, you need to be very diligent, dedicated, and perseverant in your efforts to remove excess fat and reduce obesity.

First, start in small measures. Do not jump to starvation all of a sudden. Your body will never know what is happening around. Neverheless, it will immediately take preventive measures and slow down the metabolism rate. When your metabolism is low, there is hardly any realistic chance that you would burn any fat or calories. Even if you seem to lose considerable extra inches, the hidden truth is that this is simply loss of water and muscle mass. But, the fat amount remains the same. Here, starvation is not a good solution for fast loss of surplus body fat or mass.

Can anything be more effective than natural products? Nature is the best healer. So, turn to nature's bounties and get back your lost body shape. The ideal solution for overcoming obesity is a balanced combination of healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and physical activities.

Even here, it is okay if you miss a couple of days in exercise or forced to eat a fatty food in a party. In fact, this is sometimes perfectly suited to fulfill your desires that you have tied for a long time. But, more important is your willingness to return to the planned lifestyle!

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Obesity As a Disease: What Implications Lie Behind the Label?

The American Medical Association officially classified obesity as a disease just a few months ago, and with that label coming a host of implications to consider. There's no doubt that this new classification will change the public's perception of obesity, but exactly how it will change and whether that change is good is what remains up for debt.

Negative consequences: Connotations of the word “disease”

By the dictionary definition, obesity fits within the realms of the word “disease”. Yet the real effects that this new label will have on society lie in the connotations that people associate with diseases.

Think about it: what comes to mind when you hear the word “disease”? Many think of diseases as conditions that stick with you for the rest of your life; there is no cure. Diseases also tend to be seen as seriously outside of our control. As for treatment, we understand that diseases require medical intervention, which often involves pharmaceutical drugs.

The idea that obesity can be cured by making changes to one's lifestyle has the potential to get lost in the shuffle amidst all of these new connotations. Will people choose to take medication for obesity rather than explorations to diet and physical activity levels? Could this further stigmatize people who are obese by classifying them as sick as well?

Positive consequences: Reshaping unhealthy perceptions

At the other end of the spectrum are the perceptions of obesity that are incorrect and stand to be valid by its classification as a disease. There are still many people that view obesity and excess weight solely as acosmetic issue. By establishing it as a disease, people have the opportunity to better understand all of the health implications presented by the condition.

There are some who will take obesity more seriously now that it has been classified as a disease. It will allow them to be better educated on all of the increased health risks that stem from carrying extra weight- things like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

There may be physicians who will prescribe lifestyle configurations like diet and exercise in order to promote recovery from obesity. People may also be more likely to listen to advice from their physician and actually put it into practice.

It's clear that the classification of obesity as a disease is going to influence the public's perception of it in one way or another. Whether it will be seriously positive or negative still remains to be seen.

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Why Do People Juice?

Do these goals sound familiar?

1. Lose Weight

2. Start Dieting

3. Go to the Gym

Have you noticed the two times Gyms tend to be full, in January and on Mondays?

Are those very same treadmills still booked up a few months later or on any Friday for that matter?

As we all know most diets severely last 2-3 weeks before the stress of work, family or something other life challenge makes us revert back to our old eating habits.

How is it then, that so many people are experiencing incredible health and weight loss benefits with something that sounds so simple?

Perhaps this is the juicing secret, simplicity. It cuts meal preparation time in half, it cleanses the digestive system (where 70% of our immune system is located) and it puts one firmly on the road to glowing health.

What is Juicing?

Juicing involves you, a Juicer and some fruits and vegetables.

Blocked Pipes

Beryn Daniel, raw food chef at Superfoods, provides a wonderfully simple explanation. Picture for a moment your kitchen sink and its drain pipes. Your sink is designed to carry away mostly water and some small food scraps through the pipes. When we put too much of the wrong stuff down there (eg pouring fast foods, fizzy drinks and a bag of flour down the drain) you end up with a soggy mess and a blocked pipe. These blockages usually occur in the loops and folds of the pipes.

Projecting this image onto our digestive system: the body is designed to transport food which has a high water content swiftly through the tubes (our digestive system). If we put too much of the wrong stuff in the top end through our mouths- processed or artificial foods, deep fried oily posers for meat or mucus-forming milk products- we end up with the inevitable: a blocked system.

Why is This Not Good?

When our digestive system has blockages caused by bad food choices, the colon starts and continues to get blocked up and retain waste, causing the body to continuously re-absorb poisonous toxins back into the blood – toxins which would otherwise have passed through our system. The result is more ill-health and lethargy.

What Helps?

According to Beren, the body is infinitely intelligent. It is always striving for optimum health and is always regenerating itself. By simply ADDING IN the foods the body was designed to eat, the foods that have been missing, the body does the rest for us.

What Foods Are We Talking About Here?

Foods which are:

Nutrient Dense


Mineral Rich

Enzyme Packed

In a nutshell, Raw Plant Foods. If you want to live more, eat more living green plant foods. When these are ingested by juicing, the goodness is easily absorbed into the body and also used for cleaning house.

According to Beryn, a Raw Food Chef and author of Rawlicious, our taste buds will not go unsatisfied either as most juices are both healthy and delicious.

So before having eggs and bacon for breakfast JUST ADD IN a green juice – FIRST.

Before having a hamburger for lunch, JUST ADD IN another green juice – FIRST.

Before your Macaroni Cheese Dinner – JUST ADD IN a green juice – FIRST.

Why This Works?

Hunger is our bodies search for minerals. [1] When we have a green juice first, our body's search for minerals is satisfied and so our hunger is satisfied.

Have you ever noticed how when you a hamburger or fast food, you find you're still hungry afterwards?

Your body is still giving you hunger signals because it has not found enough vitamins and minerals in the food that has just been eaten.

I know, I know. This may sound challenging, but if you're up for the challenge of cleanliness and better health, Give yourself 30 days – You'll be Amazed.

Juicing Tips

1. Organic Produce

As always, organic produce is best – as they have more minerals and trace minerals. Peel the skin off produce first.

2. Not All Juicers Are Created Equal

You'll want to look for a masticating juicer that can juice your green leaves and is super easy to clean.

3. Fiber

Juicing separates out fiber. You can get fiber by eating whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Juicing Steps

Step 1: Start with a Mild Green Juice

1 Apple

2 Carrots

A a Cucumber

2 Celery Sticks

Carrots are naturally sweet and help to form the sweet base. Let the carrots and apple form approximately 1/3 of your overall juice mixture. Apples and carrots are great antioxidants, strengthen your immune system and are good for the heart.

Once you've gotten use to this mild Green Juice, you can begin to add some dark green leaves (See Step 2).

Step 2: Getting Stronger Green Juice

1 Apple

1 Whole Cucumber

2 Carrots

Handful of red or green lettuce leaves

Handful of spinach

Step 3: The Real Deal Green Juice

1 Apple

1 Whole Cucumber

1 Pack of Celery

Bag bag of spinach

A a lemon

A a lime

Adding a wedge of lemon or lime or both to your juice makes it very refreshing and hides the taste of the stronger leaves.

At The End of The Day

Ultimately, the food we eat does not just randomly affect us, it becomes us. Whether you're looking to lose weight, cleanse and detox your body or simply look and feel great, juicing is a simple, healthy and natural way to get there.


[1] B.Daniel (2009). Rawlicious, 1st Edition. Soaring Free Superfoods: Cape Town.

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Feeling Guilty After Eating: How to Stop

Do you have a lingering guilty feeling almost every time you eat-regardless of whether you're eating nutritious food or whether you've starved yourself all day long?

You can learn to eat without feeling guilty. Eating is essential to living. Something essential should not be a constant struggle.

If you're making bad food choices when you know better, then you're knowingly creating a real reason to feel guilty.

Let's suppose you're eating properly and you still feel guilty. Here is a thought process to end that cycle forever. Tell yourself:

• There is a certain amount of food that I must eat to survive- a certain number of calories that my body must have daily in order to be healthy. This amount of food is absolutely necessary for me to survive and thrive.

• I must eat the food I require to survive and thrive. In fact, if I do not eat this necessary amount of food I should feel guilty about not eating enough.

• Each day when I wake I'll wait to take my first bite of food until my body reminds me, through a physical feeling, that it's time to eat something. Then I will choose something to eat that is both delicious and nutritious.

• I will think in terms of bites rather than portions.

• I will slowly savor every single bite of food I swallow so that I can fully enjoy the pleasure of eating.

• I will not swallow a single bite of food without paying attention- no mindless nibbling.

• I will notice when I no longer feel hunger and stop eating then. I will not eat even one bite extra.

• I will eat again whenever it is that my body reminds me that it needs food.

You need to recognize true hunger.

Let's define true hunger as hunger generated by your body's need for food vs. you are in the mood to eat something. When your body reminds you with a physical feeling that you need to eat then you are experiencing true hunger.

Now you need some personal policies governing your food selection and eating habits. Here are some suggestions:

• Say “no” to highly processed foods. If you regularly eat highly processed foods your appetite and hunger signals will unduly be distributed. Stay away from “cravage” – the hybrid word (craving and garbage) for foods engineered to drive cravings with no significant regard for nutrition. Cravage may be delicious but it's rarely noisy.

• Read labels. You need to know what you're eating and you can not know what you're eating if you do not read the label. Make a buy vs. bye decision for each item that goes into your grocery cart. If any of the ingredients do not grow in a garden then say bye and keep shopping. Aim to buy food that does not need a label.

• Do not let a clock determine when you eat. A clock can only tick. It can not know if it's time for you to eat.

• Do not let restaurant serving sizes determine how much you eat. You are the only one who could possibly know how much you should eat at a given time. When you're satiated save the rest for later.

• Beware of eating in restaurants too often. There are multiple reasons for not eating too frequently in restaurants but here is a primary reason: their business considerations have no relevance to your nutritional considerations plus you can never load up on veggies like you can when you eat at home.

Additional personal strategies that only you can come up with can make it easier for you to develop a healthy relationship with food. Perhaps these questions will point you in a good direction:

• What time of day does food taste best to you? Can you save the majority of your caloric allotment for this time of day?

• Do you like to nibble at night while you watch TV? Can you choose something for nibble-noshing that is actually nutritious?

• Does late-night eating interfere with your sleep? If you have a reason for not eating that has nothing to do with weight gain it may be easier for you to abstain- because it's for a different reason.

Stop the cycle of feeling guilty after eating with good habits and effective self-talk.

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Obesity Epidemic or Greed Epidemic?

Every day we are bombarded with media messages about the “obesity epidemic”.

The AP puts a new story on its wires and TV newswriters ends up “rewriting” the wire copy for broadcast, so the propaganda ends up in our living rooms.

Who is distributing the Press Release? What is their motive? What have they got to gain by scaring the public into believing we've all got one foot in the grave? Turns out, a lot of folks have a lot of money to gain.

In 1988, the World Health Organization (WHO), officially declared obesity a disease. You can not declare something a disease unless it's widespread and statistics back it up. Recently, we have seen how the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) advised inflating those numbers. The CDC was able to receive about $ 40 million dollars a year allocated towards obesity based on their previous numbers.

In 1993, a study by McGinnis & William Foege, MD published in JAMA estimated that the most prominent contributors to mortality in the US were, in order, tobacco, diet and activity patterns, alcohol, microbrial agents, toxic agents and firearms with “dietary patterns and sedentary lifestyle being the most common source of unnecessary death and disease among Americans “.

That was 18 years ago. Almost two decades. Yet, we keep getting told the same information as if it's new. They want us to believe that obesity has surpassed tobacco deaths. Maybe the people who quit smoking started eating.

Although, the alarming number of deaths due to obesity that Foege quoted back then were the same wrong numbers derived from the CDC.

Obesity programs are funded primarily by the National Center for Chronic Disease and Prevention. There's that word “disease” again. The budget? $ 747,472,000.

Turns out, a lot of folks want to get their hands on that money under the guise of conducting “obesity research”. The Medicaid Obesity Treatment Act of '01 required medicare prescription drug coverage to cover drugs medically necessary to cover obesity.

By declaring obesity a disease many unhealthy strategies for weight loss (stomach stapling, liposuction, diet pills, body wraps, herbal remedies, etc.) for weight loss might become warranted. Doctors could justifiably use these treatments and feel confident that they are improving the client's health simply by decreasing his or her weight.

Pharmaceutical companies would be able to market their quick fix pills and quacks could promote radical diets that promote fast weight loss. It must be emphasized that the effect of these treatments would only be temporary since they do not address long term behavior change, such as lifetime physical activity and improved dietary habits. In addition, even if weight loss is achieved and maintained there is no guarantee that it will be accompanied with health benefits.

It's bureaucracy growing in inverse proportion to its effectiveness. It can justify more government taxation under the guise of “tax policy as a social engineering tool”. There are so many special interest groups that want us to buy into the obesity epidemic because under their insatiable search for funding. When the truly obse do not respond to their efforts – then they go after the mainstream. More numbers enable them to justify their perpetual fundraising efforts.

The so-called obesity epidemic rises in revenue. In order for these organizations to keep the money rolling in they have to expand the nation guilty trip and falsify numbers. The motive is money. Plain and simple.

Foundations redirect their funding when a new disease pops up. Millions of dollars in grants have been awarded under the “obesity epidemic” war. There's some obese person out there somewhere who seriously needs help and does not have money, but that person probably never gets help. If these foundations really want to help people, why not make the grant application open to the obese individuals instead of research institutions and organizations that keep getting grants merely to reinforce that a problem exists. That would cost less and help more.

Long-term diet and exercise configurations are the only effective lifestyle changes that affect obesity. It does not take billions of dollars to make people aware of that. Yes, some people have a genetic predisposition towards obesity, but even they can make changes in their eating and activity level. Stop lowering the threshold for who is considered obese, so that more and more people fall into a category so companies can sell more drugs to them. So far, adults, children, elderly and even newborn babies have been included in this ever-expanding “Greed” epidemic.

A lot of wallets are expanding along with the waistlines and consumers need to be wary of studies and research reports that keep reinforcing the same ol ', same' ol with a new twist. The new twist is usually a result of some people sitting in a room saying, “We have to figure out to get more money” from this.

How does telling you you're fat get them more money? Because then you go to the doctor and ask for help. He recommends drugs or surgery. Fast food? The government puts another “sin tax” on it. What's next? A “sin tax” for computers and televisions because afterall, they do contribute to inactivity. Let's not forget the lawyers who benefitted from tobacco settlements who would love to go after another big industry as well.

Today's administration has made fighting obesity a priority. Media has applauded this initiative showing images of Michelle at the local market in Washington, DC gathering fresh fruits and veggies for her family. All Americans want to be healthy. Programs are begin with the end in mind. The questions journalists need to be asking and watching are 1) How much is raised in this program? 2) Where does it end up? and most importantly 3) How many people has it helped? If these items are not reviewed and history is any indicator, the ones being helped are politicians. It's not enough to view images or see Public Service Announcements. What percentage of money raised for these programs actually help people?

If nutrition and physical activity are the cure, and everyone knows that already –then is it possible that people who are sedentary and eating unhealthy are doing so by choice? If so, is it the government's place to take that right away from people? It's not. What the government CAN do is assure that healthy, low-calorie foods are readily available. The Farm Bill should be reviewed as this provides an incentive for fattening foods to be highly accessible.

The New York Times did a series asking why healthy food is so expensive. I recommend everyone read that. The truth is it is expensive to eat healthy and cheaper to eat fast food. There are additives in fast food and colas that are addictive, which make it a vicious cycle.

Public awareness and education are great, but they can only go so far as we see from the past. I had a health class in grade school as well as a physical education class. My parents packed a healthy lunch into a brown paper bag. My snack was an apple. I recall looking at everyone else's lunch and they all had healthy food too, except for one girl. She had dozens of meatballs and pasta drowned in sauce and yodels, ding-dings and devil dogs are her snack. She was obese. When I get through eating my lunch, I jumped rope with my classmates in the lunchroom. The girl who ate the meatballs did not participate. She stayed at the table. In hindsight, I now realize she was probably in a food coma.

Today, cafeterias serve kids lunch and I see a lot of fried foods, pizza and low-cost, high caloric items on those menus. There are organizations trying to improve those choices, but I wonder when the choice got out of parental hands and placed into the school's hands. No child should go to school on an empty stomach or without having lunch, but this responsibility is with the parent. I remember the cafeteria in my high school and boy oh boy were the food choices unhealthy. They may as well have served up Clogged Arteries, High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack on the menu. Everything was fried –even the bran muffins which were the closest thing to a healthy choice, but they drowned the muffins in butter. I recall they were sliced ​​in the middle with the mound of butter thickly spread on the inside. In case you missed the butter in the middle, they fired it on top of the bran muffin too.

Today, I hope parents with children in grade school, high school or even college take a look at what is being served in the school's cafeteria. You are paying to educate your children. Health and fitness are part of education. If your kid goes to public school, you should still take a look at what is being served in the cafeteria. If there are no healthy choices –talk to your children about bringing their own lunch from home. If the lunch at school is free but unhealthy –it's not really free when someone gets physically sick later in life because of poor habits formed early on in life.

If parents can not afford to feed their children – what does that say about the state of the economy? We fail our children when we fail the parents.

Once parents are aware and educated, the next step is an economic one; make healthy food affordable for everyone in the world. Fitness is free to everyone in the world. Everyone can walk. Get up right now and walk around whatever room you're in. Pacing counts. Stretch. That's free too. You do not need to think it's hard or that you need to see results immediately. Aim for seeing them each year. Make a commitment first. Follow that commitment up with daily action. It's like anything else you want in your life. People who want things fast and easy lose in the end. Anything fast ends with a crash. You have to review history to see truth behind what at first glance appears desirable.

Since fitness is a lifelong habit, physical education in grade school, high schools and colleges are vital. Habits are being formed then. I still do exercises I learned in high school gym class. Yes, I hated gym class but I learned valuable tools in staying fit. Again, it's never about doing something fast, drastic or extreme. It's about daily healthy habits.

The two components making people otherwise healthy individuals obese are their food choices and their activity level. Anything other than those two things are hogwash and you are being hoodwinked by someone trying to sell you something. Educate yourself by reading about nutrition and fitness. If you can not afford books – go to your local library. Your local library is there for you to use for free. Use it.

After you're educated, start talking to your kids about nutrition and fitness. Go for a family walk after dinner. Try to cook or only purchase healthy meals that are unprocessed each night instead of driving through a fast food restaurant. The government should focus on fixing the economy, and making healthy food more affordable than junk food. If it were –it's served in our schools instead of all the corn based mush served in the past.

We've made strides in those areas through organizations that have been funded through the government, but it's the person who keeps causing you to scrape your knee now handing you a band-aid. How about if the person stops pushing the person?

Take control of your own health and that of your family, so the government stops trying to use your poor choices as a way to help themselves to your hard-earned money. Individuals with a genetic predisposition towards obesity require medical attention. If they can not afford it, that brings us back to the economy.

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Obesity Surgeries

An Obesity surgery, also referred to as Bariatric surgery is a process that reduces the size of the stomach either by removing a part of the stomach or by using a gastric band. This surgery brings changes in the digestive process of the body in order to facilitate weight loss. There have been many concerns regarding these types of surgeries. Whether or not they are helpful? Do they have any long term side-effects? Are they beneficial in the long run? Do they actually help you live a longer life? As every coin has two sides, we shall talk about both, the benefits and disadvantages of these surgeries.


  • On closely monitoring the patients who have undergone a weight loss surgery, it has been concluded that these surgeries provide long-term weight loss, bring down the mortality rates down by 25% and reduce the chances of suffering from any cardiovascular diseases.
  • The United States National Institute of Health recommends Bariatric surgeries to those who have a body mass index higher than 35.
  • If the surgery is completed successfully, there are absolutely no side effects. Post surgery, there have been reports of improved health, optimized blood pressure and reduction in possibilities of suffering from diabetes or cholesterol.


  • Since surgery is not a natural way of losing weight, there are some complications that may arise with time.
  • Out of the many health issues faced by patients who underwent these surgeries, the most common ones were diarrhoea, pneumonia, infections at surgical sites and gastric swelling syndrome. All these complications usually arise in the absence of an experienced surgeon and if the person's previous health issues were not taken into consideration before performing the surgery.
  • Since the surgery involves removal of the part of a stomach, this could lead to many gastrointestinal complications. There have been cases of extreme and undesirable weight loss after going under the knife. This makes the blessing turn into a curse for many of the patients.
  • Many patients also face nutritional deficiencies after malabsorptive Bariatric surgery.

Obesity surgery is the only possible solution for many people who can not lose weight by natural weight loss procedures. However, this surgery is not suitable for everyone. Many doctors recommend this surgery as the last available option for extremely obese people as it gives them a new lease of life. There is still no guarantee that these surgeries can be extremely helpful. People considering to get them operated operated must first go through a complete detailed body check up. It must be kept in mind that this surgery is not a luxury but the final solution if rest all weight loss methods fail to work.

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Who Else Wants A Faster Metabolism?

What does a person with low metabolism look like? Tired, fatigued, overweight and lethargic. And with these symptoms, even if you go on a low calorie, low carb, low fat diet with or without exercising, you are still going to struggle at losing weight. If you feel like you can gain weight just by looking at food, chances are you have a slow, sluggish metabolism. When your metabolism is working the way it is suppose to work, you will experience a surge in your energy levels, any moodiness or depression will go away, and your sex drive will increase along with your overall motivation and passion for life! And you do not just feel better on the inside, you look better physically too! Your skin will radiant and your hair and nails will look healthier and even younger. Your entire immune system will improve and every aspect of your body and life will be rejuvenated and the actual span of your life extended.

If you are a person with a low metabolism you are probably hungry all the time. Not only are you hungry all the time, but also your hunger is so super intense that it causes you to eat way more food than you actually need. And you feel hunger more times a day than someone with a high metabolism. But what causes this?

The hypothalamus gland, the body's master gland, determines the rate and speed of our metabolism. This gland regulates physiological hunger and metabolism in people who are overweight because it does not operate how it is designed to. The reasons it is out of wack are plenty: stress, lack of water, lack of sun, lack of food additives, genetically modified food, heavy metal toxicity, allergies, yo-yo dieting, air conditioning, micro woven food, genetics, high fructose corn syrup, clogged colon, clogged liver, Candida overgrowth, non-prescription and prescription drugs, pop, artificial sweeteners, cosmetics and creams.

The main reason your metabolism is not working properly is because food manufacturers are purposely making food that causes you to constantly feel hungry. They use chemicals that are designed to trigger you hypothalamus gland by increasing your hunger when you eat. They also use food additives to make the food addictive. Food manufacturers are depending on your expanding waistline to make their wallets fatter. They create food with the sole purpose of making you physically addicted to their food. Food companies are in business to make a profit – that's it. A college of mine was telling me about his experience in chemists' labs where he sees how food companies are creating food that purposely lowers your metabolism, increases your hunger and makes you physically addicted (just like a drug) to their food, and keeps you gaining weight.

It is totally not you're fault that you are fat! Have you noticed how many kids have nut allergies? It's crazy! But it is only like this in North America – now else in the world has nut allergies like we do. The reason is in the way we process them, it messes everything up. The same thing is happening with everyday foods like milk, butter, bread, pasta and cheese. These foods in North America are guaranteed to add pounds to your waistline, but these exact same foods in other countries do not (for now at least). How many fat French women have you seen? I've been to France; they eat all the good stuff and do not gain an ounce! It is all the man-made chemicals, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified food, artificial sweeteners and growth hormones injected into our food that make and keep us fat.

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Why Am I Fat? Things You Need to Know About Being Overweight

All over the globe, many people ask the question, “Why am I overweight?” If you think you are the only one suffering from this problem, then you are totally mistaken. Truth is, obesity or being overweight is a huge problem in many parts of the world. It does not only make you feel uncomfortable but it can lead to many health problems such as heart failure and pulmonary embolism. From time to time, we hear about people getting sick because of being overweight but unfortunately, many choose to ignore such a serious problem. Now in order to address the issue, we should go over first those reasons why people are overweight.

If you are a bit curious on how to get a flat stomach, you must first consider what had caused you to become fat or overweight. At this point, try to check the history of your family. Is there anyone else in the family who is suffering from the same problem? Many studies show that being overweight can be directly related to genetics. But if there is a direct relationship between obesity and the genes, does it necessarily mean that you will become what your family members have been through? Do not fret because this is not usually the case. If there are other members in your family that are also overweight, this means you may have a hard time staying in shape than it may be for others.

Why am I overweight? Why do I have this bulging stomach? Most people do not realize that one of the most causes of obesity is the amount of calories they take. If you are not really cautious of your food intake, then maybe it's time that you pay close attention to your daily meal. If just can not cut back your calorie intake, you can try using a treadmill to check how many calories you have burned on your workout. This is especially important if you want to shed those excess pounds in your body.

If you are wondering how to get a flat stomach, make sure you burn more calories than what you are taking every day. Check on the labels of the food you eat. Take note of the amount of calories and make sure you get rid of them through regular exercise. Put in mind that the healthier you eat each day the more fat you get to burn. You do not have to resort to packed foods or snacks because there are a lot of recipes online that you can prepare for a tasty and nutritious meal.

Many people begin working out without a concrete plan. Once you decide to get into a weight weight program and eventually shed those excess pounds in your body, you need to have plans. With a concrete goal in mind, you need to stick to it and make sure you do not get sidetracked along the way. There are certainly a lot of weight loss programs out there that are proven to be very effective but you must be motivated enough to work on them. No single program will work for you not unless you stick to it until you reach your goals.

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How To Be More Productive and Prevent Obesity in 3.67 Seconds or Less

Allow me to share this eye-opening story about how I was able to become more productive, take charge of my health, and catapult my earning power through the roof in a matter of seconds. This my friends, is the ultimate game-changer, and something that I know we will start seeing more and more of in the coming years. This is something so simple that it literally will take you only a few seconds to complete. These few seconds could be the most life altering moments of your entire life. Unfortunately, this next line you're about to read is where most of you will stop reading, and throw out some ridiculous reasons as to why you could never go through with this tip. The simple way that you can be more productive and prevent obesity is to turn off your TV!

Are you still with me? Good. Because if you want to become super productive and never worry about obesity in your life ever again, then this is the easiest way to do so, and I'll tell you exactly how it's changed my life, and could change yours too, in the rest of this article.

For years I was essentially addicted to sports. You could have classified me as a “sports junkie”. If there was any sport event on TV, I was watching it. This meant I was watching easily 1000 hours of live sports per year on TV, and that's not even including highlight shows, talk shows, pre-game shows etc. On top of this, during the sports broadcasts, TV stations constantly advertise other shows, movies, events and anything else they're going to be bringing on the station for our entertainment. So I would fall for some of these ads and catch some of those shows as well. To make a long story short, one day I simply had enough, and I did the unthinkable. I reached over, grabbed the remote, and turned off the TV. I told myself that was the end of it. The end of my “addiction”. I knew I was making a wise decision at the time, but I had no idea how big of an impact this could have on my life. It was not long before I noticed how much more productive and efficient I had become, how my businesses started thriving like never before, how my energy levels had skyrocketed, how my relationships went from okay to great, and how my general happiness was at an all-time high.

Think about it, how much time are you spending watching TV every day, or every week? According to The Nielsen Company If you're an average American, you watch over 34 hours of TV per week. 34 flipping hours! That's almost a full-time job. Consider the things you could get done if you had 34 hours of extra time on your hands each and every week. Well that's what you can have if you give up TV. That's what I consider to be my advantage now over everyone else in life. I have an extra 34 hours on you all. So if you want to compete with me in the business world, in your health, in your fitness, in any walk of life, you may want to look at how much TV you are watching per week. Guys like me (and I'm not alone) are going to have a significant advantage over you if we have badly 1800 hours more than you each and every year dedicated to actually improving our lives. And we all know time is money, so if I do not already have more money than you, then I likely will soon. Ya, giving up TV can cure an injured bank account pretty darn quick.

So on one hand, when you give up TV, you get a significant boost in productivity. On top of this, you also get a massive boost in your general health and wellbeing.

In order to be healthy you need to follow a few basic principles in life. You need to:

  • Eat and drink healthy
  • Be active
  • Eliminate stress
  • Be Positive

Those are, in my mind, the four basic things needed to be healthier. Anything else you think you need stems from one of these major categories. And by watching less TV, you are much more likely to achieve all 4 of these.

I've found that once I eliminated practically all of my TV watching, I have naturally become far more positive, my stress levels have gone way down, I have much more time to be active, and I consciously want to eat and drink healthier. A lot of this I believe is due to the lack of advertisements I see that would otherwise interfere with my own “real thoughts”. Advertisements are there to force you to think differently, and to think that you need unnecessary things, things that often times you are much better off not having. Not only do the constant advertisements hurt your outlook on life, but the ridiculous overuse of negativity in the news, shows, movies and advertisements simply force you to be more of a negative person. I do not blame people for being negative, it is engrained into us to think the worst is going to happen, and to be paranoid about every little thing in life. We are trained to be negative. This adds an incredible amount of stress to our lives. Stress that can be avoided by watching less TV.

As I write this article I'm about 9 months into my “watch less TV” phase, and I'm about 4 months into my “zero TV” phase. Well i can not lie, I do give in for maybe 1-2 hours a week. Neverheless, I am far more productive in every aspect of life, I am healthier than I've ever been, and I have never been happier about myself and life in general. I had a few shows that I missed at the start, but I actually realized how little I really cared about them, and it was only the constant advertising that got me excited to waste my time watching them. I still catch the odd sports match or tournament, but even those I find do not matter as much to me anymore. I've discovered what really matter in life, and that is adding value to others and helping others feel better about themselves. I find this to be the best feeling in the world and one that delivers ultimate happiness in my own life as a result.

In the end, it's your life, do with it as you please. But if you wake up 5 years down the road and wonder about the things you could have accomplished if you'd just had more time to do them, remember that I've got the key right here today. I've just given you the key to unlocking dozens of hours each and every week for you to spend on important things. I can practically guarantee that anyone who gives up TV right now will be far more productive in life, will prevent obesity and will be a much more happy person.

What do you choose? TV or happiness? I for one, choose happiness.

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Looking for Easy Diets to Follow? This Is My Favourite

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

How many times have you heard those words? Family, friends, news outlets … I am always hearing them.

It has been drummed in to us so many times that most of us accept this to be true. But breakfast is by and far the most important meal of the day.

Now I am going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible, so as to avoid sounding like everyone else who has ever lectured you on the importance of getting a good breakfast down you. So in a nutshell, here's why:

Doctors in the US have found that eating breakfast is the secret to staying healthy, avoiding diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. They found that the early morning eaters are 60% less likely to be obese than those who skip breakfast. Also, the breakfast dodgers were 50% more likely to have blood sugar problems and high cholesterol – Which course can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

When your body is asleep you are not eating. It stands to reason you should break your fast as soon as you can. The US doctor's research suggests that eating first thing in the morning may help stabilize blood sugar levels. This can have a regulating effect on your appetite, removing attacks of the munchies through the day. It will also keep your energy levels up.

Another benefit of eating breakfast is that your metabolic rate will increase and you'll start to burn more calories during the day.

Naturally, what you eat is as important as when. A big fry up full of fat may not be the best idea for every day; in fact initial results found that people who eat whole-grain cereals every morning are among those most likely to see the health benefits. Add to this some protein in the form of eggs, nuts, yoghurt, kippers etc. to keep you fuller longer and you are on to a winner. Porridge is my favorite. It's full of soluble fiber and easily made.

Many processed cereals contain vitamins and minerals, just avoid the cereals that change the color of the milk! You get an injection of carbohydrates but then 2 hours later you are starving. This will lead you to the snack bar and more junk food.

If you are looking for easy diets to follow then look no further. The benefits of eating breakfast are huge! What you eat is up to you, just get the breakfast habit to unlock a healthier lifestyle!

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Obesity Epidemic: How to Change the World

It is estimated that two out of every three people in America are either overweight or obese. This statistic alone should be alarming to you. However, there is something more alarming than that simple fact. The scary thing is the diseases and the death that obesity carries with it. Two out of three people are overweight, and most of these people will die prematurely because of their condition. There must come a time when we recognize the crisis for what it is – a cry for help. People are eating their selves to death and they need guidance. They need to be informed of the serious consequences of their habits, and they need to be informed at a young age if possible. If this trend in America continues, nearly all people will be obese and nearly all people will die of heart disease, cancer, diabetes or other weight-related illnesses. The current situation is sad enough, and we can not afford to let it get any worse.

If you are reading this, and you are one of the approximately 65% ​​of people who are overweight, let me tell you that it is your responsibility from here on to change the world. How can you change the world? You can change the world by first changing yourself. Improve your lifestyle habits, practice self-discipline, lose weight and increase your lifespan. It is not necessary that you do this for yourself, but do it to inspire others. By making positive changes, you will inspire others around you to change as well. This will start a chain-reaction that will change the world. You may not directly see the change, but know that your efforts reach far beyond yourself. The most effective way to change the world is to be a leader. The most effective way to be a leader is to lead by example. Be motivated, and then be the motivation. Be inspired, and then be the inspiration. The power to improve the world in major ways is within you, and it's just waiting to be unleashed.

If you are reading this, and you are a healthy individual, do not ever begin to think that your job is done and you have nothing else to do. You have done something right, and you may take it for granted, but you have knowledge that can be of use to millions of people. Take the opportunity to spread your knowledge to as many people as you can. Do it in a subtle way by using yourself as an example of what can be achieved. It is you that other other people need in order to be motivated, or to have something to strive for. By educating others, you can help them make a positive change in their lives. Represent what can be achieved through learning and through action. Let those you teach to represent the process of change.

We all need each other. We all have a purpose to fulfill. No matter where you are at your life right now, begin to make a better life for yourself, and you will begin to change the world around you as you do so. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Managing Weight With Oats

The oat plant is like a wheat plant only it contains a lot of fiber. Most oats are consumed as breakfast cereal and the rest are utilized as oat flour. Oat flour can be used in the same way as wheat flour. Additionally, it can be mixed with soy flour, corn flour or wheat flour to convert it to multi grain. Consuming whole grain diets is good for the body.

In case you are looking forward to reducing your weight, a wholesome oatmeal diet is a good option. Oats contain both soluble and insoluble fibers which keep the body's cholesterol and sugar levels balanced. This raises your energy for exercise program which burns your excess body fat.

The Oat Statics

Studies have shown that oats are effective in trimming down those extra tummy inches. They have a high content of fiber beta-glucan which is responsible for lowering cholesterol. When the soluble oat fibers take part in the digestion process, they convert them into gel forms which trap acids which contain cholesterol. So, instead of accumulating the fat, it is excreted through faeces. Moreover, oats have high tocotrienol levels which are helpful in inhibiting cholesterol synthesis.

Reducing cholesterol is not the only benefit of oats. They can also help regulate the blood sugar. The beta-glucan fibers slow down the digestion process, thereby prolonging the carbohydrate absorption into the main bloodstream. This results the carbohydrates from converting into sugar and getting stored in the body.

Regular Exercise Works Wonders

If you combine this oatmeal diet with an exercise regimen, it will work wonders. Exercising regularly speeds up weight loss. The oats help in this process by acting as pre-workout food. This is one of the sole reasons why oats are athletes' favorite food. They assist them in working out harder.

Oats help in reducing belly fat by regulating your bowel movements. This is essential for cleaning the guts and in avoiding bloating. Oats are high on density and low on calories. The best part about oats is that they help you in feeling fuller for longer durations of time. It curbs your needs for fat accumulating junk foods.

How to plan your typical oatmeal diet?

If you are wondering how to chalk your breakfast in a traditional way, read on to find out how to acquire more from oats.

The oats consumed during breakfast are typically crushed oats, also known as rolled oats. It can be taken with milk or water, depending on your food preferences. It is advisable to keep it in a slightly raw form. This is because, the more rawness oats have, the more they are better for cutting down carbohydrates. Approximately three tablespoons of oats along with fruits and milk would be able to keep a person full till lunch.

The Oat Nutrition Chart

Calculating by statistics, oats are full of nutritional value.

100 grams of oats have:

  • 380 calories
  • 67 gram carbohydrates
  • 16 gram protein
  • 6 gram fat
  • 7 gram thiamine
  • 7 mg vitamin E
  • 4 mg iron
  • 474 mg phosphorous

How Does It Work?

Fibers take long to break down. Their breaking up also consumes a lot of energy from the body cells. Thus, when energy will be consumed, the fat will automatically burn. This will lower your body's fat levels.

Thus, oats are a wholesome breakfast and a healthy diet for losing weight. All you need to do is include one cup of oats everyday to move up on your health cycle.

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How To Lose The Extra Weight Without The Pain And The Hype


An individual can be overweight or because of many reasons. Some of these reasons include overeating, having a baby and packing on excess unwanted pounds and side effects from some medication.

Many Americans today are said to be obese. Obesity refers to a chronic condition in which there is an excess amount of fat in the body. Body Mass Index (BMI) which is found by dividing body weight by height is used to decide if a person is overweight or obese. If an adult has a body mass index of 25-29 they are classified as overweight while those persons with a body mass index of 30 and over is classified as being obese.


Some of the negative impacts of being overweight are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis just to name a few. Research has shown that on an annual basis over 300,000 people die prematurely because of being overweight.


You can start losing weight today and reverse your chances of becoming a statistic. Do not you want to be healthy and live a long life? I bet your answer to that question is a resounding, “yes.” Well, here are a few easy solutions to do just that and get that healthy body that you have been longing for.

Here are a few of the easy ways of losing weight without all that hard work and hype right in the comfort of your own home:

* Drink your way to a slimmer you with Tava Weight Loss Tea which contains a combination of three different types of tea.
* Use the Slim Weight Transdermal Patches which are discreet and easy to use
* Try a simple Diet Pills such as Forza and Fenburn which are also effective as they also increase metabolic rate;
* ThermoFuel which is designed to speed up metabolism and suppress your appetite.

All of the above-mentioned products are five-star rated products in effectiveness, speed of results, quality of ingredients, product safety, customer feedback, long-term results and company reputation. So try these products and you will be on your way to losing those annoying pounds the easy way. There is no painful work out and there is no need for personal trainers and bulky equipment.

Lose weight today. For more information about the products, please go to the site below:

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7 Health Problems Connected With Obesity

Often people blame junk or processed foods for their obesity problem. If a person weighs more than 20% of the normal weight considering his / her height, then he / she is considered as an obese person.

However, you need to keep in mind that not every obese person would have all these health issues. Also, the risk of developing health issues increases, if someone in your family suffers from it.

Check out some health issues that are connected to obesity or overweight people.

1. Heart Problems

Excess fat can make an individual more inclined to have high BP and elevated levels of cholesterol. Both of these conditions are top reasons behind the occurrence of different types of heart problems or stroke. Fortunately, even losing a small amount of weight can decrease the odds of getting affected by heart problems or a stroke. You can lower the chances of heart issues by simply losing around 10% of your bodyweight.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

The majority of people who get affected by Type 2 diabetes suffer from obesity. You can take various steps to reduce the odds of getting affected by Type 2 diabetes, such as,
• By losing weight
• Having a balanced diet
• Exercising regularly
• Sleeping adequately

If you already have Type 2 Diabetes, then you can control the levels of blood sugar by staying more active physically and by losing weight as well. More physically active means that you require less medication to control your diabetes.

3. Gallbladder Disease

If an individual is overweight, then the chances of getting a gallbladder infection and gallstones are higher. Unexpectedly, weight reduction itself, especially fast weight reduction or loss excess weight, can make you more prone to getting affected than gallstones. However, you'll be less likely to get gallstones if you lose weight around 1 or 2 kilograms per week.

4. Cancer

It's quite shocking to know that different types of cancers that are connected with body parts such as colon, breast, kidney, endometrium, and esophagus are connected to obesity. A few examinations and researchers have seen connections among cancers of the gallbladder, pancreas, ovaries, and with obesity problem.

5. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint problem that affects the hip, back, or knee of the patient. Due to the excess weight, extra pressure is put on the joints, which damages the cartilage eventually. You can reduce the stress on your lower back, knees, and hips by simply choosing weight loss, which may also improve your osteoarthritis condition.

6. Gout

The joints of an individual are affected with this health condition. This problem occurs when there's an excess amount of uric acid present in the blood, which historically converts into crystal form that gets stored in the joints. You'll be surprised to know that gout affects fat or obese more compared to healthy people. In fact, the chances of getting gout increase if a person is overweight. However, you need to consult your doctor if you already have gout and planning to lose weight.

Sleep Apnea

It's true that sleep apnea is connected with obesity problem. Sleep apnea is a breathing problem that develops snoring problem is disruptive breathing while sleeping. Sleep apnea is often the reason behind daytime drowsiness and increases the odds of stroke or heart problems. However, it has been seen the proper weight loss improvements sleep apnea significantly.

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