Obesity, An Inch of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you do not want, drink what you do not like, and do what you've rather not
Mark Twain

I have written extensively about obesity and its impact on health, insurance costs, and the paucity of good non-surgical therapies (July 21, July 22, August 30, Sept. 26, Oct 17). The bottom line is that an obesity rate approach 40% is going to overwhelm the American health care system. The insurmountable expenses associated with the secondary diabetes alone makes any attempt to control costs impossible. Non-surgical therapies, such as those specified by Obamacare, have been proven costly and ineffective. Neverheless, I asked whether surgery, although effective, could have been justified in such a large population.

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine has given us some vitally important data. The authors calculated the impact of obesity on lifespan. The results are pretty grim. In summary, the more overweight you are, the higher your mortality. Extremely overweight people increased their mortality 250%. Although even moderately overweight people had substantial increases in risk of death from all causes, with a 31% increase in mortality for every 5 point increase in Body Mass Index (BMI).

What they did not say, and perhaps the most important conclusion of this study, is that one can use these data to compare the relative risk / reward of staying obese with weight loss surgery, the only proven effective therapy. I think the calculus is pretty compelling. The surgery costs between $ 10-20,000 dollars, and has a risk of death of 1 in 1000. For the most at risk group, the expected increase in lifespan could have been anticipated to be at least four years. In addition, the surgery is frequently curative for diabetes, and decreases the incidence of heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis for all groups. The money saved treating these secondary problems alone may justify the surgery in huge numbers of people.

This study has changed my mind about whether wide scale weight loss surgery (bariatric), as a primary treatment could be justified. When confronted with to the wrinkling mortality associated with obesity and the failure of diets and other therapies, surgery appears to be the only alternative. Lap band procedures (narrowing the stomach to 1 inch) are efficient, life prolonging, and will save enormous amounts of money, even if done on 100 million Americans. Insurance companies, medicare, federal government need to realize that funding these procedures, and making the wid available available, may be the only realistic way to confront our health care crisis. Maybe I should go back and become a surgeon.


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Side Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a surgery used to help people struggling with obesity lose weight, and gain back their life. Gastric Bypass is a major surgical operation and has a lot risks that accompaniment with any major surgery. But there are also other side effects that patients and potential patients need to know. These side effects can range from mild patient discomfort to pain.

Dumping Syndrome can result because of gastric surgery. Gastric Dumping syndrome is when ingested foods bypass the stomach too quickly and enter the small intestine terribly undigested. Dumping syndrome can begin when you are eating food or after you've finished a meal. Dumping syndrome can cause fatigue, sweating, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, dizziness and fatigue.

Malnutrition can occur in after gastric bypass, but can be mitigated by taking vitamin and mineral supplements regularly. Lack of nutrition can cause other issues including hair loss.

Other types of side effects, which can be quite embarrassing, including gas and bowel problems. Flatulence is known to happen quite frequently as the nutrients are not fully absorbed in the body, it becomes difficult for the colon to digest the food, producing producing excess gas. Bowel habits can form and are usually caused because the a portion of the small intestines is being bypassed. Constipation can result, but can be treated with stool softeners and sometimes simply by drinking lots of water. Diarrhea is also known to happen frequently after gastric bypass surgery. If such thing happens, contact your health practitioner immediately.

Other potential serious side effects can include blood clots and pneumonia.

Other side effects include the general risks of the surgery. Risks of gastric bypass include risks of infection at the incision, leak of the stomach into the abdominal cavity, gallstones, staples may pull, hernia may develop, and more. Another risk is death, but research research shows that less than 10 out of 1000 die after weight-loss surgery.

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Obesity Facts: Facing The Growing Epidemic of Obesity

You are going to be surprised to know that 40% of supposedly intelligent parents are in a state of denial. They will not admit the fact that their children are suffering from obesity. According to them, their children are healthy with round chubby rosy cheeks. And that is because they are under the impression that being fat immediately means being healthy! 1/8 children all over the world are suffering from obesity, especially in countries where the standard of living is comparatively high. That is why a huge number of children in Europe, Australia and North America are suffering from obesity.

Now here are some reasons for obesity, and parents need to get to know all about it before their children start suffering from gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, and even diabetes due to overeating. First of all, a number of processed foods and junk foods along with foods with chemical preservatives are not much bothered about the nutritive value. They are also not bothered about the calorie content and that is why children who daily diet consist of junk food, high fat food, carbonated drinks, sugars, (including cane-based sugar and fructose) are definitely going to put on weight in a couple of months. Apart from that, many parents are not much bothered about a healthy diet. This diet should consist of organically grown beans, veggies, fruit, legumes, whole grains, cereals and healthy oils like coconut oil and olive oil.

They are quite content as long as their child is eating, and eating something without any fuss. Naturally, the child is definitely not going to fuss when it is allowed to eat harmful junk. He is also going to protest when he is made to change his diet. So that is the reason why the main point to be noted while facing the growing epidemic of obesity is – look at what you eat and incorporate healthy eating habits in your diet.

If a child is not used to a healthy diet, just because his parent could not be bothered to prepare a healthy and delicious meal, naturally, you can not blame him for growing fat and lethargic. Apart from that, parents as well as schools are not bothered about physical activities, focusing more on mental activities because they are under the impression that a child needs to concentrate more on mental work and knowledge for future success. Unfortunately, this attitude is having a detrimental effect on the physical condition of children all over the world. Children are encouraged to sit in front of a computer and work on it instead of going out in the fresh air and indulging in some wholesome old-fashioned jumping about and acting like a child. So the way a child spends its leisure time or any free time is going to be considered an important factor in whether he has a future candidate for childhood obesity or is a healthy, happy normal child. Parents who understand this and wish to prevent obesity in their child are so going to make sure that their child eats a healthy diet while pursuing an active lifestyle.

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Revitol Cellulite Cream Uncovered

Revitol Cellulite cream as a quick and easy solution to troublesome cellulite. Cellulite is a growing concern amidst the growing obesity crisis – people are increasingly aware of their imperfections …

Spending time on the beach and being very conscious of appearances just spoils the fun on vacation. It can just defeat the very purpose of vacation. Cellulite in unseen places like on the thighs and buttocks while sitting on a beach overlooking the sea is a caring experience for most.

There are other concerns like the roughness of the skin, texture and tone. Yes, what is right – then it can lead to losing the enjoyment of the sexual relationship. All because of this cellulite! what of all the ways they can ruin the fun things in life!

Chose to do a little research – on the way to overcome this annoying problem. What if that search lead to Revitol Cellulite Cream & some much needed exercise? a product with no side effects from natural ingredients. Deciding to try the product, but not expecting any miracle happen, but in fact, the results earned and the time frame feels like a miracle that really happened.

Just used twice a day and observing the instructions given in the package Revitol Cellulite cream takes effect. First, the aromatic natural smell of it. This is a major factor, because no one likes to apply a skin cream that smells bad. Furthermore, the use of the cream being easy because it is not sticky at all. Sometimes using a soft brush to apply the cream, while other times just the hands. After using for a fortnight, a difference skin feel while applying this cream. The natural ingredients is giving a total “cool” effect as well.

Soon, begin to notice a natural decline in the look of cellulite on the buttocks. Regain the confidence to bath on the beach, the physical relationship and life revitolised. As all the dimples of cellulite fade away and the skin becomes smooth and shiny. Now, life can start anew, good food and exercise ensues.

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General Guidelines On Post Lap Band Surgery Diet

Lap band surgery is an effective method to achieving a large amount of weight loss. After patients under lap band surgery, they will have to follow a strict new diet that must be adhered to in order to prevent post surgery complications such as band slippage and vomiting. As well, the new diet will ensure that they begin to form good habits that will help them lose the excess weight. During the recovery period, there are specific time periods when foods are introduced in various textures. You should discuss the post lap band diet with your nutritionist to ensure you have a complete understanding of the diet.

The following are a number of general guidelines on post lap band surgery diet:

Lap Band Surgery – First Several Days: After lap band surgery, it is very important to follow the post-op diet stages carefully to ensure full healing of the band. You will be sipping water and sucking on ice cubes to stay hydrated. You will also be drinking clear fluids and liquid protein for nourishment. The main purpose of this stage is to remain hydrated and allow healing.

Weeks 1 to 2 – Liquid Diet: You will be able to drink liquids such as strained soups, fruit and vegetable juices with no added sugar, milk, low fat yogurt, and protein shakes.

Week 3 – Pureed Foods: You will introduce slowly textured foods that are rich in protein and then start to introduce fruits and vegetables into your diet. The pureed foods stage prepares your body for solid food so it is important to go slowly and do not rush it as your stomach is still adjusting. Pureed foods are the consistency of mashed potatoes. Most foods that have been placed in the blender or food processor fall into this category.

Week 4 – Soft Food transitioning to regular solids by day 7: This stage is the transition to eating regular foods. You start with softer, easier foods and then move along gradually.
To prevent swelling and irritation as well as vomiting, make sure you thoroughly chew your food.

Solid Foods: Once you can consume solid foods without complications eat only three nutrient and protein rich meals a day and two snacks if necessary. As well, chew your food thoroughly.

After you have introduced solid foods in your diet, there are certain foods that you should avoid. These foods include: doughy cuts, carbonated and high calorie drinks, high calorie and fatty foods. As well, when eating, do not eat between meals, eat only quality food, and stop eating when you start to feel full. Drink plenty of water daily. Basically, you should be consuming healthy foods that are prepared in a healthy way, and the foods should be rich in nutrients and come from all of the food groups. You should also be implementing a healthy exercise plan.

The diet after lap band surgery is very specific so it is important to consult with your nutritionist and lap band surgeon to ensure that your weight loss endeavors are a success.

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How You Can Win the Fight Against Obesity

The number of Americans suffering from obesity keep rising. Many problems contribute to the situation, which makes it hard to find a plan to fight it. I can tell you from experience that you can do it.

1) Consult Professional Help: You can do it alone, but having help will make it easier. Your doctor can determine what type of exercises are right for you, and give you a recommended schedule. A nutritionist can help you avoid the big trap in weight loss, the dreaded “Famine Mode.” A personal trainer can show you how to do the exercises correctly so you can avoid injuries.

2) 10,000 Step A Day Program: According to MSNBC, Americans walk an average of just over 5100 steps a day. The 10,000 step a day program was designed to increase that amount. It's very simple. Put a step counter on when you get up in the morning. When you get to work, school or other areas, park as far away from your destination as possible. This small thing can greatly increase your average. Better yet, do not drive. If it's close enough, go ahead and walk.

3) Accurate Calorie Counting: Some diet plans tell you that you do not need to count calories, but I have found that to be inaccurate. A good calorie counter will tell you both how much you've eaten and how much you've burned. This is another tool to help you avoid Famine Mode, which comes when you do not eat enough. It is also helpful in preventing snacking, as you'll lhave to put down what you ate. Those French fries do not look all that good in print.

4) Nutrition Labels: I harp on this a lot, but only because of the extreme importance of them. You may be surprised at the number of calories, fat, sodium and other dietary problems of your favorite products. I've given up quite a few because the numbers are so bad.

5) Several Short Sessions: If you get bored easily, or have little time for long workouts, take several short ones. A ten minute walk down three times a day gets thirty minutes of cardio in. You can also choose other exercises, such as hiking or bike riding to keep the boredom factor away.

There is one other thing you will need, and that's support. Try to engage your family in this lifestyle change. If they will not, find a support group and go to the sessions. Listening to others talk about the same problems you have will make you feel better, and someone may have an answer to any particular problems you have.

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Fad Weight Loss Diets and Their Impact

If you are suffering from obesity then the first thing you need to do instead of reading all these articles on the net is to first reach out to your doctor / physician for help. All these diet programs will only make matters worse for you as they will ask you to remove certain items from the food that you eat and kind of reduce the intake of calories etc and you might actually lose weight initially but after sometime you might get to your original shape or even worse. The majority of health problems that we have nowdays are due to our eating habits and also tobacco, alcohol and lack of proper exercise. Therefore, we must let the medical experts do an analysis and find the root cause of obesity and then we must proceed with changing diet etc.

These days, almost everyone young and old alike are becoming obese or overweight which is the root cause of so many diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis and gallbladder diseases. Obesity has gone so far as to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people every year. While obesity is almost 20% factor in all cases of heart disease with annual health costs estimated at billions of dollars; it's also a factor in more than half of diabetes cases around the world.

Get yourself up and do not fall for wrong diet patterns:

We all have seen and tried so many diet plans on both the paid as well as free blogs but nothing much might have happened right? Well, we cant promise ourselves six packs but with a lot of self motivation, discipline and medical assistance obesity can be controlled. In some cases, it may have been totally eliminated but in some cases it might reduce only a little which does not mean that you should stop continuing with medical help as it did not work miracles on you right away. For some the cure is fast, for some it is slow and others it can only be reduced.

In this competitive world we see so many companies cashing in on Obesity by advertising all their products whether they work or not and they end up in our shelves after a brief usage.

Why do we buy all these diet / exercise products after all? Perhaps in the hope of losing weight in that dream '2' weeks etc only to realize its not for everyone. One must not overlook the medical advances that have been made and seek help from an Obesity expert instead of looking for self – medication. Although obesity is something that can be traced to our food habits, it can also be hereditary and hence difficult to be cured.

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The 5 Health Problems Of Obesity

Obesity and overweight are more than just an issue of physical appearance. Although in itself it is not classified as a medical condition, its impact on an individual's well-being is magnanimous. Both the physical body and mental faculty of obese people are greatly affected. They often and easily get tired and uncomfortable. Having had to carry the extra weight, the body becomes more stressed, including their joints, bones and legs.

Five of the common health problems that stem from obesity and or overweight include Asthma, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Fatty Liver Disease.

A lung condition that causes the patients to have difficulty in breathing, asthma can affect all types of individuals. Although being afflicted of asthma does not have to be overweight, it is also common among people who are obese because they are easily get tired, and it is difficult for them to keep up with friends when they engage in sports or simply, when they walk . Exerting too much effort would put their body-particularly their lungs-to work overtime, causing them to forgive for more air.

Sleep Apnea
Just as obesity and or overweight poses an individual to asthma, sleep apnea is another condition associated with obese people. Sleep apnea, a condition in which one temporarily stops breathing during sleep, is a serious health problem of obese adults and kids. In such condition, individuals have an interrupted sleep. In daytime, they are restless and tired. Even their ability to concentrate and learn is obstructed. In some cases, sleep apnea can lead to heart problems.

High Blood Pressure
The Human blood pressure is affected by activity, rest, diet, temperature, posture, medications, and emotional state. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure may affect even children especially if they are obese. Obese adults are commonly at high risk of developing high blood pressure. Obesity stimulates high production of insulin in an attempt to mitigate the excess glucose concentration in the blood. The production of insulin is remarkably high in obese people in contrast to those who have a normal weight.

High Cholesterol.
High level of bad cholesterol-known as LDL-is associated with obesity. Obesity can be caused by consuming foods that have bad cholesterol, which enters the blood stream. Having high cholesterol further exposures the health to heart problems and stroke.

Fatty Liver
Besides from penetrating the bloodstream, the LDL is accumulated in the liver when an excess of it is not metabolized entirely. Over time, when an individual develops a fatty liver, the liver becomes infected, scarred, and contracts permanent liver damage. True, fatty liver is also caused by non-overweight individuals. However, statistics show that non-obese individuals who also have fatty liver are the alcoholics.

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Is There a Link Between Obesity and Depression As Some Obesity Articles Suggest?

Obesity articles suggest there is a link between obesity and other diseases, of which depression ranks very high.

The link between obesity and depression
Obese people are often ostracized by society, and this can cause depression especially in teenagers. Dr Ingrid Williamson, a Johannesburg based psychiatrist points out that overweight people may become depressed because of poor self esteem. and excess weight can also contribute to mood swings.

The reverse is also true, in that depressed people have a higher risk of becoming obese. Dr Bruce Blaine, an expert in the field, has reviewed 16 studies on the link between depression and weight gain. He has found that depressed people are at a significantly higher risk of becoming obese, and most at risk are teenage girls. Obesity articles seldom deal with this aspect of the disease.

Obesity articles need to focus more on the mind
Although there are many good books on the power of the mind, we seldom link this to the problem of obesity in the obesity articles being published. Especially in teenagers, any emotional problem is often deal with through binge eating or drinking, and we should be training the minds of young people to deal with adversity in more positive ways.

Braam Malherbe, a South African, was the first person ever to run the entire length of the Great Wall of China with his friend David Grier. They had to run a full marathon (42km) every day for 93 days. Experts told them it was humanly impossible, their bodies could not survive such punishment. They lived against huge odds, fighting off sandstorms and moving from extreme heat to extreme cold as the seasons changed. Their bodies were shattered when they finished and they needed surgery to recover, but Braam says he came to realize just how powerful the mind can be in controlling the body.

It is time for obesity articles to start concentrating much more on the mental side of controlling the disease. We know that obesity is becoming a serious problem and our health system is going to be overloaded without we can turn the tide. Tackling the obesity of our race is a problem that can only be solved one step at a time.

“A journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step”

Chairman Mao Tse-tung

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Inflammation and Obesity

Recent studies now indicate that fruits are purely provide nutrients but do not reduce our bodies' infection, therefore more cells continue producing more unhealthy cells. It's these unhealthy cells that are left to combat the extra strains on our bodies caused by stress, weight gain and empty calories. It's like sending untrained soldiers into battle. Even if you buy organic foods, do they help reduce inflation? The answer is no they do not. Infection is a serious condition that doctors are now seeing as the reason for obesity, chronic health issues and a serious health issue in today's society.

Your body makes cells from the raw products we ingest. Fast foods are mostly chemicals but may look like real food. Recently, a student took a famous fast food chain's burger and left the burger out for four months. No mold formed and the lettuce looked the same. The bun got a little hard but the meat and vegetables looked the same. Why? Preservatives, artificial ingredients, were added. Go to YouTube and see the Video.

What do you think happens in our bodies? Think about our body taking these same chemical induced ingredients and using them to produce cells to meet the growing demand to replace dying cells? Can you see where I am going? If this was our car it could be described as having used inferior oil, gas, transmission fluid etc. Over a period of time your car does not do well, it costs more to fix, and you are replacing parts that are predominately worn out by using defective or low-quality products. If you went to the auto shop you would be angry at the service person, and angry about the high bill to repair even then may or may not listen to his advice. Cars have interchangeable parts. For a price you can fix them. Our bodies are far more complex machines; there are no readily assembled parts to easily change out. A replacement heart or liver may take you one to five years on a waiting list to receive.

We must be healthy, eat healthy, and think healthy. Many people think that means more work, more time, and more of what we do not have. What are your choices? Do you realize now why we are taking so many pills, antibiotics and more to fix broken or ill systems? It took me awhile to learn this and as a former “fastfoodaholic”, I had a cholesterol level over 265 and as my doctor put it, “Son.

The foods looked good, they tasted good. While I did feel bad or not great after eating, I was full for $ 5.00 or $ 6.00 and it was fast …. yeah. Not good. After twenty years, the bad habits shown as wear and tear on my body. I was looking old, taking pills and more pills to fix illness or consistent bouts of sick days. I kept saying all along the way that eating healthy is too much work. I had a waist of 50, wearing those large baggy jeans, wondering why I was not dating much and having trouble turning my steering wheel cause my stomach was so far out there. I went to a theme park and they could not set the safety bar down so I sat alone in the rollercoaster car.

A friend came to visit me in San Diego and took pictures which he later sent to me and I noticed one picture of a fat man standing looking at the aircraft carrier. I asked my friend, “Why are you taking pictures of other people?” He said, “That's you.” That was my ah ha moment. I started reading about ways to reduce my weight. I looked into Nutrisystem but it was full of salt. I realized I need something simple to make it easier. I wanted Healthy made Easier.

A client introduced me to dark chocolate. Want to lose weight? I read articles and articles and learned that my body probably was full of chemicals and free radicals. I learned that no matter how much I worked out, if my cells were not unhealthy they would not burn efficiently and I would not lose the necessary pounds, nor in the time-frame that I wanted. I remembered that the doctor stated he was placing me on high blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine. I hate pills so I learned that Dark Chocolate, if processed the right way (not cooked), has antioxidant properties to cut my body's inflammation and change my cells back to a healthier status. Remember cells are made by the body from the raw materials we eat. I found the right product, Dark Chocolate. That still left the food that I was eating. I realized that “fast and easy” is what I want. Therefore, I started buying Healthy Choice meals to start. They are low in calories and sodium and cheap – about two dollars a meal.

How many calories should I eat? I found a wellness system that was easy, and provided the chocolate I needed. Next I needed to track calories …. what a hassle until I found myfitnesspal site. It's a free program and easy to put on your phone or computer. Most of the foods are in the site so it was easy to use. I now had my easy meals, my dark chocolate to reduce inflammation. The chocolate was in the form of a shake with a full vitamin pack included, at half the price of Jenny and Nutrisystem. The shake had a wellness support call each week to support you through the process. I needed a way to work out. 24hr Fitness had a three-year member ship that was cheap, I bought a few sessions. I began September 2010 and I ate my chocolate, my Healthy Choice meals, tracked my calories on myfitnesspal site and went to the gym or walked a lot.

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Tips on Preparing for Lap Band Surgery

For people who suffer from obesity, Lap Band Surgery has proven to be an effective method of losing a large quantity of body mass. Before a patient undergoes the surgery, they must make the proper preparations in order to have a successful surgery and successful post surgery weight loss period. The following is a list of tips on preparing for lap band surgery:

Education: Before you have lap band surgery, you should learn about the procedure. You will find a wealth of information online, including videos. As well, you should consult with your lap band surgeon, your patient coordinator, nutritionist and psychotherapist and people who have had the procedure. You should learn about: how the procedure is performed, what you will expect after the surgery, potential side effects and complications, how to physically and emotionally prepare for the procedure, and what you should be doing during the recovery period.

Medication: You need to learn about what type of drugs you should avoid before and after the surgery, including over-the-counter medications. You should also learn how long you should avoid taking specific drugs. As well, you should make sure you have acquainted the necessary medications that are required for the recovery period such as pain medication. There are other important medical items you should have such as bandages and dressings, and a thermometer.

Lifestyle Changes: There are certain activities that increase surgery complications. For instance, you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery.

Arrange Support System: It is essential that you have people to support you after the surgery. The surgery only lasts about 45 minutes so you will need to have someone to drive you to the clinic and back home after the surgery.

Clothing: Select the clothing you will wear on the day of the procedure and during the recovery period. The best clothing is loose fitting and comfortable items as you do not want to feel constrained and aggravate any incisions.

Prepare For Your New Diet: The recovery period will involve a change in diet. You should understand what you have to eat and in what texture. Make sure you have acquainted the necessary foods that you will be consuming. Get a copy of the surgeon's diet protocols.

Plan Recovery Period: There will be specific time periods where you will add new foods to your diet and begin an exercise program. It is important to have a schedule so you are able to implement the right activities and food at the right time.

Obesity is a serious health problem in our society with many serious health and financial implications. Lap band weight loss surgery is an effective and sustainable method of losing the excess weight and improving your life. Because it is a medical procedure, it is important to properly prepare to ensure the surgery and weight loss is a success.

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Adult Obesity Problems

Adult obesity is one of the problems which are being faced by one out of five adults all over the world. So if you find yourself gaining weight and are looking at the easiest ways on how to lose weight, here are some tips and techniques which are going to come in useful. Firstly, Adult obesity is getting to be a problem because the lifestyle of a number of people all over the world is changing drastically.

More and more people stop leading active lifestyles, every day because they have more interesting things to do with their time. So why do they need to exercise when they can spend their time more enjoyable watching movies, playing games on the Internet getting in touch with their friends on their cell phone and doing all this sitting comfortably on a well cushioned sofa. This is one of the reasons why more and more people find themselves wondering how they managed to put on that extra weight around their tummies and thighs.

Then comes another main reason of adult obesity. There was a time when we bothered about the food that we ate. That was because what was put on the table was what we could afford to eat. That food included beans, legumes, fruit, vegetables, meat, and freshly baked bread. This food was cooked in olive oil under the close oversight of mom or grandma. But nowadays we really do not have time to go into the kitchen and waste about two – three hours preparing a fresh meal when we can order out.

This change in lifestyle, especially when we have easy access to junk food and fast food is one of the reasons why we find ourselves putting on weight so fast. And then we could not be bothered to exercise those extra calories off; there is a movie we need to see, and coupled exercising is so boring!

So is it a wonder that we soon reach a stage when we start to press the action station panic button and start looking for shortcuts on how to lose weight. And that is the time when we get into the expensive trap of fads and Castle in the air Weight loss promises. So here are some facts on how to lose weight. There is absolutely no way in which you can lose weight overnight.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to lose anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds in a week through following a healthy diet supported by regular exercise. No medicine, no pill, no magic potion and no mumbo-jumbo are going to get rid of that extra beer belly overnight. A normal weight loss should take anywhere between 48 to 72 hours to show up in your body. That weight loss is going to be temporary because your body is getting rid of toxins and extra water. So, it is only through following a regular healthy diet, – ditching the junk food and processed foods – and changing your lifestyle from sedentary to active, that you can and will be able to see a proper and visible weight loss over a given period of time.

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Poor Health National Threat – 72.5 Million Adults Obese and the Answer to Overcome Obesity Is Simple

Obesity increases the risk of disease and reducing the quality of a persons life not only the cost is impedes on society. A study was conducted in 2001 to prevent and decrease overweight and obesity by 15% and by 2007 this target had not been reached. Can you imagine what these people can achieve in 6 years? They would not only have achieved a fat burning body but also now being enjoying there new found quality of life.

In the same study over the past decade, obesity has become recognized as a national health threat and a major public health challenge. In 2007-2008, based on BMI (body mass index), approximately 72.5 million adults in the US were obese. Obesity causes diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and premature death. In 1987 to 2001, these diseases associated with obesity accounted for 27% of the increases in US medical costs. For 2006, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at as much as $ 147 billion; obese people had estimated medical costs that were $ 1,429 higher than a person of normal weight. No wonder there was an economic downturn everyone is getting fatter!

Yet the facts are the answer to weight loss or a fat burning body which you want to call it is so simple. The first thing you need to understand is that weight loss is an energy balance which means the food you consume (eat) should be less than you expend (exercise, metabolise). When you know what your daily metabolic calorie intake should be eg. 1800 calories you need to eat less than this to lose weight simple equation.

Now where people get confused they think if I exercise then I can eat more! Wrong, when you exercise you minus this calorie burning effort away from your metabolic calorie intake and you should be in deficit and yes you will be losing weight. Hooray the simple answer the next thing you need to be aware of is not all exercise is created equal so do what you can and find out how many calories you are burning for the exercise you are doing and also know your metabolic calorie take so you can do the simple equation.

Lastly for the extra boost and a little hint to the simplicity of the equation if you weight train as part of your exercise you will increase lean muscle to your body and the more lean muscle you have on your body the faster your body will burn fat metabolically .

So here it is all put together:

Step 1: Find out your metabolic calorie take eg. 1800 caloires

Step 2 : Eat fewer calories 1500 calories than your metabolic calorie intake eg. 1800 calories

Step 3: Do some exercise and find out how many calories the exercise is burning for you eg. 500 calories for 1 hour of exercise.

Step 4: Boost – Do some weight training 1 pound of muscle can burn an extra 30-100 metabolic calories

How fast or how slow you go is up to you its all about consistency and if it takes 1 year to get healthy then imagine what can happen for you in 6 years time.

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Are Americans Getting Too Fat?

In the United States, we have seen a big increase in the population that can be identified as “obese” by the medical community.The word has even gotten worse: “Obesity Epidemic”.

We now see all sorts of pharmaceutical companies selling these quick fix remedies, pills, liquids, and lotions that do nothing to help and some can even be harmful. It's a shame, but the same can be said of the diet industry.

There are so many diet pills and remedies out there, you can lose weight by just counting the different plans. Year after year, more and more diets are hitting the market and the state that we are in does not change … Americans are still fat!

We need to be told the truth about what we are doing wrong. We are gaining weight and no one seems to know why.

What is really needed are some sensible proven weight loss tips that people can apply, no matter what their present physical condition is.

Now with that be said, lets begin:

1) We need to drink more water. Stop drinking all those soft drinks. We are on the border line of being dehydrate everyday. Drinking water helps to flush harmful toxins from the system.

2) Eat more often. I know you thought I was going to say eat less. It's true you need to eat less calories, but the body is a furnace and it needs to have the fluid to keep you going all day without fatigue. So start your day with a good breakfast. Just look at the word “breakfast”. It means to break the fast that you were on over night while sleeping.

3) Keep the body moving. Especially, you office people. You do not know it, but you are shorting your life span by sitting 8 hours without moving. Get up and move your limbs. Use the stairs, rather than using the elevator. Park the car farther away from the office building and walk to it. This will help the heart pump and circulate the blood that is needed to refresh the body.
Go for a walk, play with the kids, and get them away from the TV set. Just have some fun and you will help yourself in the process.

In order for this to work. You must come to terms with yourself. You must know why you want to lose weight.

For me, it was seeing my grand kids and knowing I want to be a vital part of their life. In order to do that, I must be healthy and remain on the planet.

What will be your motivator?

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Gastric Band Surgery Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

Gastric band surgery can dramatically improve the quality of your life. On average Patients lose 70 percent of their excess body weight over a period of two to three years. Gradual weight loss over the ensuing few years after the procedure can bring significant improvements in health.

Lap-band surgery patients who have undergone the surgery can reduce the risk of developing sever health conditions related to morbid obesity, such as hypertensive, high cholesterol, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, acid reflux disease, asthma , and osteoarthritis.

Gastric band surgery is one of the most popular procedures at most obesity clinics and carries several advantages over other bariatric techniques. This is because it does not involve any cutting, stapling, or other permanent alterations to the stomach and intestines.

Gastric banding patients are quite often very motivated patients, and in the long term weight loss has the added benefit of giving the patients a more active and fulfilling sex life, add to this an increase in self-confidence, increased mobility, less illness and a longer life-expectancy Make this type of weight loss very attractive for patients and surgeons alike.

Bariatric surgery does not have a few known risks , but these are usually quite rare. One of the main risks as with any surgery is the risk of developing an infection following the adjustable lap band placement according to university of Pittsburgh medical center. Infection symptoms such as fever, inflammation or pain at the surgical site located around the area of ​​the abdomen where the ring is adjusted should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible.

Following surgery you would be required to follow strict diet and fitness guidelines to ensure long-term weight loss. The lap band will make it so that you want to eat less because you feel fuller, but you also have to learn about your attitudes and desires when it comes to food.

If you are obese or overweight, are desperate to loss those access pounds, and if nothing else has worked for you before then you owe it to yourself to find out if gastric band surgery could be the solution you are looking for.

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