Our bodies are amazing It's true what the Good Book says: “We are fearfully and wonderfully made”. How sad it is that we have very little idea of ​​how to care for it and give it the best chance of survival for the amount of years we need it! The headline I started with is a classic example.

We believe that, because we have excess fat, we need to starve ourselves of food. Like the carers of the elderly care home resident, we sometimes starve ourselves buy skipping meals and reducing our general food intake to the point where our bodies cry out for sustenance.

The body needs a regular supply of nourishment; it needs all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to survive. Sadly we fall into the trap of starving ourselves in order to lose weight.

The body can store fat, and that's pretty much it. It can not store vitamins, and can only store a very limited amount of minerals. Starving ourselves not only deprives our bodies of fat, but everything else we need on a daily basis. You can be the fattest person in the world and yet still be dangerously malnourished

Think about it. It's an extreme scenario but, just supposing you drink a liter of vegetable oil every day, and ate nothing else. I guarantee you will always put on a heck of a lot of weight, but your health and vitality would be seriously compromised. You would suffer from rickets and scurvy. You would not be able to process information as your brain would cease to function correctly. You would be tired, and unable to go about your daily activities. your bones would become brittle. Your skin would flake and fall off. Your internal organs would begin to feed on themselves in an attempt to recover vital and essential minerals to sustain life; in a word you would be suffering from malnutrition, even though you were storing a huge amount of fat.

And this is what people all over Europe and America are doing every day! Yes the above scenario is extreme, but this is what we are all doing in a futile attempt to lose weight.

Most people who have gotten stuck in a diet rut skip meals. In doing this they are preventing the body from functioning correctly. They start to feel tired and listless. They may even be plagued by repeated illnessess; and all because they are suffering from nutrient deprivation, which is just another term for malnutrition. Yes, cut down on the fat, but not at the expense of everything else you need to survive. It's not rocket science; the more nourishment your body receives the more energy you will have, and the greater capacity to work off the excess fat you are carrying.

The equation is simple really. Eat sensibly and live your life energized and raring to go!