Obesity in America and obesity-related diseases claims more than 300,000 lives a year!

Ok. I'm not trying to scare you off or anything. That's a fact that we Americans do not have to live with … BUT we must fight against.

Just a couple of facts, not to set you in panic, but to show why taking action RIGHT NOW is the only practical option that we have:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that, for the past 20 years, 2 out of 3 American adults are obese. That's a staggering 60%!

On the other hand, obesity in children has increased by a worrying 33% for the past couple of years.

From a report back in 2006: 24.6% of the American population have been diagnosed with obesity and obesity-related diseases (cancer, heart attack, etc.).

And I could go on and on spilling out facts and figures saying one thing: obesity in America has become an epidemic, everyone will soon be bloated and that's not healthy!

So what are we to do?

No, I will not recommend you a “Lose 10 Pounds A Day” program or any “Cut Off 100 Pounds With One Tablet” medication. At least, not for now. For us to successfully rebound from the blows of this outbreak, we must know first what EXACTLY is the cause of obesity in America.

I want you to think hard … Think really hard before reading on.

It's easy to realize that with all the temptation to eat more than we're provided to – on the TV, radio, dashing billboards, and colorful posters picturing a juicy hamburger or mouth-watering ice cream, it's very easy to give in.

I'd even bet that a lot of you out there felt hungry just by reading the lines above! And I say to you DO NOT give in, read more.

Combine the fact that there is food ALL around us with the life of sitting at cars, at office desks, at sleep-inducing couches, and dialing an easy-to-remember number to get MORE FOOD – everyone is now in danger of being obese .

It's our lifestyle that has betrayed us.

Technological advances have achieved so much, and we're all thankful. It took our comfort and convenience zones to great heights … to the point that we're living a sedentary lifestyle.

Our lifestyle promotes inactivity. We eat a lot and do little, inevitably, resulting to calorie and fat build-up. And since we almost NEVER get the chance to use up those bulk calories inside, it snowballs into something bigger and fattier.

Now that we've figured out the WHY, let's get to the HOW to stop obesity in America .

Just do the opposite of what we're currently doing. But it's not as easy as it sounds. For some, it means sweating his way to work or even shelling out more cash since healthier options cost more than the not-so-healthy ones.

It may not be the most convenient of alternatives but that's what we have at our disposal. Here are some concrete tips to get you started:

Anti-Obesity In America Tip 1 – Be active! Sweat it for at least 30 minutes a day to prevent weight gain. And to lose some, it may be necessary to do it for an hour or more.

Anti-Obesity In America Tip 2 – Know what you're eating. Check out the nutrition facts before eating up that canned food item. Create a list of what you ate and drop those that contain high amounts of calories.

Anti-Obesity In America Tip 3 – I have to repeat this: BE ACTIVE! Walk to work if you're near; park farther so you've got to walk somehow; walk to your officemate rather than e-mail them … and please, if you're buying pizza or any fast food, walk to the store.