You are going to be surprised to know that 40% of supposedly intelligent parents are in a state of denial. They will not admit the fact that their children are suffering from obesity. According to them, their children are healthy with round chubby rosy cheeks. And that is because they are under the impression that being fat immediately means being healthy! 1/8 children all over the world are suffering from obesity, especially in countries where the standard of living is comparatively high. That is why a huge number of children in Europe, Australia and North America are suffering from obesity.

Now here are some reasons for obesity, and parents need to get to know all about it before their children start suffering from gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, and even diabetes due to overeating. First of all, a number of processed foods and junk foods along with foods with chemical preservatives are not much bothered about the nutritive value. They are also not bothered about the calorie content and that is why children who daily diet consist of junk food, high fat food, carbonated drinks, sugars, (including cane-based sugar and fructose) are definitely going to put on weight in a couple of months. Apart from that, many parents are not much bothered about a healthy diet. This diet should consist of organically grown beans, veggies, fruit, legumes, whole grains, cereals and healthy oils like coconut oil and olive oil.

They are quite content as long as their child is eating, and eating something without any fuss. Naturally, the child is definitely not going to fuss when it is allowed to eat harmful junk. He is also going to protest when he is made to change his diet. So that is the reason why the main point to be noted while facing the growing epidemic of obesity is – look at what you eat and incorporate healthy eating habits in your diet.

If a child is not used to a healthy diet, just because his parent could not be bothered to prepare a healthy and delicious meal, naturally, you can not blame him for growing fat and lethargic. Apart from that, parents as well as schools are not bothered about physical activities, focusing more on mental activities because they are under the impression that a child needs to concentrate more on mental work and knowledge for future success. Unfortunately, this attitude is having a detrimental effect on the physical condition of children all over the world. Children are encouraged to sit in front of a computer and work on it instead of going out in the fresh air and indulging in some wholesome old-fashioned jumping about and acting like a child. So the way a child spends its leisure time or any free time is going to be considered an important factor in whether he has a future candidate for childhood obesity or is a healthy, happy normal child. Parents who understand this and wish to prevent obesity in their child are so going to make sure that their child eats a healthy diet while pursuing an active lifestyle.