Researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia discovered that the way the stomach detects and tells our brains how full we are damaged with obesity, and the mechanism does not return to normal once those people lose weight. Potentially a key reason why most people who lose weight on a diet ever regain the weight. Only 5% of obese people on diets are able to maintain their weight loss, and most people who've been on a diet put all of that weight back on within two years, often with further adiposity. Scientific fact is obesity changes many communications and interactions within the body, and some of these are powerful powerful opponents.

Obesity and sustainable fat loss are a challenge for the majority of the population. The problem is we are relying on weight loss for all so to speak. Let's make it look soooo … simple that if you buy into what we are trying to sell you (fat loss foods, gym memberships, exercise equipment) we will make you empty promises and prey on your desperation to lose weight.

Medical research has soared in the last 15 years over the many magical mysteries of our stomach. The study listed above was published in late 2013 in the International Journal of Obesity – The hormone leptin, a relative newcomer in terms of research, now known to regulate food intake, can change the sensitivity of the nerves in the stomach that signal fullness. Leptin normally acts to stop food intake. The stomach damaged by high-fat diet induced obesity, leptin further desensitizes the nerves that detect fullness. Simply summarized: Leptin performance is altered from high fat diets.

A recent study showed that calories in certain fast foods have come down and people are feeding their children few fast foods, but nutritional choices are still poor. Although calories are coming down, childhood obesity and adult obesity rates are not coming down. Again obesity control is not an equation of simple mathematics, it requires an understanding of many complex chemical interactions in the body. This is why only 5% of people who have previously been obese keep the weight off:
Hormone interactions
Digestive Enzymes
Stomach acid
Life of the fat cell
Gut brain communication
thyroid function, liver function, adrenal function …

Just to name a few obesity complications … on top of lifestyle habits including food addictions, lack of understanding of what exercise really means, sedentary lifestyles …

We all have experienced the frustration of cutting calories drastically for a few days – than the fury and vengeance of the appetite with such drastic deprivation. As unfathomable as it sounds … our bodies were programmed by evolution to not starve. In today's world – this seems like a really bad joke – but it is no joke.

Sustainable fat loss is not a one size fits all model, its about scientifically analyzing what your particular challenges are, dealing with them. Fat loss will not be sustainable just by drastically cutting calories and going to the gym, hiring a personal trainer. The myths of exercise for weight loss are tragic. These physiological saboteurs to fat loss are a formidable alternative- and need to be laid to rest.

As a health coach for many years – I have also found 2 personality characteristics in frustrated dieters that prevail – and unbeknownst to them – are sabotaging their efforts:

-An over confidence in knowing what they are doing and not doing – we do not know ourselves and our behaviors and habits as well as we think we know them.
-Ready with a “this will not work because …” nobody wants to admit to this – but when you work with a person and they are always armed with “I know I know I know” and an artillery of why things won 't work … a closed mind will not work in a scientific fact finding mission. Successful fat loss is dependent on discovering the saboteurs with an open mind – and a willingness to try to adapt and modify behaviors. Fat loss, excuse me sounding blunt – needs methodical change based on science, discovery, fact finding as any scientific experiment. We follow a scientific model of discovery, NOT an oversimplified, generalized equation.

The mental training is equally important to fat loss success. Following a rote, formula is the # 1 reason weight loss programs fail. Scientific discoveries would have stuck in the cave man days if researchers were not open to experiments yielding finds that tore apart their hypothesis. Opening the mind to scientific experimentation and discovery is the difference, find the scientific method that works for you.