Do you know that obesity can be a very serious problem as far as various tumors are concerned? Do you know that excess body weight is not just a cosmetic defect, but the cause of various diseases? In this article we would like to briefly observe the interconnection between our excess body weight and tumors and to suggest some ways out.

The problem is connected with the way, how tumor cells get nutrients. At first stages they do not have access to bloodstream, which delivers nutrients to all inner organs and their cells. So, because of it, tumor cells have to obtain nutrients from the surrounding healthy cells. At this stage, these tumor cells are not dangerous, because they exist in unfavorable terms. But there is still a problem here. If we overfill our body will nutrients and do not spend enough of them, the body begins to store them as fat. The most important thing here is the one, that if we eat a lot of carbohydrates and do not spend their inside form – glycogen, – the body begins to transmute this glycogen into fat. This process takes place in the liver. Soon all the cells in the liver are full of fat, and there is no more place for the incoming glycogen to be placed. The glucose, which should be transmuted into glycogen, stays in the bloodstream.

All this leads to the situation, when the body cells get more glucose. As they have it more than enough, they generously share it with the tumor cells. Tumor cells begin their slow development. The more nutrients are get, the faster that development is going to be. As a result, lactic acid begins to gather around these cells. At first, there are no blood vessels near tumor cells. But as the amount of lactic acid increases, the body begins to extend blood vessels to this area in order to reach into the lactic acid. Since that time tumor cells get access to bloodstream which is rich with nutrients. Since that time we can not speak about any preventive measures, relating tumors. We should apply to doctors for qualified treatment.

But why not take care of our health and lose weight in order not to let glucose increase its level in the bloodstream? If we lose excess body weight, we will free our liver cells, and there will be enough space place for glycogen to be stored. There will not be any increase in glucose level in the bloodstream, and our tumor cells will not have access to so necessary for them nutrients. And there will not be any tumor development. Beside, we will get a better look, a tangible proof, that we are doing right.