Whenever a new weight loss pill arrives on the market, thanks to the sound advertisement back-up, it gets instant recognition, and people queue up to buy this product, thinking that this new supplement will work miracles for them. But soon after, realizing that this new product is actually a damp squib, a non-performer, they quickly dump it and start assessing how much time, energy and money they have lost in the process.

A poor life this. For, they are actually a group of desperate people looking for a quick weight loss solution, a product that will instantly deliver and help them shed those extra pounds they have been burdened with. Sadly, in their bid to achieve something quite simple, they get duped by unscrupulous manufacturers and greedy internet marketers to make a fast buck.

However, not all products are scams and indeed there are pills on the market that have already proved their mettle, being safe and effective. One such slimming pill is Meratol, the latest product dished out by Advanced Health, the makers of Capsiplex and C-plex 60, a company which has already made a name for itself on the weight loss market.

But why should one buy Meratol? Is it just another media hype promoting a useless product? Is it safe and reliable? Is it an effective weight loss solution? Theses issues have to be addressed first before one should think of buying this product.

You will be happy to hear that Meratol is just not another run-of-the-mill weight loss product destined to meet with oblivion after an initial response. On the contrary, it is born to be different. While almost all other slimming pills are programmed to combat only one aspect of weight loss, Meratol makes a combined 4-prong attack on obesity. It boosts metabolism, reduces fat, burns calories and blocks carbs -all at once.

How does Meratol achieve this remarkable feat ?. The manufactures reposed their faith on traditional herbal medicine which men have successfully used from times immemorial. Now take a close look at the ingredients that center Meratol. It contains:

1) Prickly Pear : anti-oxidant and fat binder.

2) Brown Sea weed : rich in minerals and reduce calorie intake.

3) Cactus Extract : effective carb blocker.

4) Capsicum extract : proven fat burner.

Little wonder that Meratol, equipped with such powerful natural ingredients, tackles obesity headlong and thanks to it, people now can lose weight fast and easy, safe and naturally, without fearing about negative side-effects. So, if you are looking for a slimming pill, which is safe and effective, you need not go beyond Meratol. Concept-wise it is brilliant, albeit traditional, and its powerful ingredients are bound to make it a potent weight loss weapon. Truly, Meratol has the potential to become one of the most successful slimming supplements of the coming years.