Recent studies now indicate that fruits are purely provide nutrients but do not reduce our bodies' infection, therefore more cells continue producing more unhealthy cells. It's these unhealthy cells that are left to combat the extra strains on our bodies caused by stress, weight gain and empty calories. It's like sending untrained soldiers into battle. Even if you buy organic foods, do they help reduce inflation? The answer is no they do not. Infection is a serious condition that doctors are now seeing as the reason for obesity, chronic health issues and a serious health issue in today's society.

Your body makes cells from the raw products we ingest. Fast foods are mostly chemicals but may look like real food. Recently, a student took a famous fast food chain's burger and left the burger out for four months. No mold formed and the lettuce looked the same. The bun got a little hard but the meat and vegetables looked the same. Why? Preservatives, artificial ingredients, were added. Go to YouTube and see the Video.

What do you think happens in our bodies? Think about our body taking these same chemical induced ingredients and using them to produce cells to meet the growing demand to replace dying cells? Can you see where I am going? If this was our car it could be described as having used inferior oil, gas, transmission fluid etc. Over a period of time your car does not do well, it costs more to fix, and you are replacing parts that are predominately worn out by using defective or low-quality products. If you went to the auto shop you would be angry at the service person, and angry about the high bill to repair even then may or may not listen to his advice. Cars have interchangeable parts. For a price you can fix them. Our bodies are far more complex machines; there are no readily assembled parts to easily change out. A replacement heart or liver may take you one to five years on a waiting list to receive.

We must be healthy, eat healthy, and think healthy. Many people think that means more work, more time, and more of what we do not have. What are your choices? Do you realize now why we are taking so many pills, antibiotics and more to fix broken or ill systems? It took me awhile to learn this and as a former “fastfoodaholic”, I had a cholesterol level over 265 and as my doctor put it, “Son.

The foods looked good, they tasted good. While I did feel bad or not great after eating, I was full for $ 5.00 or $ 6.00 and it was fast …. yeah. Not good. After twenty years, the bad habits shown as wear and tear on my body. I was looking old, taking pills and more pills to fix illness or consistent bouts of sick days. I kept saying all along the way that eating healthy is too much work. I had a waist of 50, wearing those large baggy jeans, wondering why I was not dating much and having trouble turning my steering wheel cause my stomach was so far out there. I went to a theme park and they could not set the safety bar down so I sat alone in the rollercoaster car.

A friend came to visit me in San Diego and took pictures which he later sent to me and I noticed one picture of a fat man standing looking at the aircraft carrier. I asked my friend, “Why are you taking pictures of other people?” He said, “That's you.” That was my ah ha moment. I started reading about ways to reduce my weight. I looked into Nutrisystem but it was full of salt. I realized I need something simple to make it easier. I wanted Healthy made Easier.

A client introduced me to dark chocolate. Want to lose weight? I read articles and articles and learned that my body probably was full of chemicals and free radicals. I learned that no matter how much I worked out, if my cells were not unhealthy they would not burn efficiently and I would not lose the necessary pounds, nor in the time-frame that I wanted. I remembered that the doctor stated he was placing me on high blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine. I hate pills so I learned that Dark Chocolate, if processed the right way (not cooked), has antioxidant properties to cut my body's inflammation and change my cells back to a healthier status. Remember cells are made by the body from the raw materials we eat. I found the right product, Dark Chocolate. That still left the food that I was eating. I realized that “fast and easy” is what I want. Therefore, I started buying Healthy Choice meals to start. They are low in calories and sodium and cheap – about two dollars a meal.

How many calories should I eat? I found a wellness system that was easy, and provided the chocolate I needed. Next I needed to track calories …. what a hassle until I found myfitnesspal site. It's a free program and easy to put on your phone or computer. Most of the foods are in the site so it was easy to use. I now had my easy meals, my dark chocolate to reduce inflammation. The chocolate was in the form of a shake with a full vitamin pack included, at half the price of Jenny and Nutrisystem. The shake had a wellness support call each week to support you through the process. I needed a way to work out. 24hr Fitness had a three-year member ship that was cheap, I bought a few sessions. I began September 2010 and I ate my chocolate, my Healthy Choice meals, tracked my calories on myfitnesspal site and went to the gym or walked a lot.