Obesity is bad. But do not lose heart. Where there is a will there is a way. If you are obese your hormones always look for eating something. You will not be able to resist. The best way to resist is not go for dieting but to go for small portion of nutritious eatables. Do not fall prey to your tongue. Fall pray to your health. Nothing can substitute the work out. Consistency is the mantra. Otherwise what amount of nutrition you take and how often you take to control your diet will not bear any fruit. The experience is only bitter.

If you are obese how much of folic acid you need is the question. First of all let us see whether this nutrition helps obesity. In fact there is no direct evidence to prove that it helps to reduce your weight. But the fact is inadequate folic acid will hamper lipid metabolism. From this angle there is an indirect benefit to reduce the weight.

We are made up of trillions of cells which are nothing but building blocks of protein. For protein synthesis folate is important. Whenever our body finds no glucose it turns to seek for reserve fat. Here the nutrition folate helps to metabolize the fat by breaking them down and provide energy. In this way the quantum of fat is reduced. We can say to this extent there is a help for weight loss and a solution to obesity.

It is very interesting to note that without folic acid the DNA and RNA are redundant. DNA plays a vital role to find the root cause of obesity. There are hundreds of reasons why a person is obese. Untitled correctly properly it will be difficult to pin point and provide solution. From this angle folate is very important to keep in tact the DNA to support the diagnosis. Although these are far-fetched reasons the fundamentals of this nutrition to protein synthesize can not be under. This is essential to attack obesity.

Having known the importance if you are obese how much folic acid you need? All adults should have 400 to 500 mcg of folic acid every day. Pregnant woman should have 600 mcg per day. Because folic acid is important for rapid cell division and formation. The fetus in the mother undergoes such condition and the mother should have adequate quantity of folate.

Folic acid is rich in citrus fruits like orange, pineapple, strawberry etc. Take spinach, broccoli and green turnip to get good amount of folate. Pig liver has folate. You can also take folic acid fortified foods like bread and breakfast cereals.

My suggestion will be to go in for a complete planned nutrition intake including folic acid to solve the obesity. Of course there is no substitute for work out. Daily I take a fantastic nutrition supplement that has more than 70 herbs and salts that provides all the nutrition. This holistic approach is the best solution to come out of obesity. Visit my website and I am sure you will have more answers to the question if you are obese how much folic acid is required.