Nearly everyone is fat conscious these days. Being fat is not only unhealthy but also treated with pretempt. Unlike the past, jobs require little or no exercise. People who do exercises regularly decrease their overall fat level. Depending on the amount of fat loss it can result in reduction of measurement without a loss of weight, but with the proper combination of diet and exercise, both fat and overall weight can be reduced.

Eat just the right amount of calories that your body's energy needs, too much will result in fat. If you maintain this procedure, your weight will remain the same.

A balanced diet must be a part of any weight control plan. The diet should contain enough calories to satisfy daily nutrient requirements and include the proper number of servings per day from the basic four food groups: vegetables and fruits [4 servings], milk and milk products [2-4 depending on age], bread and Cereals [4 servings] and meats and fish [2 servings].

Daily intake should not fall below 1200 calories without under medical supervision. Weekly weight loss must not exceed two pounds.

Crash diets must not be followed because loss of water in body is quick and weight will be gained after normal diet is resumed. Also it is extremely dangerous and they do not stress on lifestyle changes that help maintain body weight.

Modern living = [- exercise]. So start a regular exercise program. Daily exercise does wonders. It is simple and the most effective. It gives back the vigor and energy of childhood. A healthy body refreshes the mind also.

Increasing the amount of bone breaking activities in daily life ensures that the body never gains weight. Lazing around and procrastinating are never good. So to maintain a healthy slim body, hard work should be the back bone of your weight loss regime. 1. gardening on weekends 2. bowling 3. social dancing 4. walking to grocery store instead of using car 5. parking vehicle two blocks away from office 6. using the staircase 7. walking inside the office to get a file

All these activities must be done on a regular basis to get the desired effect.

The type of exercise that requires energy the most is aerobics, derived from the Greek word 'with oxygen'. Jogging, brisk walking, swimming, biking, cross country skiing, and aerobic dancing are some popular forms of aerobic exercise. Regular exercise will improve cardio respiratory endurance and you will be able to build a healthy body while getting rid of excess fat.

Exercises decreases stress and relieves tensions that might otherwise lead to overeating. Before starting on a weight loss program 1. Check with your doctor first on what type of exercise you can do. 2. Choose activities that give enjoyment, so that you will stick to it. 3. Set aside a regular time for exercise. 4. Short term goals should be set and a progress record should be kept. 5. Change the type of exercise often to keep continued interest. Ask friends and family to join to make it more fun. 6. Include weight and / or percentage body fat measures in log. 7. Shift to higher levels of fitness programs. 8. Boast to other about your success. 9. Reward yourself from time to time to boost your interest. 10. Include a warm up and cool down period to avoid injuries

These are some of the measures that could have been adopted to maintain a smart and healthy body. Regular exercises and a healthy food intake are the only lasting cures for weight loss.