If you look closely at the demographic details of the world, you would find that most of the people with fat bellies and flabby limbs are from the developed countries in the world. Take for example the US. More than two-thirds of the population of the country is in a state of obesity, in one way or the other. Obese children are growing in numbers at a higher rate compared to adults.

Their regular consumption of junk foods, preference for fries over vegetables, the lack of fruit in their meals and a number of other factors have exposed them to obesity and a variety of diseases at a very young age. They live with the problem through the rest of their lives and always have to remain alert about warning symptoms appearing.

On the other hand, take a look at the African population. People from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and some other poor countries are well-built, even though they may not be muscular. But they do not have cardiac problems chasing them through their life. They have a meal of fresh mostly vegetable produce and rarely cook their food. The fruits and berries collected from the forests and the fruits and vegetables produced in fields serve their purpose. The people in Africa do hard physical labor; there are no computers and no need for these people to sit all day breaking their heads with complex problems. They have a very simple lifestyle with a few wants. In turn, they get to experience very little stress.

African people do have other medical problems; however not obesity. Their lifespan is relatively short because they are weak and vulnerable to other diseases. But as far as cardiac diseases are concerned, they just do not have them. Their lean bodies are built to cope with the life in a tough natural environment. Their primary needs remain food, clothing and shelter.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the more active you are the greater your chances are developing heart disease. This health condition can pose imminent danger on your life. Fried chickens and French fries washed down with generous amounts of soda may sound delicious, but over a period of time the consequences are more damaging than anything else.

In order to avoid obesity or cure it, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle with more physical exercise and a diet with simple healthy foods. Reducing the stress in your life is equally important.