Lap band surgery is an effective method to achieving a large amount of weight loss. After patients under lap band surgery, they will have to follow a strict new diet that must be adhered to in order to prevent post surgery complications such as band slippage and vomiting. As well, the new diet will ensure that they begin to form good habits that will help them lose the excess weight. During the recovery period, there are specific time periods when foods are introduced in various textures. You should discuss the post lap band diet with your nutritionist to ensure you have a complete understanding of the diet.

The following are a number of general guidelines on post lap band surgery diet:

Lap Band Surgery – First Several Days: After lap band surgery, it is very important to follow the post-op diet stages carefully to ensure full healing of the band. You will be sipping water and sucking on ice cubes to stay hydrated. You will also be drinking clear fluids and liquid protein for nourishment. The main purpose of this stage is to remain hydrated and allow healing.

Weeks 1 to 2 – Liquid Diet: You will be able to drink liquids such as strained soups, fruit and vegetable juices with no added sugar, milk, low fat yogurt, and protein shakes.

Week 3 – Pureed Foods: You will introduce slowly textured foods that are rich in protein and then start to introduce fruits and vegetables into your diet. The pureed foods stage prepares your body for solid food so it is important to go slowly and do not rush it as your stomach is still adjusting. Pureed foods are the consistency of mashed potatoes. Most foods that have been placed in the blender or food processor fall into this category.

Week 4 – Soft Food transitioning to regular solids by day 7: This stage is the transition to eating regular foods. You start with softer, easier foods and then move along gradually.
To prevent swelling and irritation as well as vomiting, make sure you thoroughly chew your food.

Solid Foods: Once you can consume solid foods without complications eat only three nutrient and protein rich meals a day and two snacks if necessary. As well, chew your food thoroughly.

After you have introduced solid foods in your diet, there are certain foods that you should avoid. These foods include: doughy cuts, carbonated and high calorie drinks, high calorie and fatty foods. As well, when eating, do not eat between meals, eat only quality food, and stop eating when you start to feel full. Drink plenty of water daily. Basically, you should be consuming healthy foods that are prepared in a healthy way, and the foods should be rich in nutrients and come from all of the food groups. You should also be implementing a healthy exercise plan.

The diet after lap band surgery is very specific so it is important to consult with your nutritionist and lap band surgeon to ensure that your weight loss endeavors are a success.