In order to lose weight, many girls are on a “healthy” diet. In fact, some popular diet tips for weight loss can be harmful to health. Here are a list of four diet mistakes that are likely to cause weight regaining. Be careful, do not fall into the following mistakes.

Mistake 1: Do not eat high-calorie snacks
Advice: Eat what you like

The fitness secret of French women lies in savoring food slowly. We should continue to eat our favorite food, such as chocolates and cakes, but remember to eat just a little. It seems impossible for us to give up snacks which are generally rich in calories. The more you control yourself not to eat favorite food, the more you desire for it. In the end, you would eat more than usual due to suppression.

Mistake 2: Keep away from meat
Advice: Eat some meat everyday

Meat is rich in protein which is a necessity for body growth. The best nutrition collocation: 30% protein, 20% fat, 10% carbohydrates and 50% cellulose. This can reset your metabolism, effective in losing weight. Scientific research shows that protein is more likely to have satiety feeling than carbohydrates and fat.

Mistake 3: No sugar
Advice: Intake proper amount of sugar

Many people owe obesity to sugar. Actually, it's wrong. Obesity is caused by imbalance between total calorie intake and total consumption. It's unreasonable to think that only sugar will lead to obesity. Sugar is a necessity for health. You are advised to take proper amount of sugar according to the principle of nutrition balance.

Mistake 4: Eat vegetables as much as you like
Advice: Watch for vegetable cooking

Vegetables can be categorized as low-calorie food. However, too much oil condiment in cooking may hinder your efforts for fitness. In addition, low calorie does not mean no fat. Eating too much vegetables would also lead to obesity.

In a word, we should avoid those diet mistakes and take healthy measures to keep fit.