We already know that omega oil counteracts an abundance of omega 6 fatty acids with its own beneficial fats. This brings about improved heart function, lower blood pressure, the alleviation of inflammation and pain, and even in cancer and heart disease prevention. Now, consider the weight loss potential that lies within omega EPA dosage.

Increasing your levels of omega three fatty acids actually increases your fat burning capability. Taking the best fish oil also reduces insulin and triglycerides. What happens when you have less insulin? Then your body has no choice but to use your stored fat for regular energy. Therefore, you burn more fat because you have less insulin.

Other omega 3 benefits include the inhibitory of carb-fat conversion, as well as the reduction of intestinal hunger pains. One of the most common problems obese persons face is that of satiation. If you feel intense hunger pains you do not feel full after one hardy meal. Therefore, fish oil supplements actually help you to feel satiated. It's all about the balancing of omega 3 fatty acids with omega 6 fatty acids. It makes your body complete, balanced and in good working production.

The less hunger pangs you feel, the fewer calories you will have to burn. Most importantly, a health supply of fish oil supplement increases the rate of metabolism within your body. You will feel the difference as you work off the weight quickly and naturally. No more training just to work off a couple of pounds!

Recent studies have shown that fish oil supplements alone have helped obese subjects to lose five kilograms more fat than the national average. Additionally, users of these supplements burned a quarter more fat than those who were not using any supplementation. If weight loss has not worked for you yet, increase your intake of omega 3 through superior dieting and supplementation and see the difference for yourself!