There is a large portion of America who endures anxiety based on depression. For many of these individuals the depression causes them to crave food as “feel good” or security blanket. Unfortunately, the desires are typically for foods and drink that force their bodies to store fat.

The persistent depression stems from depleted levels of serotonin. Serotonin affects a person's mood, the way and amount people sleep, cravings for food, sexual desire, ability to handle pain and many other bodily functions. Serotonin is considered the happy hormone because it has the ability to provide individuals with a sense of well-being.

It should be noted that the top selling drugs in America are the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. These include Paxil, Zolft, Paxil, Prozac and others. These drugs are considered anti-depressants and based on information provided by IMS health, 200 million prescriptions were issued by doctors in 2008.

During times when the body is low in serotonin, the body instinctively knows that the intake of overly processed food and drinks like candies, potato chips, sodas and pizza will result in the brain producing a quick burst of the “feel good” hormone, which is why these foods are referred to as “mood foods” or “comfort foods”.

Junk foods are responsible for the rise in excess weight gain and obesity, which is now becoming a global epidemic. This appalling endemic has contributed to America being the world's fattest country and it is a serious threat to the well being of our society.

For a very long time, doctors / fitness trainers and nutritionist have told the public that the consumption of fat is responsible for our excess weight gain problem. Eating fat does not incite an insulin reaction from the body and it is impossible to store fat without the presence of insulin.

At the time the low fat movement earned traction in the United States, the average citizen consumed more than 500 calories per day. That totals 183,000 calories per year and 52 pounds of fat. When we eat fat, it provides us with a feeling that “we are now full”. So, eating fat with every meal results in a slow or lengthier time it takes for food to be converted into blood sugar or glucose. This results in the overproduction of insulin, which as we know is the fat storing hormone.

Unwittingly, Americans have been self-medicating their depression with junk foods because it provides a short-term sense of relief. The quick fix however, has resolved in fat storage. However, the long-term fix would have been the realistic realization that low levels of serotonin are the true cause of the need to “self medicate” or take loads of junk food!

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