Many obese patients are frequently choosing Lap band for losing weight. This procedure is found to be safe and effective in treating obesity. It is offered at many locations across the globe. Lap Band Mexico is one such affordable option for those who are not comfortable with the surgery in their home country due to higher cost and long waiting time.

If you are preparing for Lap Band Surgery in Mexico or any other location, the below mentioned dos and don'ts will be helpful.

What to do after Gastric Band Surgery?

University of California, San Diego suggests some of the below stated diet guidelines.

· Liquid diet is recommended for 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

· After the liquid diet, the patient can shift to pureed diet for 3-4 weeks.

· After 5 weeks, Lap Band patients can move to soft food.

· Soon, they can start solid food diet.

· Small frequent meals are recommended rather than heavy meals.

· Food should be ate slowly and chewed properly to help digestion.

· High-protein diet should be considered.

· The patient should try to eat as healthy as possible to avoid any nutritional deficiency.

· The supplements prescribed by the surgeon should be regularly taken.

· Regular checks are required. Those who are considering Lap Band Mexico or any other country should either find a surgeon at their home destination or go to Mexico for checksups.

What not to do after Gastric band Surgery?

· Avoid eating out especially at parties and get together. Such places always serve high calorie foods that are often tempting.

· The patient should not overeat. In fact, they should try to resist the urge of eating more often.

· All high-calorie food should be strictly avoided.

· Carbonated drinks, alcohol, and smoking are not suggested.

· Exercise is necessary and should be done with extreme dedication.

· Any temptation of eating should be avoided rigidly. Patient should eat only when they are hungry and should stop eating when full.

Lap Band Mexico is a becoming a preferred choice for patients of USA because of its low cost of surgery and high quality treatment.