Losing weight by fasting can be a major challenge and a lot of us are unsure if we can manage the two days of reduced calories that the diet demands. The fear of hunger pains and loss of energy looms large for most people on the 5: 2 Fasting Diet.

Germany's leading research doctor, Dr. Alfred Hasselbacher, a professor of medicine was fully aware of the benefits and the problems associated with the 5: 2 diet. Working with his team of scientists, he worked to develop a formula that would eliminate those problems and help dieters to achieve their target weight.

Their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm paid off and the supplement designed specifically for the 5: 2 Fast Diet was created. Dr. Hasselbacher called it the 5: 2 Fast Formula. He worked hard on this formulation to help the millions of people who are suffering from over-weight and all problems associated with and caused by obesity. He knew the benefit of fasting and he knew that the key to healthy weight loss is fasting. The 5: 2 diet had to be made it easy for people to be able to go on it and stay with the diet for as long as is was needed.

5: 2 Fast Formula Benefits

  • Suppresses hunger pains and takes your appetite out of the equation
  • Increase energy levels to avoid those afternoon slumps
  • Replenish nutrients are lost by fasting for a healthy mind and body
  • Suppresses your appetite on non-fast days so you can get the body you want even faster

Why Choose The 5: 2 Fast Formula

  • It is the only supplement designed specifically for those on a fast diet
  • It makes it easy to stick to a fast diet
  • It speeds up and gains results achieved from fasting

The 5: 2 Fast Formula, contains a unique blend of ingredients specifically researched and formulated with the fast dieters in mind:

Konjac Root

  • Slows absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the digestive tract
  • Creates feeling of fullness through its water-binding effects
  • Delays gastric emptying and slows release of sugar in to the bloodstream helping to lower insulin and blood glucose

Copper, Iron, and B Vitamins

  • Help to replenish essential nutrients that are lost during fasting
  • Improves body's breakdown of fat and production of usable energy

The 5: 2 Fast Formula addresses all of these common issues by helping to suppress the appetite during fasting and eliminating eating binges on non-fasting days. In addition the supplement also helps to restore a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in the body which helps to avoid the tiredness many people experience during fasting.

The Newly Formulated Meal Replacement

Is the perfect companion to the 5: 2 Fast Formula. The meal replacement is convenient and makes life easy. Cooking two meals on fast days can create a problem for busy mothers and people on a schedule. The meal replacement contains the proteins and other nourishment and it is available in three delicious flavors, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate.

The 5: 2 Fast Formula is a revolutionary product but it is up to you what you do with it. If you want to look and feel good and be healthy, you will have to take that first step and keep walking until you have reached your goal.

To find more information on the benefits of The 5: 2 Fast Formula and the 5: 2 Fast Diet go to www.fastforhealth.com