One of the most intriguing health problems in the world today is obesity. It has been the topic of discussion in many seminaries where doctors and non physicians have been presenting their point of view. There has been a lot of talk about this problem, but so far it seems that little has been done to spread awareness about the implications of obesity.

Obesity and weight loss are some of the favorite topics for corporate health care seminars. The need to avoid and reduce all the ills of this problem is spoken in great detail. Yet obesity remains where it has been. The number of people suffering from obesity is growing and so is the risk of cardiac problems, strokes and cancer among the general population.

The immediate action so far has been to go for a symptomatic treatment of the related problems. It gives the patient immediate, but temporary relief. The fat cells continue to grow and spread. After some time the patient is back to the same uncomfortable health threatening position. There have been different medical cases in which extreme obesity has been observed. For many patients, nothing could be done to treat the alarming condition effectively.

The craving for food when there is no hunger present is one of the surest symptoms of obesity. Excessive food intake without any burning of the calories accumulated results in the formation of fat deposits around the different organs of the body. As weight increases, there is a growing sense of lethargy and drowsiness which prohibits the patient from doing any physical exercise. There will be lame excuses for not going for a brisk morning walk or for doing other exercises. In the end, physical exertion takes the back seat.

The intake of food, however, continues at the same spirited level. There is no giving up on that front. The patient has the feeling that if he or she does not eat enough, there will be serious consequences. The fact that the hunger is triggered by stress or depression is conveniently overlooked and the patient becomes a victim of false psychological alarms. As this continues over a period of time, there is less fatigue or physical stress. When all this happens, weight loss becomes a distant dream.

Obesity and weight loss are related terms. The first is the consequence of bad habits and the other is the possible remedy that is hard ever used.