Obesity rates in the US have had some staggering numbers in the last 10 – 15 years and the US actually captured the title of 'the most obese country in the world' back in 2007 (recently surpassed only by Australia)! These facts and 'rewards' are nothing to be proud of but they do point towards the epidemic of obesity and prevalence of weight related health issues in the US.

While it is obvious that we are eating too much as a nation and too much of the wrong foods as well, there is ample data showing that people are also signing up to try and lose weight. It's also safe to say that the US has a plethora of weight loss methodologies, programs, professionals and opinions about the subject. Just go to the website worldometer.info and plug in 'money spent on weight loss programs in the USA today' and watch the dollar counter steadily and quickly rise in front of your eyes. I had to stop watching at the '65 million dollars spent mark 'just so I could get on with my day, but the dollar counter continued to soar swiftly upward without hesitation and did not seem to have a plan for stopping any time soon.

Even though you may not be obese, defined as Body Mass Index at 30 or greater, you may refer to being overweight, having 10, 15 or 20+ pounds to lose. You may also refer to having tried very hard a number of times to lose weight. Maybe you've signed up for various programs or have even been supervised medically or established a weight loss group among your friends. And even with all of that, the extra weight just does not stay off let alone come off at all for some of you. The question we all need to be asking is WHY?

Has anyone explained to you that in order to lose extra weight, that weight that really is not you, your body and its chemistry has to be functioning optimally. In other words, you have to be healthy first in order to successfully lose weight! There are so many reasons for one's inability to lose weight despite diligent effort: from insulin resistance and leptin resistance to undiscovered food intolerances, mounting toxic burdens or intestinal infections. Maybe your genetics is tipping the scales in the wrong direction for you starting with a bias in your taste system or maybe your liver enzyme chemistry is not as efficient as your neighbor's. There are many reasons why your valiant attempts to lose weight are experienced as futile and it's not because you are not trying. If you know that you have tried and your weight is not budging then you need to work with someone who will search amongst the many reasons for your weight loss resistance and find what is limiting you.

As a Certified Nutritionist I work to find 'weight loss limiters' and the greatest success with weight loss resistance occurs when a client realizes that getting their body's chemistry healthy first is key to achieving their weight loss goals.