I was visiting family in Brazil and was amazed how obesity is being heavily exported even to Brazil, where I naively thought, we would never succumb to junk food. It's not that Mcdonald's, KFC and even so called healthy Subway are doing that well, Brazilians are succumbing to processed, packaged junk food and liquid calories. Sodas and juices in cardboard boxes are now the common beverage during meals. Portions went beyond recognition in restaurants and of course that is translated into circumvention at home.

I used to almost starve myself before going on vacation there. This time even being six pounds above my normal weight, I still thought – aw … I'm not so bad. Carrying a belly seems to be the new trend – even the little kids had one to show at the beach. I read an article that said the fast food industry is having a difficult economic time in the US, but it's booming in the rest of the world. It's at the point that more than one new fast food joint is opened monthly in China.

Can not other countries see what happened to the US and do something about it? Can the rest of the world see that even though Americans have countless glories to be exported, fast food / obesity is definitely not one of them? One comment in this article states “yeah we are fat, but we are living longer”. The author does not realize we are not living longer. In fact, this generation is predicted to be the first one to die before their parents. If all this does not alert us that an epidemic of unimaginable proportion is coming, I do not know what will. God help us all!