In the United States, we have seen a big increase in the population that can be identified as “obese” by the medical community.The word has even gotten worse: “Obesity Epidemic”.

We now see all sorts of pharmaceutical companies selling these quick fix remedies, pills, liquids, and lotions that do nothing to help and some can even be harmful. It's a shame, but the same can be said of the diet industry.

There are so many diet pills and remedies out there, you can lose weight by just counting the different plans. Year after year, more and more diets are hitting the market and the state that we are in does not change … Americans are still fat!

We need to be told the truth about what we are doing wrong. We are gaining weight and no one seems to know why.

What is really needed are some sensible proven weight loss tips that people can apply, no matter what their present physical condition is.

Now with that be said, lets begin:

1) We need to drink more water. Stop drinking all those soft drinks. We are on the border line of being dehydrate everyday. Drinking water helps to flush harmful toxins from the system.

2) Eat more often. I know you thought I was going to say eat less. It's true you need to eat less calories, but the body is a furnace and it needs to have the fluid to keep you going all day without fatigue. So start your day with a good breakfast. Just look at the word “breakfast”. It means to break the fast that you were on over night while sleeping.

3) Keep the body moving. Especially, you office people. You do not know it, but you are shorting your life span by sitting 8 hours without moving. Get up and move your limbs. Use the stairs, rather than using the elevator. Park the car farther away from the office building and walk to it. This will help the heart pump and circulate the blood that is needed to refresh the body.
Go for a walk, play with the kids, and get them away from the TV set. Just have some fun and you will help yourself in the process.

In order for this to work. You must come to terms with yourself. You must know why you want to lose weight.

For me, it was seeing my grand kids and knowing I want to be a vital part of their life. In order to do that, I must be healthy and remain on the planet.

What will be your motivator?