Many people are looking to lose weight and after the first of the year, they decide to go on a diet to lose those extra pounds but find that after a short time – a few months, a few weeks or even just a few days – people revert back to the old unhealthy eating habits. There are at least three reasons why.

Reason # 1: When a person is on a diet, they are focused on what they can not have all the time. Diets train people to focus on food all the time. Food is on a person's mind constantly, and the more they think about what they “can not” have in terms of food, the more they desire that 'forbidden' food.

Reason # 2: When a person is on a diet, they feel hungry all the time. In their haste to reduce their calorie / fat intake, they also do not take in enough food to feel that “stuffed feeling” without re-training their mind and body to accept the fact that they do not need to feel “stuffed” – instead , healthy people merely need sufficient food to feel “satisfied.” When a person tries to make this much of a food intake change without recalibrating their mind and body to accept this new reality is extremely challenging.

Reason # 3: Diets do not change a person's “Subconscious Eating Habits.” Some people eat without realizing just how much they eat. Whether it's in front of the TV or where, many people actually do not realize what they're eating or even how much they're eating. They may sit down with that big bag of chips to watch their favorite TV show and after the show's over, they may be completely surprised that the bag is empty when the TV show is over.

One of the easiest methods to eliminate these poor eating habits is through the use of hypnosis, which can help a person discover the underlining emotions that are driving the negative behaviors related to their weight issue. Once these attachments are removed, new healthier strategies can then be implemented in the mind. By changing perceptions about food and what food means to a person, it enables a person to make their weight reduction a way of life rather than a temporary period. Hypnosis is also great for helping a person overcoming resistance to positive changes and makes it easier for them to live out all their healthy intentions.